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Nissan NX

thantrythantry Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Nissan

I'm new to this discussion club and was wondering
if anybody had a word or two of wisdom to say about
the Nissan NX series, like what you should be
looking at while buying it...what could possibly go
wrong with it, how many trouble free miles would
it give me.

It's a 92 model with 101K miles on it.



  • emulousemulous Member Posts: 9
    thantry-I purchased a 93 NX2000 brand new in august of 1993. I was in love with this car from the moment I drove my girlfriend's 1992 NX2000. I flew from Miami, FL to Youngstown, OH just to get it in electric blue with anti-lock brakes. While the car put a smile on my face every time I drove it, I traded in the car after Nissan refused to do anymore warranty work on it. Major problems were faulty ABS computer and sensors. Fast warping brake rotors and pads. Faulty air conditioning. In the year and half I had my car I put 36K miles on it. My girlfriend owned her NX for quite a few years and the only difference between her's and mine was she had no abs and her's was an automatic. She had the same brake problems that I did with the rotors and pads, miserable transmission problems, and faulty electronics like radio/ac/powerwindows/locks/etc. I've talked to many NX owners and they have reported similar problems especially with the ABS. Also the stock tire size is extremely hard to find and rather expensive when you do. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my NX, I truly loved the car, just couldn't deal with Nissan Service and bringing my car to the shop every other week. Since the car you are looking at is a high mileage car, I would seriously consider getting one of the vin checks to see if the car is a lemon or not. Also check to see if the car has been modified in any way, they were very popular in scca racing. I would also bring the car to a great mechanic and have him/her check the things that I mentioned above. I still see a few nx's on the road that look great and feel the loss I experienced giving mine up. When the car works like it should, it's amazing, just don't expect it to be maintenance free. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me. I hope this has helped.
  • djohnson7djohnson7 Member Posts: 1
    My 92 nx 2000 has been nothing but a pleasure for me. its an automatic with t-tops. Everything works fine and goes likea rabbit. Although its never abused.The brake problem sounds unusual for this car. The brakes are considerd first rate on this car by the se-r web site.I suggest anyone witha nx 2000 to check out the site . My trans shifts like new, the steering is tight,and throttle reponse is dead on. I just wish I could get a 2000 model NX!
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    I have a 1993 NX1600 that used to be my wife's. She bought it before we got married (now she drives the minivan). It's a 5 speed with T-tops, no ABS or power windows/locks, dark blue.

    It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. The only mechanical failure it ever had was a faulty resistor in the blower switch, which was replaced under warranty. It now has 97,000 miles on it. It still rides and handles great. No brake problems, just new front pads and rotors turned around 75,000 miles.

    I do wish it had more power though. I wish she would have sprung for the 2000 when she bought it. And the T-tops are great.

    The only irritations we had with it involved some of the cheap interior trim. The door that covers the jack compartment broke the first time I opened it. It was replaced under warranty. The replacement then broke the first time I opened it. The parcel shelf hinges broke and were fixed according to a TSB. Also, the hooks that hold the front floor mats in place pulled out.

    If you are looking for one now, they are great cars and I'd recommend them. But they haven't been made for a while, so most you will find have high miles, so they may have any of the problems you'd expect in a high-mileage used car. Just try to find one that has been well taken care of, maintained and not abused. Definitely get a 5-speed & T-tops. In light of the problems listed above, maybe avoid ABS. It's worth looking for them, it's a fun car to drive.

  • eal1eal1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 92 NX 1600 with 128,000 miles on it and if they were still making them, I'd be buying a new one now. I've had amazingly few problems; a transmission cable that was under warranty and 3 years ago I had to have the governor assembly replaced ($200). Until 3 months ago I had the original battery; I still have the original muffler and have only needed 1 brake job!

    I'm probably one of very few people that have actually owned 2 NXes (only a 3 year model)- the 91 I bought was totaled after only 2 months when I was rear-ended on the highway by someone who hadn't noticed that traffic was stopped. While the car was totaled neither I nor my passenger had a scratch.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a new car now and am not terribly enthusiastic about any of the cars I've seen. So far, I rather like the Eclipse and the Cougar but have concerns about reliability. I've been spoiled by the NX!
  • ramonramon Member Posts: 825
    how much hp and torque do the 1600 and 2000 NX have?

