2010 Chevrolet Impala

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I love my impalas, so far I have owned a 2001 Impala, 2003 Impala LS Sport, 2006 Impala SS and now due to higher gas prices I have a 2008 Impala LTZ that I love. I have read that 2010 that Impala will be redesigned and the SS will have over 500 HP engine and base starting at around 300 HP. Do you think this will happen or is it possible that the SS will be dropped as it has in the past due to all the trouble that GM is in and that their new approach is more fuel efficent cars and smaller more economic cars. I mean seeing that in the article that I read that he base model Impala for 2010 will be starting at just over 29,000 i am sure the SS will be in mid to high 30's. So any thoughts I was just curious. I had hard time at the end of the model year find my LTZ and now with 09 I do see a majority of dealers have LS and LT models and a litmed amount of LTZ and very few SS models on the lot. So I was thinking can I be the only person thinking that the 2010 Impala could be revamped once again as you hear no word on it and I am seeing a launch of new smaller chevy models and with recent news that some models for chevy and other GM brands will be dropped due to economy and they are asking for a second bail out.


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    Yes the Impala for 2010 was to be built on the same platform as the new 2010 Camero , it to was to be rear wheel drive sharing the same drivetrain. There hasn't been any news if a redesigned Impala will happen, they need to do something as the 2008 Malibu has stolen fifty percent of their sales. It's the only large affordable car GM has in it's lineup.
    If a new Impala is too be release probable they wouldn't offer the SS due to bad sales. My father just picked up a jewel red 2008 SS only because this very large dealer had no demand for them, great car just hard to pay over fourthy thousand for this even with that 5.3 liter V-8 . It was the only 08 SS and 09 SS in stock at the dealer at christmas time. Hard sell !
    Last spring(08) GM announced that due to the new CAFFA regulations they wouldn't build the Impala on the Camero's platform. GM would have to pay a larger fuel tax for this new vehicle (2010) Impala. Haven't heard any other news since.
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    You are correct, there is going to be a new 2010 Impala, how many will be produced ? The LT & LS levels will have a 265 hp 3.6 and more (45hp) for the LTZ model. The SS will use the 7.0 LS7 corvette engine matched to a six speed transmission. GM will use ZETA architecture for the platform, same as the Camero's.

    The future of this vehicle has caused an internal debate at GM into which direction it should go and Impala's future .
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    I would expect the current style Impala to soldier on for a couple of more model years. Perhaps a major redesign in 2011 as a 2012 model. Bob Lutz has pretty much stated that the rear-wheel drive Impala is a no-go. The Impala will most likely continue to be front-wheel drive.

    With the changes in the CAFE requirements, it would be surprising to see a redesigned V8 Impala sporting the Corvette's engine.

    With the recent disbanding of GM's high performance vehicle group, there will be little to no changes to the current Impala SS. They will continue to produce an Impala SS until the end of the current model's lifecycle, but a new Impala SS when it is finally redesigned is highly unlikely.

    When GM returns to profitability, they may be able to reinvest in the high performance lines. Until then, things will remain as they are. Additionally, the Impala is a high volume model for GM in its current iteration. They are not going to do anything drastic to the car considering their current financial condition.
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    Bob Lutz is retiring to become vice advisor at GM as of april 1 2009, he wouldn't have all that much control of what is going into production.

    I agree GM would have huge up hill battle meeting the new CAF regulations and just wait until Obama tightens up the CAF regulations even more . GM might never produce another SS V-8 for a few years , they will drop it to meet new regulations.
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    Just read an article today that the current front-wheel drive, W-body Impala, will soldier on until 2013. No word of any minor exterior/interior changes, just that it keeps going for 4 more years.

    There is an Epsilon-II based, long-wheelbase sedan scheduled to begin production in January 2013. This is most likely going to be the Impala replacement.
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    Outside of the SS being dead, does GM plan to do even a mild update on this car. 3.6 V6 or something to make it a upgrade to the Malibu.
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    Since the reviews were rave regarding the Pontiac G8 GT and GXP it's time this holden hot rod was rebadged as an Impala SS. I would buy two.
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    No, for 2010 the Impala has really been simplified. No SS and no 2LT, Only 1LS, 1LT, and 1LTZ models. The LS and LT get the 3.5L V6, and the LTZ gets the 3.9L V6 .

    The LS has 16" wheels with plastic covers. The LT gets 16" aluminum wheels. The LTZ gets 18" alloy wheels.

    Chevy no longer offers a 6 CD changer in any Impala. There are only 2 head units being used. Single CD, or single CD with MP3 capability. The Bose option is still available.

    The Impala badges are also no longer being put on the cars (the logo badges on either side behind the rear side windows.) They also no longer put an LS badge on the trunk. LS Impalas will just say "IMPALA". LT and LTZ will still receive their respective badges.

    Chevy canceled 4 exterior colors, and replaced those with only 3 new ones.

    None of this is surprising considering GM's fragile financial condition. The Impala is still a top 10 selling car, however likely to be killed off or totally redone for the 2013 model year. Even a mild refresh at this point would not be profitable for them.
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    I'm glad I traded to a 2009 when I did. I picked up a 2LT with 3.9, leather, and Red Jewel Tintcoat. Without you saying it, I'm assuming the Red Jewel Tintcoat was one of the colors dropped; that and the leather were the true selling features for my trading--although the 3.9 certainly was a contributing factor. I like the 17 inch wheels--sets it off nicely. My 2006 was great--I had no significant problems. ISS was only thing that required other-than-normal service. Fuel consumption was great--I could pull 32+ mpg without working at it. Fabric seats were beginning to show some polyester pilling, but I was very pleased with the car and its quality--obviously or I wouldn't be driving another. Clark
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    Yeah I love my 2008 Silver LTZ.

