Anyone receive a recall notice on the brake lights?

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Going to the NHTSA site it says recalls should start in Feb.

I was wondering if anyone got a notice yet and if all 2007 and 2008 Outlanders are affected (or if there is a serial number cuttoff)


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    I just one last week (march 2009). I'm still wondering how to ge tthem to fix the "clock spring" in the steering column and make the steering wheel get correctly aligned.... PS The left front wheel well housing came apart a while back...the air came through so fast that it "tore up" the housing.... Ever hear about either of these...?? I've seen you on this site many times and I've been busy elsewhere so I thought I'd just ask you rather than search all over the place.
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    Both of those problems are news to me.
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    Yes, I got one dated 'February 2009' mailed from Mits Motors in the US
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    Something about too much grease in the break doo-dad and the lights will not come on...of they say..possibly resulting in a crash...death,etc..make it sound so damn serious,eh?

    Re: clock spring..I had a noise and a "clicking" feeling in the steering whell while turning slowly. Mechanic told me to wait until it got a lot worse and to bring it in as it was a front bearing but they would not be able to tell what side it was on until it made a LOT of noise.... I finally got them to listen to me and drive in the parking lot and hold on to the steering wheel as I cruised around. Lo and behold they agreed it WAS in the steering column and NOT in the front wheel gearing. 2 hrs work and it was back together but still making noises. Took it back again and it's now quiet as a mouse but "airbag" compartment is not aligned properly.
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