  • ramonramon Member Posts: 825
    U asked me to search for info remember? I was merely helping!
  • sub555sub555 Member Posts: 3
    I know thanks for the help!! I was suprised to see your post here! Looks like someone else bought the car anyway. Oh well- Now for an Acura Intergra!!
  • bdemilbdemil Member Posts: 1
    I was innocently driving my NX in San Francisco yesterday when someone fell asleep at the wheel and smashed its rear completely! Uuuuuhgh! Where will I find a car as lovely as that one?!!!!! It was a near perfect Red 92 Nissan. It was efficient, sporty, fun and 1,000% reliable. Does anyone know of any NX's for sale near Northern CA or can anyone suggest a "replacement" vehicle for my beloved NX? HELP!!!! [email protected]

  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Check the classifieds section on
    for cars for sale.

    Or, contact your local SERCA representitive, and see if they'll help you find a another car. I'm a SERCA (SE-R Club of America) rep, but I'm in Canada.
    You'll find SERCA's main page here:

    Is the damage really, really serious? Think about buying the car back from the insurance co., if it's been written off, and buying a junked car, and taking parts off it to fix.

    There are a large number of junked NXen available through the search engine found here

    And yes, I have an NX2000. I was rearended last year, and fixed the damage completely. Depends on how serious your collision was.

    If you need more info, feel free to mail me at [email protected], and I'd be more than pleased to offer any help I can.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    I meant to call that "here you go", but I mistakenly hit enter.
  • kvasir_2kkvasir_2k Member Posts: 1
    The original post on this group asked for things to look for when buying an NX.

    NX's were made both here and in Japan. I had a Japanese '92 NX2000 W/ ABS and everything. Loved the car. Only traded because I needed 4 doors.

    The import models had better equipment as far as rotors, and some other mechanicals are concerned. So in my experiance the Japanese models would be the better choice.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    If you're talking about the 1991-1993 NX2000 and NX1600, they were all made in Japan.

    Some Sentras were made in Smyrna, Tenn., but if you look at the serial number of any NX, you'll find it starts with a "J", which indicates a Japanese-made car.

    I think I know what you're talking about with the larger front brakes (ADV22F). These large brakes were standard equipment on all NX2000s until late in 1993, when it appears that *some* cars came with the smaller brakes of the stock 1991-94 Sentra SE-R. My 1992 has the larger brakes, and personally, I've never come across a smaller-braked NX2000, but supposedly they exist.
  • jim420jim420 Member Posts: 1
    I'm from Canada. I bought this car in March of 1999. I paid around $6500 Canadian for the car that had around 140 000 Km (roughly 75 000 miles).

    I have had to replace the pads all around twice and the rear disks once. I have added a new muffler, new CV joints, and fixed the driver side window motor drive and switch. Roughly I have pumped an extra $2000 dollars into the car.

    I noticed that the rubber seals around the Windows and the T-Top can leak. The car will rust at the base of the front windows as the water run off from the T-Top runs right down to the metal in the door frame near the front of the car. Check that area between the front window and the windshield for rust!!!!

    The other rust area I have noticed with other NX 2000's (not mine so far) is in the back on the left and right of the tail light you will get rust lines down the back of the car. I think that water can collect under the spoiler around the brake light and will leak.

    I also noticed that during our cold winters the car will not start. I had to get it towed twice to the mechanics this winter, both times the car started fine once it was in the garage for a few hours. A fellow colleague of mine has the NX 1600 and had the same trouble this past winter.

    All in all though this car is great. It was the first automobile I had purchased, and I am definitely satisfied even though I have had to put some money into it. The transmission is smoother than almost anything I have ever driven. The gears switch almost by themselves. The performance amazing from this little car. The power steering is easy to move and yet is as responsive as manual steering in some other Honda's I have driven. You can fly onto HWY ON RAMPS at almost any reasonable speed without that feeling that the car is about to flip over.

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a website that I can purchase aftermarket parts for the car. FI Chip's and other Standard Nissan accessory's for the car have to be available somewhere. If anyone knows of a site or a telephone number please e-mail me or post a response up here.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Sure. Check out:

    Also, check out this:

    The club webpage will be revamped soon. Sorry about the online registration. My ISP just took away shell access, so the perl script isn't working.

    There are instructions there for joining the Canadian SE-R Mailing List, there are about 30 of us on it.

    Mail me for more info at [email protected], if you're interested in anything you see, or if you have any questions.

    (BTW, I'm in Toronto, but we have members from Halifax to Vancouver, and everywhere in between!)
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    In addition to the help you receive here, jim420, be sure to visit our Aftermarket & Accessories conference.

  • sadhakimsadhakim Member Posts: 1
    My neighbour is selling her NX2000 for 6300$ canadian, about 4200$ American, it has 100 000Km roughly 66000Milles, its fully loaded and i dont think as far as i can see there is any rust. Just wanna know if its a good deal, its a 1992 model.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Why don't you mail me directly with more info. I run the an SE-R Club here in Canada (I'm in Toronto), and I actually drive a 1992 NX2000.

