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Toyota Venza Accessories



  • robertag1robertag1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone used the Yakima roof rack on a Venza with the sunroof? Their web site says they have a rack specifically for the Venza, but doesn't mention anything about the sunroof.
  • Hello, I was wondering how it looks and if you installed it yourself?
  • dose anyone have a pic of the hitch that was installed ?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    You are correct about the part # but I wonder if the bracket is in reality for the Venza or is it from another model (maybe the Camry) and it so happens that it also fits the Venza. The reason I say this is because when you try to put the years and model I noticed that the year goes no higher than 2008 and the Venza is not listed either...thanks for your help and let us know how is the fit..good luck
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    SVOFAN 2-
    I think the bracket IS Venza specific. It fits the contour of the front bumper fascia PERFECTLY. I was going to take a photo but am waiting for my plates to come in as the part is installed WITH the plate.
    Hope this helps -
  • jimcdencojimcdenco Posts: 2
    Yes, mine fits perfectly also. Can't tell if it is for the Venza specifically or not, but it sure is a great fit. I'm very pleased with it. Also of note, when I ordered it I received an email about 3 days after telling me it wasn't in stock and it would be 2 weeks to get and did I still want to go ahead with the order. I said yes, but it came 5 days after that. So I didn't have to wait 2 weeks.
  • Can 1 of you please post a picture so i can see it. I just ordered my Venza and in 8 weeks ill need this to. Thanks
  • orderd one from e-hitch on monday , came on wed, i installed it that night ( about 1 1/2 hours) by myself, and it looks great. still have to wire in the lights, mabe tomorrow. i will post a pic soon.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey dmorrison76,
    What brand of hitch did you buy? I'm still undecided between Draw-Tite, Curt and Hidden-Hitch. All seem to be about the same with slight price differences. Thanks.

  • the Draw-Tite , its looks like the factory installed it.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I uploaded a photo of my Venza with the front license plate bracket installed.

    Let's see if I can embed it in my post here. Otherwise, you can find it in my CarSpace album.

    See more Car Pictures at
  • did anyone get wheel locks with there Venza?
    did anyone buy them after market? and if so where?
  • how did you upload your pic?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I uploaded it to my CarSpace page. I clicked on "My CarSpace" above and uploaded it to an album.

    To embed within a post, I copied the code shown in my CarSpace album in the "Embed Image" field. Then I pasted it within my post.

    Here is a photo of the wheel locks I had installed. These were a dealer-installed Toyota accessory:

    See more Car Pictures at
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hi dmorrison76,
    I purchased my Venza wheel locks after market from Frank's Toyota via eBay for $42 including shipping. These were direct from a Toyota dealer - actually made by McGard, so they are good quality and you can purchase extra "keys" and register the locks in case you lose one. The Toyota MSRP for the wheel locks is $81.00 if included when you buy the vehicle.

  • Did anyone install the Hood Bugshield/Rocks Deflector on Venza? Does it work?

    We took a long trip on highway last weekend and I noticed the rock chips on the hood. Now I'm rushing to buy touch-up paint but I'd like to avoid this from happening in the future. I know it's almost impossible but if anyone can give me any pointers here, I'd appreciate.

  • Just got a V6 FWD Red Venza and it looks fantastic! Would like to add an anti-theft kit and rain guards to keep rain from falling into an open front window. Also need a dash mat -- anything better than
  • You need a clearmask, clearbra, google for 3M film for cars.
  • I put in the part number you provided but 2 parts came up. Are they both the same? Part number 75101-0T010
  • Does anyone know which Thule Roof Rack fits the Venza? If not the Thule, does anyone know which roof rack to get for a Thule?
  • ykckbyykckby Posts: 30
    I have a new Venza and need some form of a "luggage" rack in order to attach dog ex pens and folded dog crates. (less than 3' by 3' by 5"). I assume I would tie them to the rack and either roof or back of the car is fine. As I would be traveling by myself, ease of attaching and removing is important as in secure attachment.

    Could someone please give me ideas as to what to purchase? Would the Venza roof rack accessory work? Is there another I should consider.

    Time is of the essence, far more than cost :)

    Oops...needed to add that I have the moon roof so maybe a roof rack won't work?

  • cslasorcslasor Posts: 15
    Does anybody know if the Venza has the Homelink transmitter, or another brand of garage-door-opening-device, available either as standard equipment or as an option? I don't see anything about it on the Toyota or Edmund's websites.

    If not, is it possible to get one added aftermarket that looks reasonable? I need to open my garage, my mother's garage, and the gate to her community and the 3-button transmitter in my 2000 Accord is wonderful for that. I'd hate to have to go back to an array of garage door openers on the visor when I replace my Accord.

  • There is one in the center overhead. I am not using mine since it is not compatible with my garage remote.
  • cslasor,
    Homelink is standard on all Venza models. Go to the the Toyota web site and look under Interior features.

  • I had trouble programming my Homelink. Genie/Overhead Door couldn't get the Homelink to sync. They referred me to Homelink directly and their tech guy (via telephone) walk me through the steps and was able to make it work.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I searched two Toyota forums but could not find this info:

    Which is the best website to buy genuine Toyota parts like brake pads etc?

  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    Anybody buy a dash mat for the front dashboard?
    I live in hot, sunny California and wonder if it's worthwhile to get one to protect the pastic dashboard from cracking?
    The dealer wants $47. How do the ones from Pep Boys or Autozone or Kragen Auto or mail order compare? Also, which material is better? Velor, Suede, Carpet?

  • The Venza, with its large, black dashboard and sloped windshield, definitely needs a dash mat. I use dash mats on all my cars and none need it as much as the Venza does.

    I researched Venza dash mats pretty thoroughly and finally ordered them (one for my Venza and one for my Camry) from AutoAnything. My mats are perforated Oak made out of a synthetic suede. The suede is great because I wanted something that lies flat and fits the dash nicely. A carpet dash, for example, cannot do that -- too thick and stiff. Nothing looked as good as suede. Mine was $54.95 -- kind of steep, but worth it in my view in that it looks great and should last many years.

    Here are the order details:

    Dash Designs Suede Dashboard Cover
    Color/Style Oak
    Vehicle 2009 Toyota Venza
    Submodel Without raised speakers
    Part # 2944-0DOK
    AutoAnything SKU 3559596
  • Has anyone purchased a good car cover for a Venza?

    So far, the only thing I've found online is a very light weight type that I've had bad experience with in the past.
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