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Jetta TDI diesel vs Jetta gas

Looking at 09 Jetta TDI as a second family car to take load of older Sienna. Like the idea of great mileage and understand it comes at a (price) premium but trying to figure what that premium is. Edmond's claims the stock TDI compares to a stock SEL model. Is this correct? If so the price differential seems to be close to $4000 . Can anyone give better comparative numbers or model styles?? I'm not so in love with the idea of (maybe) getting 50mpg that I will pay this kind of premium. At what (mileage) point do TDI owners expect to break even with their gas powered brethren? Anyone owning a Jetta TDI or earlier like to defend their cars value or the decision they made to pay what they paid for their Jetta??


  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Where are you getting a $4000 difference? TDI MSRP is about $700 less than SEL according to

    Here is a comparison of the different trim levels:
  • I've looked over the VW spec comparison and I don't buy the TDI=SEL comparison. I think the only reason anyone would (try) to compare the two is because of the close (MSRP) price differential. I think the TDI, on paper is more an SE, with a few differences. I see at least $3500 difference between this cars, with the major difference the engine.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The MSRP difference between SE and TDI is $2175.

    Besides the engine, I'd agree that the TDI does not seem to add much to the SE. I saw that you get a 6th gear in the manual, a trip computer, and steering wheel audio controls.

    In automatic form the TDI gets DSG, while the SE has a conventional automatic.
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    Looking at the options in the Jetta the TDI comes with almost everything. Options? DSG, moonroof, I pod adapter, and rear side air bags.

    Went back to the dealer for touch up paint and in the showroom there was a sportwagen for @ 23K, it was a TDI.
  • I think the TDI has these options to justify the higher price of the engine. Why not a striped TDI like an S with minimal goodies?? Many people would fall over themselves for a cheaper diesel. Give me an S at a reasonable premium and keep your "moon roof". The car is overpriced as it is packaged and it will take years and many, many miles to offset the diesel premium that VW charges.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,552
    Why would you want to take the load off an older Toyota Sienna? Without a few more information tidbits, it probably makes all the sense in the world to put the (more) miles on the Sienna. !! All you really need to ask yourself : IS the NEW and NOW ADDITIONAL monthly payment cheaper/more expensive than the monthly fuel bill for the additional miles.

    But if you are just asking the hypothetic question TDI vs 2.5L you can use figures like the invoice between like model Jetta's and fuel mileage of 29 vs 49 for older Jetta's.

    Incidently RUG is about par with D2. So you need to project whether you think prices will go UP, DOWN, stay the same, diverge, converge, stay in proportion, etc.
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    Thats the way they come.........and the ones they made for 2009 are gone, so no need for a base model apparently.
  • I too wanted a TDI. I ended up buying a new 2.5 gas Jetta in August 2007. My Jetta is the base model with auto tranny. I couldn't justify the higher price for an 06 TDI. I paid $17,500 for my gasser...and it's been the best car I've owned so far. I still like the TDI though!
  • ggeeooggeeoo Posts: 94
    When my Buick Park Ultra 99 sedan finally died as the entire steering and ABS
    died I thought that my creature comforts died to UNTRUE!

    The VW Sportswagon Has.

    Cruise Control
    Intelligent Wipers
    Fog lamps
    Great sound system with Mp3 connector and 4 gb flash card a 6 cd player
    the buick did not have all that
    Comfy seats for a 6'ft 4" guy at 250 lbs
    Head room
    leg room
    hip room
    heated seats
    lumbar support adjustable
    Really great rear deck containment system you got to see it no mo rolling groceries.

    60 mpg vs 13.9 mpg wow
    when you roll down the front window wind blows on your face without a vent window how do they do it?
    Seats five not six i guess we have to use the rear deck in a pinch more than likely
    illegal now my brothers and I survived and we always rode back there in my dad's
    I am impressed
    28,000.00 vs Audi 31,000 such a deal! :)
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You forgot to mention
    *) Center sun visor
    *) Heated mirrors
    *) German roadhandling mannors
    *) Heated windshield squirters
    *) Far superiour brakes
    *) Smells like popcorn when you run BioDiesel - LOL
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    Its long overdue accessory in a car but I can't find any data on the wattage capacity of the Sportwagen's 115v outlet. Anyone know? Will it run a laptop?
  • coontie66coontie66 Posts: 110
    I would expect it to... I have had a little plug in INVERTER from 12 volt dc to 112 volt ac... works on my laptop fine and have used it for 14 years or so.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,552
    edited December 2010
    Yes, it was designed to run a laptop. However, be advised VW's charging system is NOT designed to maintain nor get your battery back up to 100% charged. When you combine that with the literal plethora of battery use items, (ie., sound system, GPS, radar detector, Ipod, battery recharging, etc etc.) it is almost a receipt for sooner than later battery failure. I would recommend a battery trickle charge (like Battery Tender Plus).
  • chrysschryss Posts: 1
    What is "German roadhandling mannors "? How is it different from Japanese or American?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Are you serious in asking that question???

    Most folks who have driven various vehicles (and have enough sense to CARE about the handling) would tell you that most Asian vehicles are booring to drive.
    Likewise, most American-named vehicles have been suspended to be too soft to handle in any meaningful way.

    BMW, VW and other German vehicles are for DRIVERS first and foremost. That is why some folks who are accustomed to the other cars would say the ride is a bit 'harsh' or 'bumpy'. (Good handling usually means stiffer suspension)

    Example: My wife just traded in her VE Jetta with 160K miles on it. This car had been across the country several times (and to PEI twice). On the highway, the driver would barely have to move the steering-wheel to go in a straight line..... for miles at at time. The driver always felt connected to the road and one could sense the road-surface. Cornering felt as if the vehicle was on rails.

    When she got her new car (Asian)... it felt as if the car 'wandered' all over the road and we had to continuously make steering-corrections. When cornering, the new car leans heavilly into the corners and feels as if the rear-end might break free at any time. We thought there was something wrong with the new car to the point we complained to the dealer. (It was "normal")

    Now, a couple months later, we have become somewhat accustomed to this disconnected feeling when driving the Asian car but we really miss the "German roadhandling mannors" of the VW.
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