    I can tell you what to look for, and whether it's worth buying.

    Mail me at [email protected]
  • quint3quint3 Member Posts: 20
    The original SR20DE motors basically made their power in the midrange, unlike my 98 Prelude, but had an even higher redline! I could accomplish most passes in the NX without a downshift, which is not the case with the Prelude. Man I miss that car. If your a used Honda-only driver, you owe it to yourself to sample the NX. It's a front-drive 944.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Hey corbendallas! Good to see a familiar name from the SE-R Mailing List.

    I'm a less-frequent poster there now, but I've been subscribed continually since January 1998.

    I'm going to love my '92 NX2000 even more when it comes back from the bodyshop in August. I'm getting a full refinishing, dent removal, replacement of sunbaked trim, and 3 coats of urethane & and a coat of clear :-)

    That should keep it looking good for another 8 years!
  • quint3quint3 Member Posts: 20
    Is that a movie name? Sounds familiar. What's an automatic NX like to drive?

    Hey spnx: What color are you doing your NX? Same as before or perhaps somthing unusual?

    It's good to see some new entries on this lost classic.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    I'm repainting my car in stock superblack, same as before. Nothing special, but with no dents, and new paint, that's enough for me. I'll be *very* happy with it.

    I really don't like to make my car look unusual. To the untrained eye, (an insurance appraisal agent, actually) it looks pretty much stock.

    Hey, I even powdercoated the Volk TE37 rims silver, and took the stickers off. Very few people recognize them, which is good, as I live downtown, and the car sits around in plain view most of the time.
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Is run by my bud and newly-joined member to the SE-R Club of America, Yannick. He's just bought a new 2001 (2000 in the US) Sentra with the 2.0 litre SR20DE engine.

    He still runs

    I would place a classified ad there, and you'll be sure to sell it to an enthusiast who will give your car a good home :-)
  • ajslatteryajslattery Member Posts: 1
    Thanks spnx! I will definitely do that. I even considered bringing the car with me to Ireland but it's too expensive! I will always have the memories I suppose.
    Thanks for the help.
  • quint3quint3 Member Posts: 20
    How is your friend's new Sentra SE? Have you driven it? Can it hold a candle to the SE-R?
  • spnxspnx Member Posts: 37
    Unfortunately, he's in Montréal, and I'm in Toronto. One of these days, when I have some time off from work, I'll make the 5 hour drive. According to him, it's not bad with the sport package. However, the sportiest cars are still the 91-93 cars. That may change with the new 180 hp SE-R that comes out next year :-)

    I tried to get a new Sentra as a rental while my car's being repainted, but they didn't have any. Instead, I'm driving a loaded silver Infiniti G20t, with leather, etc. Nice car, but with the extra 600-700 lbs on top of my car, it needs more power for stop and go traffic. It's amazing on the highway, and the brakes and handling are excellent. They nailed it on that one. It's like a cheap BMW, and feels like it was formed out of a solid chunk of metal.

    But perhaps the 200 hp SR20DE VVL (like Vtec) engine would have been a better idea in the G, but Nissan never exports their best products. Too bad.
  • rickydrickyd Member Posts: 1
    This is for Alan (aka ajslattery). Back earlier this month, you were looking for a good home for your NX 2000, because you were moving to Ireland. I was wondering if you had "placed" your baby yet? If not, I'd definitely be interested. I'm located next door in CT. We can discuss this offline -- please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
  • nxlovernxlover Member Posts: 1
    I cannot believe my luck. I just read all the posts and I can't believe how many NX's have been rear ended...I just got rear ended about 5 days ago...and it was a write off...not only was my car crushed...I am as well. It is a fabulous car. It was just the 1600 but it still had a lot of pep to it. The only consolation I have is for my next car, I will upgrade to a 2000. But these cars are so few now that finding one in good condition is rare. I was lucky that mine was very well taken care of. It took me 2 and half months to even find one that was in great shape. I will definitely get another NX but it will take time. Does anyone know of someone selling their Edmonton,Alberta Canada? please let me know at [email protected].
    There was nothign wrong with that car and it was sporty yet the fuel economy was great. And I loved that digital dash. The first time I drove an NX it was in 1991 and it was brand new. I was a valet at the Westin Hotel and I fell in love with it back then. I am sure there are a lot NX lovers out there. It's one of the best kept secrets around. I know a lot of people did not buy it, because they thought it was just like the Pulsar NX...but make no mistake...the Pulsar was a piece of junk...and this Car would make anyone happy. Cheers all.


