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Sienna- low power steering fluid

arodoryarodory Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in Toyota
The power steering fluid in my '05 Sienna was below the add line twice in the last year and I was told that there has to be a leak as the system is closed and you should never have to add that completely true as I do not see anything leaking?


  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    I have an 06 Sienna LE. In the 35k service, the dealer insisted in having a PS flush (unusual) and not in the service manual. I said no, wrote to Toyota, but they told me every dealer should recommend a service when they decide. Anyway, I checked, and found that it was just under the L line (low) so I bought a quarter (under $5) and completed it.

    The dealer told me in my case there was no escape of fluids, so maybe is not that unusual for the fluid to drop in level.
  • Thanks for the reply. Did you need to add fluid again (I added and need to add again...all in about nine months)?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would check the fluids at every oil change. The hood's open and it'll be in plain view.
  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    Knowing how the economy is, and the need for dealers of getting more revenue, I would go to an independent shop. The can check it for cheap, and if it needs the flush or repair, is going to be maybe $80. It has not needed more fluid (3 weeks).
  • Thanks- I just took it to a local shop who could not find a leak. He said it is a closed system so you should not normally need to add fluid as I have done a couple of times over the past six months or so.
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