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Volvo S40 Maintenance and Repair

As the title says... my trunk won't open. Any other owners have this problem? And if so, how to fix it? I know the button is "electronic"... so maybe a bad switch?


  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Are you able to fold down the rear seats and go through the pass-thru and pull the manual trunk release? It's the flourescent handle on the inside of the trunk lid. Might be able to see if anything is jammed in the mechanism with it open, at the least.

  • Yea i did that. It'll open when i pull the handle and nothing is jammed in there. I think the button just crapped out on me
  • novaartnovaart Posts: 1
    My trunk stopped closing all of a sudden. I have checked the fuse and tried turning the valet trunk lock on and off. The remote has no impact whatsoever. It is like their is no juice getting to it. Anyone have any ideas?
  • cheerfulcheerful Posts: 31
    The lock (button) becomes quite sticky lately. I have to press it a few times for it to pop back. Is there a way to lubricate it?

  • sowrnewsowrnew Posts: 6
    I had a problem with the switch not opening the trunk and it turned out to be a broken wire in the rubber bellows conduit on the left hand upper connection to the lid. When I peeled back the rubber conduit there it was, completely cut through and a second wire with the insulation cut. I repaired both wires and wrapped the bundle in electrical tape and now everything is working as it should be. This was an easy fix which cost practically nothing. I suspect that these two wires in particular were either flexing excessively or abrading against a sharp edge of sheet metal.
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