    Guy from Canada
  • elucaselucas Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I am the original owner of a '92 NX2000. It has been a great car, reliable, peppy, corners, love the t-roofs, 78,800 low mileage. But I need more space now. The dealer is offering $2000 trade in. Seems really low. The edmunds value is much more than that. Will I really be able to market this vehicle? Is there a demand for them? I was surprised to find out there is an association of car owners with this type engine. Any input....
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Hell, I have never even driven an NX2000, but I sure would buy yours in a heartbeat. Those cars were hot little sports cars in their day and there are people out there who search all over for these relatively rare gems. They were known for their excellent handling, good brakes, and fast acceleration. I would say you could get more than 2K for your car since it has such low mileage and you are the original owner. I would try and sell it on your own.
  • browntrout1browntrout1 Member Posts: 72
    I searched and searched to find an NX2000 with a t-roof and reasonable mileage on it. I live in Montreal which is a big enough city. I even went to a dealership that said if they don't have one in stock, they could get it in 48 hours. I went back 4 times in a span of a month just to let them know I was interested! I was even looking in the Ottawa area since Ottawa was only 2 hours away! Anyways, I couldn't find one. I opted to buy a new car instead. Aside from the questionable styling, I don't know why this car didn't sell that well. This had to be one of the best FWD sports cars out there. As far as price vs. driving enjoyment went, nothing could touch it! And a T-roof have a poorman's convertible.
  • lasitterlasitter Member Posts: 1
    I wish I had known about this group earlier, as I've been an avid NX2000 owner since I got mine back in the spring of '93.

    Finding a red one, new, with anti-lock brakes and AC meant traveling from North Carolina to Kissimmee, Florida on the overnight Amtrak, but it was well worth the trip.

    I also wish I had known how much of a difference getting rid of the Potenza tires would make. The Dunlops have been really fantastic. Car handles like a dream.

    Installing Bosch Quadra spark plugs gave it a very surprising extra amount punch in the acceleration department, and I'd tell you that it helped the gas mileage, except that the extra power is, well, quite seductive!

    I upgraded the stereo to an Alpine w/CD, and a professionally installed Alpine alarm system as well, but those are the only things that I've changed on it. With Mobile 1 in the crankcase
    since day one, she's never had a wrench put on her.

    The bad news is that I've had the wife AND the car for the same length of time, and even though it's driving great at 85,000 miles, she's been on my case to sell it and get something more
    'family oriented'.

    My sense is that these cars will certainly be collector cars one day, but I have no idea where to find the kinds of drivers / collectors most likely to appreciate it or what to expect $$$

    Recent experiences / tips from the group greatly appreciated.


    | Charles Lasitter | Shipping Address |
    | 919/286-0100 | 1304 Broad St |
    | cl+at+ncdm+dot+com | Durham, NC 27705 |
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    Hi Lasitter-

    Welcome to Town Hall! And thanks for sharing your story. You said: "My sense is that these cars will certainly be collector cars one day, but I have no idea where to find the kinds of drivers / collectors..."

    Have you checked out our Classic Car Message Board yet? Sounds like you may be interested in: Future Collectibles--Make Your Prediction.

    In addition, we look forward to hearing more about your Nissan NX experience... in this discussion. Happy Motoring!

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  • mmacmillanmmacmillan Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a fun car for my son, it is in great condition and got it at a great price. By the posts I see here I am lucky to have found this gem, my son and I we just looking for a car for him and he wouldn't look at anything else after he saw it. I have been trying to find an after market seller of some parts for the car (internet), fuse box cover, tonneau cover, drivers side pull handle and some trim pieces for the door / window molding. Does anybody have any ideas besides going to the dealer and paying through the nose, also any other forums so I can learn more about I would of loved to have at my son's age. Son thinks I am going to steal it from him, but I like my 2000 sporty mid-size (v6, sun roof, spoiler) Sonata just fine, though I WILL borrow the NX at times.
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    You might have trouble finding trim pieces for this car, other than at a dealer. There just weren't many made.

    There is a "auto recycler" (junkyard) that specalizes in Nissan & Infiniti parts in Florida. It's called Gator something-ot-other. Do a seatch for it on the net and you will find it. They would be your best bet.

