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Chevrolet Corsica Maintenance and Repair

jcubmspjcubmsp Member Posts: 1
I have a 1996 Chevy Corsica,. It was running earlier today (then i left the dome light on). I went to drive it tonight and on the highway it decided to die out on me. I was thinking it was the battery. well my bf and i tried to jump the battery, and with the cable connected it ran for about 15 mins. and then it would just die out. Any ideas?


  • isnisn Member Posts: 2
    Hello and Help

    I have a 1995 Corsica and I am in the process of changing out a leaky brake cylinder. I have every thing apart but the cylinder will not fit out between the backing and the wheel hub and I can not figure out how to get the hub off.

    Any body have an idea

    Thank ISN
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Member Posts: 255 ISBN 1 56392 206 1. :)
  • luvmyrustyluvmyrusty Member Posts: 2
    Suddenly one day the right blinker began making the radio light blink, and when you step on the brakes the light would dim, when you turn on the headlights the brake lights stay on, and if you turn the right signal on, all the rear lights, even the license plate one blinks, left signal works fine, front right doesn't work at all, when you step on the brake the ignition key sound comes on, and sometimes when you shut the car off and pull the key out it dings until you restart the car and turn it off again. We either have a gremlin problem or a weird defect but we have replaced all the obvious, turn signal stuff, switches, headlight switch, etc. Anyone have a clue about this one? This is keeping us from passing safety this year and we have only a few more days left to fix it. :confuse:
  • buijonbuijon Member Posts: 2
    Ok. I was pulling off my street the other day, all the lights on the dash came on, the car shut off, and I rolled to a stop. The car wouldn''t start back up. Towed it back home, all few hundred feet uphill, and began searching for problems. The fuel pump is still turning on and off when it should. Checked the fuel pressure valve on the engine, and fuel is pumping. Spark plugs are sparking. Still not starting. We unplugged the oil line that runs to the carberator and sprayed some starter fluid in there and th e car started right up....but can`t stay running. So there seems to still be an issue of the fuel getting to the engine maybe? What else could be wrong? Thanks guys
  • kenrobinsonkenrobinson Member Posts: 2
    i have kinda the same problem when i hit my brakes i hear a clicking noise and the lights dim. if you find out the problem with yours please let me know. thanks ken
  • jjohn33jjohn33 Member Posts: 1
    Sometimes will not start, if started can run 30 min and will not restart, after 30 min it will start. Fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel relay has been replaced.
    Thank You
  • itmightbeitmightbe Member Posts: 1
    Alternator ) is not charging the battery. Alternator is bad and then the car drains the battery
  • 3800gogogadget3800gogogadget Member Posts: 3
    Just curious if anyones heard of,OR did a successful 2.8L swap outa ur Corsy to a 3800SeriesII S/C engine. Ya just gotta figure ...go from 128hp to 240hp(B4 mods),ya think itd run 1/4 in ooohhhh lets say 12.6-14.00??? Our Corsy only weigh out at 2880lbs and the Regal was 3489(YUC) :o) Constructive opinions welcomed. We all like dreaming. Just sos when Im done it dont go Vertical Launch on me...LOL....Oh.
  • 3800gogogadget3800gogogadget Member Posts: 3
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    Seems like a lot of work. Why not buy an early 90's Olds Calais or Pontiac Grand Am with the 3300 V6 and modify that car? The 3300 is a knock off of the 3800. Just a thought.
  • savedollarsdiysavedollarsdiy Member Posts: 2
    removed and installed, but belt is very loose, how do you tighten up tention?
  • buijonbuijon Member Posts: 2
  • liriksliriks Member Posts: 1
    Maybe the Idle Air Control motor?
  • mikesheldonmikesheldon Member Posts: 7
    You cant tighten it.It is a spring loaded tensioner that has no adjustments available.
  • savedollarsdiysavedollarsdiy Member Posts: 2
  • isnisn Member Posts: 2
  • 2011sierraslt2011sierraslt Member Posts: 2
    Can you believe GMC put drum brakes on 2011 Sierra SLT Extended cab 6.6ft bed is that Chicken ....
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