Retail and invoice prices of 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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The 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will be making its way into my local (Los Angeles) dealer in the next couple of weeks.

Does anyone have the manufacturer's retail and/or invoice price on the 3.8 Base, Grand Touring and Track models?

According to, the 3.8 Grand Touring model is sold in Korea for about 33,150,000 Won, which translates into $30,100 in American dollars.

However, the price the car is sold for in Korea may not correlate to what the car is sold for in the United States...

So, does anyone have the numbers?

And remember, I'm interested in the about to be released Genesis Coupe, not the already released Genesis sedan.

I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with this sweet little car, so some hard numbers will help.

Thanks to all.


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    Genesis Coupe's price was announced today.

    CHICAGO — Hyundai Motor America has announced that its 2010 Genesis Coupe will be priced starting at $22,750 for the four-cylinder and $25,000 for the V6 model.

    The 2010 Genesis Coupe with 2.0-liter turbo-4 makes 210 horsepower and has a six-speed manual or five-speed Shiftronic transmission. The four-cylinder version ranges in price from $22,750 for the base version to the top R-Spec model, coming out later in the model year, priced at $24,500. The Genesis Coupe with 3.8-liter V6 makes 306 hp. The model ranges in price from $25,750 with six-speed manual to the top Track model with ZF six-speed Shiftronic transmission at $31,750. All prices include a $750 destination charge.

    I can't believe 306hp car starts from $25,750. I think Hyundai's gonna make other companies reconsider their car prices.
    Anyway, good luck Hyundai. You got my support!
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    25K for a 306hp car ? Wow... a nice recession buster. Hyundai has good future ahead of them... I hope the descent pricing won't affect the performance. Infiniti, Acura and the other competition will piss in their pants if Hyundai pulled off this one.

    I have my eye on this car .
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    You guys should read more. $25K for 300+ HP is nothing new. Look at the current and upcoming Mustang GT.
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    The Mustang needs at least a more recent engine (which I am hearing is coming in a few years), as the current 4.0L V6 pumps out 210hp and 4.6L V8 pumps out 300hp (315hp in the '10 refresh). Most of the V6 nowadays can pump out anywhere between 260hp to 300+, as evident in the Genesis coupe at 306hp (310hp with premium fuel).

    That, along with an extra gear can really help out on the fuel economy of the Mustang

    Other wish list items on the Mustang, such as IRS, Brembo...

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    The Mustang needs at least a more recent engine...

    For what? :confuse: How "recent" does it need to be? The 3V 4.6L has only been around (at least in the Mustang) for 4 years. And it has the OHC, variable valve timing, etc. that people seem to think is so crucial. :confuse:

    Most of the V6 nowadays can pump out anywhere between 260hp to 300+...

    And look at the torque figures on those engines. Significantly lower.

    Other wish list items on the Mustang, such as IRS, Brembo...

    IRS is overrated. My 550i Sport has IRS, of course, and the rear end skips around even more than my '05 Mustang GT did. Not to mention the Mustang's solid rear axle is holding its own quite nicely against M3s, 911s, et. al. in the KONI Challenge Series racing and other venues; which brings up another point about that not-recent-enough engine having a serious weight penalty imposed on it simply because it completely outmuscles those 6-cylinder boys.

    Wanting "Brembo" is just name seeking. How about just have better brakes? Who cares what name is on them. I had a Chrysler 300M Special with in-house brakes that would haul it down from 60 in 114' with almost no fade at all over successive hard stops. (I tested the fade myself.)

    I look forward to seeing (and driving) the Genesis coupe.
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    The 3V is not really new but rather modifications over the previous iterations of Ford's Modular engine.

    The V8 in the Mustang is good, and like you said, has a lot of torque. That said, Ford has the Ecoboost V6 which can pump out 355hp with similar torque figure, so I don't see much of a downside replacing the V8 (which I hear the automaker would be doing on the next gen Mustang), especially since the V8 adds a lot of extra weight, for a car that is in the sports segement.

    Back to the Genesis, I really like the coupe with the turbo engine. I think this has a lot of potential - relatively light, turbo, tunable, RWD, and affordable. Thank you Hyundai for listening and coming out with this - more respect to them since most automakers seemed to be un-interested in this segment.
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    I don't know. Turbo or not, the Genesis coupe seems a bit large for a 4-banger. It's a shame they decided against shoehorning the Tau V8 in it.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    It probably would reach close to 400hp.