  • rcasalyrcasaly Member Posts: 2
    Anyone out there know what a 1993 NX 2000 in excellent condition with 105K miles (original owner)is worth?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    In addition to the feedback here, be sure to check out's Used Vehicle Appraiser? Good luck. ;-)

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  • imtoadimtoad Member Posts: 2
    I totalled my '91 NX20000 and I want to buy another. I've noticed that some are automatics and since I mostly just drive in city traffic which has left me wishing for an automatic for a long time now, I was wondering if the automatics had adequate (I know it's not the same) power? Also, are there any differences in the '92 and '93 models that I should be aware of? If I can only find dark colors, I will probably want to paint it because I hate the heat. How much (ball park) will a respectable paint job cost? Thanks,H
  • rcasalyrcasaly Member Posts: 2
    My friend's '91 was different than my '93 in the following areas:

    the '91 body had a gray rub strip around the middle; the '93's are same color as body.

    the '91 seat materials seemed "nicer" than the '93's.

    the '91 had stiffer OEM shocks than the '93's (doesn't matter now cuz they've undoubtedly beeen replaced)

    The '91 steering wheel was real leather; the '93's was fake leather.

    There may be other diffs but can't think of anything now.
  • dinu01dinu01 Member Posts: 2,586
  • snaptabsnaptab Member Posts: 21
    Thought I'd throw in my two cents worth on the NX2000. What a great car! I owned a 93 model for 2 years, then my daughter talked me out of it. She's been driving it the past 4 years with no problems at all. The car is a black, automatic with T-tops, currently has 115,000 miles and still going strong. Only repairs have been front half shafts, front rotors and thermostat, that's it. Car has been super reliable and still drives and looks almost new.
    It's a shame Nissan doesn't build them anymore!
    My advise to all is if you can find one used, buy it quick before someone else does.
  • verozahlverozahl Member Posts: 574
    Recently, I saw two 1993 NXs in excellent condition... black NX1600 and a white NX2000.
    Interiors look very functional, clean exterior design. Fast little sport compacts!
  • wowdudecool38wowdudecool38 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 1993 nissan nx 1.6 and i wanted to put a 2.0 in it i was wondering if i needed to change the wireing and if my trany would line up with it.
  • thecarbuffthecarbuff Member Posts: 7
    are these good, realiable cars for a daily driver, or are they born lemons? a few words of advise
  • moredockmoredock Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 NX-2000, which I bought after seeing the car at the LA Auto Show that year. It has 120K miles, zero rust, still as frisky as the day I bought it, a beautiful three coat Mercedes silver paint job thanks to my nephew the body man, and, alas, a slight ripple along the driver's side where I was hit by a deer while doing 90 on the NY Northway. The car is with me now in FL and refuses to grow old, though some of the T-top moldings are getting a bit brittle. The Sentra engine is like Dracula, it won't die unless you put a wooden stake through its radiator. If you find one, buy it. If Porsche ever built a car Joe the Plumber could afford, this would be it.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Amen on the Sentra engines. I ran my last two over 235,000 miles each and I know one of them is still running, not quite sure about the other.
  • flbadgersflbadgers Member Posts: 1
    I have a 92 NX2000 that I replaced the engine in. There is a small ground wire attached to driver's side engine wall near the carbon canister. Can someone tell me where this attaches to? I also have a problem with the car starting (it cranks but doesn't fire). Has anyone had a similiar problem?

    Thank you.

  • darkangel999darkangel999 Member Posts: 1
    Hello to all of you here My name is Sinohe Im a 22 year old guy from mexico,Im a new member,i recently bought a 1993 Nissan 1600NX with 80.000 miles for the amount of $300 bucks and most and unbelievable in payments of $50 bucks a month well i like this car a lot i think it's great even tough mine doesn't have the T-Tops and it's not running at the moment cause the previous owner fell into a pothole and broke the driveshaft,the gear-shift rod and the steering fork and also a part of the left fender and the car also has no wheels on it still im'ma fix it very soon cause the engine is running more than perfect and the repairs are easy,fast and affordable and about a problem of one of the other guys and it's NX that wont start i can only suggest simple things of the probable cause 1-get a scanner tool and run a quick scan on the car's sensors,2-check the distributor cap and rotor along with the spark plugs and cables, 3- check the fuel pump,pump relay,filter and fuses and,4-finallly check the engine timing or maybe if your car had a security alarm device check the computer and other circuits cause it's common on nissans to fail if this were modified of installed unnapropiately this is all i know good-bye talk to ya soon
  • mbarderambardera Member Posts: 3
    I also have a Nissan Nx1600, husband wrecked it, driver's front corner. I believe it can be fixed. Car means alot to me since it was my deceased daughter's car! I'm getting it fixed this summer. I had made a mistake and bought a blue Nissan Nx2000, love the car but it's not my black Nissan Nx1600. Selling the blue one to my nephew, this will be his 'first car'.
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