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hey guys,i,m looking for a part that holds the adjuster for the sideview mirror ,manual of course,it goes inside the door panel,or the name of that part,its a 2002 ga.driver side,any help thanks keith


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    Well... I and my mechanic are at a loss as to what is causing my Fiero to cut off... can be while driving down the road, or just won't start after sitting. Sometimes it will run great for awhile, then just stop suddenly. They have changed computer, ignition control module, replaced wiring, although they can't find an aftermarket wiring harness for it... could it be something with that?? Any help would be greatly appreciated... anything that the mechanic can check out and make my little baby car run like it used to. Also recently changed the engine out... and they have put 1 used and 2 refurbished computers into it... they say the diagnostic machine shows nothing wrong. Please help... have been without transportation for a couple of months now.... Thanks for ANY help!!! Wendy :) :confuse:
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    check the wiring going into the coil at the connection,they get corroded and loose over the years,and from changing or moving them around,it goes right into your distributor at the module,mine would die driving down the road @60 mph,i;d get out and look and move things and it would start again,drive ,park then not start and it would miss and cut out on hiway now and then ,then die,SUCKED,but that wire i happened to hit one day when it was running ok,then it died automatically ,found said problem,check that wire and or connector,
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    Thanks! Will mention that to the mechanic, although he says he has been all thru the wiring and has also changed the distributor. He says it is probably something like that, simple, but he just can't find it! Yes it does SUCK!!! LOL! Yours sounds exactly like what mine is doing. Talked to the mechanic today when I stopped by, he is at a loss, except to maybe change out the wiring harness, which is not easy to find. Can't get it at the auto parts store, only from the dealership or another fiero or something like a u pull it or yard. They haven't been able to find one. I did just now on Ebay if it is the right one. Need to get my mechanic's email and send it to him... AFTER I tell him about what you had to contribute! Appreciate it very much... wouldn't it be wonderful if that fixes the issue!! Wendy :) :surprise:
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