    That said, I don't know if it would fit.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    I believe proper hood clearance for the new pedestrian impact laws and minimal clearance requirements between the struts is why they didn't use it. Keep an eye out for a Tau equipped coupe at the next SEMA show.
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    remember I commented a few months ago on Genesis Coupe pricing being around $19,995 for the 6-speed manual? Well, recent "market conditions" must have forced Hyundai to have to raise the price $3,000.

    It's still a great looking car on paper and in pics. Has tunability, turbo, RWD and IIRC 6-speed manual, not a 5-speed. And very unique, sporty looks as well.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    I started this thread a couple of weeks ago, and I might as well be the one who puts a capper on it.

    I originally asked for the MSRP and invoice prices on the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, numbers which were not available to the public at the time I posted online here.

    Edmunds now has all the information on its Website.

    Thanks to all those who contributed.

    My dealer says he'll be getting the car in by the end of February or early March. If the car looks and performs as good in real life as it does on paper, I'll wave at all of you as I drive by in my new Hyundai. :)

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    I've got a call this past Monday from my closest dealer that he just received 2 Coupes in (automatic & 6 spd), both top end V6. I asked him if I could it drive and he indicated that if it is out of inspection. Fortunately it was available. Not sure what my expectations were but it had a nice growl when then engine started. Just took it for a short drive and it handled well. Could not really test the acceleration but what little I did was good. The dealer indicated that the 4 cylinder Turbo should be plenty good for this car. My other choice is a Honda Civic SI. However they are very pricey and they will not discount them much. Hyundai will not discount their Coupe at all but you are getting much more car for the $ compared to the SI. The dealer will call me when he gets a 4 cyl in and I can't wait. Even the base version for $22K is plenty of car but the Premium version with sunroof, power seats, 10 speaker 10 disc CD changer sounds really good for about $2500 more. Plus the warranty and Buyer's Assurance Plan + may be the best feature yet. In these uncertain times I like that escape clause!!
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    Test drove a white 3.8 GT last night in the Chicagoland area. Dealer wanted almost a $2000 markup. No dice but nice car.
  • TheScribblerTheScribbler Member Posts: 5
    I bought my 3.8 Genesis Coupe on Monday night.

    The car is great and definitely lives up to the hype.

    The model I got was the top of the line Track Model.

    A few observations:

    The car looks and handles like a dream. Though, with a tight suspension, you feel every bump and pothole in the road.

    Lots of looks and oogling from others, if you're into that sort of thing (I'm not).

    Has the feel of a much more expensive car. The clutch is the sweetest of all the cars I test drove (RX-8, Mustang, 370Z). It just smoothly falls into place as you shift from one gear to another.

    A great, fun car to drive...

    A few sticking points so far:

    The much-vaunted 10 speaker sound system sounds a little thin to my ears, and I'm an audiophile from way back.

    Also the blue display panel on the dashbaord that displays radio information and temperature, et al., is a little plain-looking.

    And the actual radio/cd control doesn't give you a lot of flexibility for tailoring the sound to your ear. The equalizer, for example, is very rudimentary.

    But those are minor quibbles. The car was worth every penny.

    And on that note, my dealer wanted a $10,000 markup over the retail price of the car.

    We started negotiating around 7 p.m., and concluded the deal about 1:30 a.m. in the morning (I kid you not).

    I paid sticker price for the car.

    All things considered, I'm in heaven... So far.

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    Congrats and geting a sticker price :)

    Keep us posted when you can.
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    @ Scribbler: What's your sticker price?

    I live in VA and I drove to a dealer in MD. Sticker price for 3.8 TRACK manual is at ~31k. Our last agreement was $29,818 out of the door price (~1,000 on tags/tax/etc). Problem I got was that they're trying to charge me 750$ of freight which I'm unwilling to pay for. Going to try to keep searching for a 3.8 Track manual for 29,000 out of the door...any suggestions on that?

    Also, I'm hearing back from a dealer for a 2.0 Track Manual. I was thinking of haggling it down to $26,500 out of the door price. What do you guys think?
  • TheScribblerTheScribbler Member Posts: 5
    Why don't you volunteer to drive the car back from MD to VA yourself rather than pay for freight?

    Can't speak to what the 2.0 Track Model is like, I own the 3.8. People seem to be happy with the smaller engine and say it has some pop. Certainly, it has better gas mileage.

    But if you're like me, more power = more better. :)
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    $750 is the Manufacturers Destination Charge.

    It is the cost charged by the manufacturer to deliver the car from the factory to the dealer. It is non negotiable and charged to all Genesis Coup.
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