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I recently purchased a 2006 cxs from my relative. This car has been neglected and I did this as a favor. It has a check engine light on. I had my friend hook up his obd2 system to it and he said that it gave back 2 codes which said the fuel mixture was to rich in #2 cylinder. Is this worth getting into or should I try to sell it. I love the way it drives and its more comfortable than my malibu maxx. I would hate to part with it after having it only 2 weeks. Any suggestions?


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    My wife and I love our 2005 LaCrosse CXL. I recommend that you take it to a dealer, have them fix it, and enjoy the car!
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    Is it normal for a1993 buick century custom (w/3.3 L engine)which i bought 3 years ago w\17K miles on it from an 83 old lady who owned & maintained it 100% by buick. It now has 47K miles on it. Since i bought it the engine had a rough Idle (or as Buick called it (LOPING) and said it is normal for that engine after checking it w/thier diagnostics equipment. Prior to going to Buick I have had it checked by several other auto mechs. they replaced the harmonic balancer cleaned and checked fuel injectors relaced plugs etc. Engine still idles rough. Is this NORMAL???
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    That is, I believe, a 90 degree V-6. I'm not sure if it has a counterbalance shaft in it or not. If not, it would be normal for there to be some shaking at idle, as it is almost like a V-8 running with 2 dead cylendars. I suppose it depends on your definition of rough.
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    Can a counter balance shaft be installed in a 1993 buick 3.3L engine if it does not have one? How much would it cost
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    No. It is integral to the design of the engine.
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