    I don't really miss the SS as I feel its the same car as I have all the same options on this car with the exception of 6 disc CD changer, but now I have zune player. I di dread however that they kill off the impala and come back with the Caprice. Not sure I like that idea as I love my Impalas but that is few yrs away. So well see what happens only time will tell.
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    Red Jewel Tintcoat stays for 2010 and is available on LT and LTZ models.

    The colors dropped for 2010 are:
    White exterior color
    Dark Silver Metallic exterior color
    Mocha Bronze Metallic exterior color
    Slate Metallic exterior color

    The colors added are:
    Summit White exterior color
    Cyber Gray Metallic exterior color
    Aqua Blue Metallic exterior color

    The LT is still available with the Luxury Edition Package (leather, Bose with 8 speakers, rear spoiler, heated seats, etc.), however there are no more 3.9L LT models. The 17" wheels are gone, too.

    My '06 2LT has been a fair car. It has 41,000 miles on it, and has needed the ISS replaced, water pump replaced, high pressure power steering hose replaced, and has several squeaks/rattles/groans.

    I have thought about trying to find an '09 SS leftover, but not sure I want another Impala based on my experience with my '06.
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    Thanks for the feedback.I had few issues with my '06 2LT, but I only had 27000 miles on it. I haven't felt any of the ISS issues on my '09; I'm not confident that they re-engineered the shaft to eliminate the problem so it's probably just a matter of time. It was replaced on my'06 and on my wife's '07 Grand Prix. Other than that, both cars have been excellent.
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    Has anyone experienced this; Today went to start the 06, it cranked as usual, hit the brake and grabbed the shift lever.......nothing. The release button is solid, wont move, the shift stuck in park . This is a 3LT with 3.9 V6, Auto Trans. Mileage just out of warranty :cry:

    Can't find anything in the guide about this. Any one have experience with this? Thanks :sick:
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    Its a shame that the effort that was put into projects like the 2010 camaro wasn't put into the impala. The impala has been mentioned more than any other vehicle in songs across many genres alone the impala could save gm from backruptcy. The brand new 2010 Buick LaCrosse is everything the impala should have been from the dynamic body styling to the superluxury interior. Normally I don't like rebadging but in this case the only thing needed is the impala symbol to complete the package.
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    I picked up a 2006 Impala SS with 20,000 miles.
    i am thrilled with performance gas mileage an handling including
    18 inch wheels V8 and all. Had Cady Eldo 1997 engine blew. Not the same,but still fun
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    I just got a new left over 2009 Impala LTZ and so far it has been a great car. The 3.9 liter V6 has more than adequate power, shifts very smoothly, downshifts without hesitation, and has a huge trunk. I find the sport suspension with the SS tires a pleasant surprise on this car.

    I wanted a car with flex fuel capability, big trunk and folding rear seat, and at least a V6 engine. There is not much choice out there. The Impala SS does not have the flex fuel capability, and it has the stupid AFM system, which I do not care for.
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    So i just got a 2010 impala lt im planning on tinting bout head and tail light. My question is can i just change my regual bulbs to halogen or do i need to do somthing special?
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    We purchased the Impala new last year with 200 miles on it. Now it has 43k miles on it. It is a LS. Within the last year we have replaced the vent that changes the AC from hot to cold and back twice. 3 weeks ago we had an Allignment done and it cost $100 extra because of how it was designed and required a kit to get it right. Last week we fired her up early in the morning and when we started to drive to work she would not acellerate and hand no power. Come to find out the car was in a special mode designed to get you off the side of the road if the car had a major problem and was stuck in third. This is an automatic transmition. So we take it... under warenty... to the lockal dealer. The service guy said that the transmition was toast and had to instaul a new one. There is a week lead time to get it but my trusty 2004 GTO is taking care of me and my kids untill we get it back. As a whole we have been dissapointed with the cars low quality design and relyability. Is anyone else haveing simular issues? To bad pontiac had to die and allow that pice of crap to continue to be produced. 21k brand new and less than 2 years old we have replaced a set of tires already with only 43k miles on them because of the crappy suspention craftmanship. Am I the only one pissed off about this? I will be trading it asap.
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    I have had continuous problems with the 2010 Chevrolet Impala. The first began with the front end suspension, the whining noise coming from the radio, steering wheel is now crooked from a shaft they replaced and a harsh shift in the transmission. General Motors has refused to work on the vehicle and replace parts even though the vehicle is under warranty.
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    Continuous problems that the manufacture has chosen to ignore.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Good morning car110,

    Have you already spoken with Customer Assistance? If so, would you please forward us the Service Request number (71-**********) or the last 8 digits of your VIN to [email protected]?

    If you haven't yet started a Service Request, if you would like for us to check into this further please send us an email with more details, including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    edited January 2014

    The case number is 71-1094007948. The last eight digits of the vehicle identification number are A1149074. This vehicle has been 11 times for repair attempts. Mary had offered a replacement vehicle several weeks ago and then a representative by the name of Kyle got involved and stated he wasn't offering a replacement of the vehicle. I have called Kyle twice now and he has not returned the call. The last service done on my car made the steering wheel crooked and turned to the left. Furthermore, instead of replacing rotors they turned my rotors, thus diminishing the value once again on the vehicle. I had finally got to Kyle's supervisor and she has not returned my call and they are refusing to work on my car which is still under warranty.

    Please contact me.

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