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Per the article comparing to the Acura the Journey with Sport option package was the best performer of the G37 options but this article also mentioned that you could not get the sport option (S01) with AWD. I went the Edmunds pricing with model selection and it in fact did allow me to select the sport option on the AWD model.

So a few questions:

1) Can you equip the AWD version with the sport package(18" Mag wheels, paddle shifter, quick steering, better brakes)?

2) Is there a difference between the Sport option package on the AWD model vs. the Sport option package on the 2WD Journey model?

3) If equiping for best performance what options for an automatic Journey and AWD?

4) Would the manual trans Sport model be that much of a better performer and why doesn't it come with the 18" wheels, upgraded brake options ,etc. or does it?

5) How would the AWD with Sport package(if available) compare to the Journey with Sport package performance/handling wise?

6) Are there some photo's out there that show the aero package, rear spoiler and the front chin spoiler, black grill,etc?

Thanks for any help on my lengthy questions.

Mike (Interested G37 buyer)


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    That's a lot of questions. I'll do my best. I bought a 2009 G37x sedan in December, and it has the sport package.

    1. Yes. You will get the wheels, paddles, seat bolsters, and nifty little "S" behind the G37x tag, but not the stiffer transmission. I'm not totally sure about the brakes, but let me tell you the ones on the AWD model are plenty strong.

    2. Yes, see above.

    3. You'll obviously want to get the sport package for the Journey model; it's more of a fun feature for the AWD model. The aero package might be helpful, too, but I've read that that's mostly cosmetic. I wasn't able to get that on mine, but it is available on both models.

    4. If you're good with a manual, the manual model would be a better performer, which is usually the case. But that's highly operator-dependent. I'm pretty sure the manual model ONLY comes with the sport package, i.e., you can't get manual without sport. So that may be why those other things aren't listed as options.

    5. Performance for AWD will be slightly worse in good conditions, mostly because of the added weight of the AWD system. This is true for almost all cars, the only exceptions being the super-exotics with 450+ HP that will light up the back tires on a hard acceleration. That's why you'll see more cars like the GT-R and R8 coming with AWD. But for "regular" cars, AWD slows you down a bit.

    Now in wet or snowy conditions, AWD is going to be a much, much better performer, so if you live in a place where that's an issue, AWD is going to be huge on those days. That's probably both obvious and not exactly what you're asking about, but I just had to put it in there to make the disclaimer.

    6. There are many. Check out for examples of the stock spoilers, aero package, and grill, and many other mods.

    Hope that helps!
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    How is the ride with the sport package vs without? And can you not have the Nav and a cd changer?
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    I have only driven one version of the G37, so I can't give an informed opinion on the benefits of the sport package. Bear in mind, the sport package on the G37x, which is what I have, is mostly cosmetic and function oriented (wheels, shift paddles, seat supports, but no improved suspension).

    If you have nav, you don't need a CD changer. The "music box" feature can copy your CD's to its hard drive, so you only have to put the CD in once. Each day, I take a new CD and burn it to the hard drive, and then take it back in the house when I get home from work (it takes about 15 minutes to copy the CD). Before too long, you'll have quite the collection in your car.
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    I think you get a changer in the trunk with the Nav.
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    ??? Is this a serious post? Because you do not get a changer in the trunk. I assume you're joking.
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    I see where the report on that website tells you about a 6 CD changer in the trunk. Apparently, the 08 G35 had that for Navi systems; I was not aware of that. This feature does not exist for the 09 model, however.

    If you go here: ics-impressions.html

    You'll see some pics of taillights and wheels and stuff, and then there is a pic that shows that there is no trunk-mounted CD player. That has been discarded for the 09 model.

    I apologize if my post sounded smarmy - I didn't intend for it to, if it did. It's hard to tell a person's tone on a message board. Similarly, I couldn't tell if your post was a joke, and that's mostly my fault, simply because I hadn't heard of this setup in previous years' models.

    Anyway, bottom line - Navi = one CD in dash, but hard drive to copy CDs; Non-Navi = 6 CD player in dash. No trunk-mounted CD changer is available.

    Hope that helps!
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    I have an `08 G37 Coupe w/Nav and the Tech package. Is there anyway to copy CD's to the harddrive without having to listen to the CD itself, i.e. any shortcuts?

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    Then i wonder if the wiring is there for a changer or can you still add one? I'm more about quality then quanity for music.
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    Not that I know of, sorry.
  • fornovfornov Member Posts: 34
    I don't know if there is wiring there or not. I suppose it could still be done regardless.

    I'm curious - how is having a changer in the trunk going to improve quality? You could just as easily burn those 6 CD's to the hard drive. Then you can have your quality AND quantity if you happen to have more than 6 good ones. It's really very simple - it'll do it for you automatically if you set it up to do so.
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    Anytime you do a transfer of music like that it will degrade abit and the faster you do it the worst it is. 1X or 2X wouldn't be so bad. Not sure how 4X would turn out. I guess i'd have to try it and then decide if a changer would be worth it. I do like the idea of a HD.
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    Fair enough. I'll go out on a limb and say that you have better ears than I do, because I've never been able to notice a difference. Or maybe the 4X is fine? As with most situations like this, you'll just have to do as you say, try it out and see if it makes a difference to you. Maybe there is a way to quantify this? It seems with sound quality, it's a pretty subjective matter.
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    Very subjective for sure.
  • addamsaddams Member Posts: 74
    Any difference between the 2 years?
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    Don't forget the CF Slot...
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    After turning in my '07 G35x in July, i got the '09 G37xS. Yes, it does ride a bit stiffer than my 35 did, but not nearly enough to be a problem. I do find the handling of the 37 a bit better, probably because of the larger wheels and somewhat better tires. (Dunlop instead of GoodYear) Also, the brakes on my 37xS are larger and will stop you on a nickle! You'll also find the car quicker if you shut the VDC off. I have the Nav system, but unlike my G35 which didn't have Nav, the 37 CD player will only take 1 CD at a time. And the memory function will only store "store-bought" CD's with titles, not home made ones.
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    I have the '09 G37xS w/Nav. and the Bose system. I thought i would be able to store my home-made CD's in the memory, but it won't accept them. It seems to only accept "store-bought" CD's with titles embeded into the disk. Other than that, the system is superb.
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    If you use Napster/Rhapsody or Itunes to purchase your tracks and burn them to a CD it will accept them.
  • bmmermbmmerm Member Posts: 6
    I bought the car new 3/30/09 and have noticed what appear to be water marks on the roof line and rear bumper. The dealer tried to buff them out but said they are under the clear coat and they can not correct the problem. They are going to look into whether they can get warranty $ to repaint the areas, but claim they can not guarantee matching the paint, Obsidian Black. Wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem and can comment on matching the paint. I am in Marietta, Georgia and would like to know if someone can recommend a good detail shop that can also give me good info on the paint and correcting the problem
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    In addition to what sjaieve said, if you burn your own CDs with CD Text (which all burning software should have these days) the Music Box will read the CD Text info off the CD and use it for the copy on the hard drive.
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    Does anyone have a thought about the stillen generation 3 air intake??
    Is it mostly a change in exhaust note?
    Is there a significant change in performance that translates to real world driving?
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    I have a 09 Infiniti G37x Coupe, with nav package and the hard drive. I am able to rip any cds into the drive either store bought or burned cds
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