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Hi Everyone,
I've been doing a lot of research on the Edge. I love almost everything about the car except what I've been reading about the brakes. I test drove one today and tried to stop short in the parking lot of the dealership to see if the brakes felt weak or not. I'm not sure if I'm paranoid because of what I've read but they did sort of seem weak.

I have several questions if anyone can help. Can some of the Edge owners on here share with me their impressions of the Edge's brakes? Have you ever had any close calls in which you needed to jam on the brakes and if so, how did the Edge perform? Has anyone here unfortunately had an accident that they attributed to the brakes? Does anyone know if the 2008 brakes are better than the 2007? Can anything be done aftermarket to improve braking performance? I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help. Thank you!


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    The 2008 brakes are fine. They changed the tires to Michelins (Pirellis on the 20 inch wheels) and that was supposed to help. You can go to an aftermarket pad that might help even more, but it's really not necessary. Just remember this is not a 3000 lb econobox. Drive it like the large vehicle that it is and it's just fine.
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    I have 09 Edge with a brake noise. The brake noise happens on the first application of brakes, but is happening more often. The sound is pulsating, and sounds like driving on snow. I feel nothing in the pedal. I have searched online and have found other people with this problem, but no answer to the cause. I plan to take the car in soon, I would like to know what's wrong before I go, so I do not waste my time, when they say, 'unable to duplicate' or 'that is normal'. I like the car, could have a bigger gas tank, I like the Flex, but was to big for our needs and I would have gotten a AWD drive and was concerned about ground clearance which may not have been a problem, Thanks for any info.
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    I took the car in unable to duplicate. The mechanic cleaned the brakes of dust, see if that was the problem. I did learn something here, after the gas pump shuts off you can put another 3 gallons in the tank if you fill the remaining very slowly.
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    I was able to duplicate the brake noise with the mechanic in the vehicle. The mechanic contacted Ford and they lubbed the brakes pads and did couple of other things including hard braking from 55 mph to 45 mph to wear off the glazing on the rotors. Tomorrow will see if anything they did works, if it does not work they said bring the car back and they would go from there. Had very good service at the Ford dealership so far. One thing on the topping off I mentioned earlier, I put in 4 gallons after the pump shut off and it over flowed, fyi. Another thing, since I took the car to get serviced the electric seat goes back further. One of my complaints was the seat needed to go back a little further, now it does, operator error?
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    I bought my edge in November 2009. I love my car but the brakes have been terrible. First I had noise like a scrubbing when you need to get new brakes. Took in and the dealership told me this was normal for Fords. So after some time went by my brakes seem to be getting weaker. They feel really spongy. If you have to put on your brakes hard there is some vibration. Took to dealer twice and they said that they cannot find anything wrong. The manager says his wifes Edge is the same. I travel allot for my company and drive allot of rentals. No other Ford that I have driven have brakes in this condition. Has anyone had this problem?
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    I am having the same issues with my 2010 Ford Edge. Each time I take the car back to dealership they claim they can find nothing wrong. Have you found a solution to the problem?
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    How many miles do you have on it?
    I would think it's not unusual for the brakes to be replaced by 45/55 K.
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    I have an 08 Edge Limited AWD. After my 1st set of repalcement brakes were installed by the dealer, the brakes began squeaking and haven't stopped. after 4 trips to the dealer, "it's normal for Edges brakes to squeal". That's not the answer. I've heard since the manufactrurers changed from aesbestos, they aren't the same.
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    Try doing a few hard stops in forward and reverse.
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    I'm pretty sure Ford has a couple of different levels of brake pad quality.
    Maybe they put on the economy pads instead of the good ones.
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