Suburban Windshield Wipers Will Not Turn Off

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can't turn off, had to remove fuse, it will change speed from slow to fast. will not work in the "inter-mitten" mode, just slow or fast........any help???


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    Same thing happened to my 2004 Suburban... after sitting for an hour - worked fine again. Has this happened to anyone else? Bad Switch? Any help appreciated.
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    mine has stated working again, but it wasn't an hour, it was more like a month................that is just one of MANY things wrong with my 2003 Surburban piece of [non-permissible content removed]!
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    I agree 100% with your comment relating to GM quality...piece of [non-permissible content removed] it is.

    But, as you have one like I do we need to live with it as long as we have these pieces of junk, right?

    So, about the windshield wipers. I recently installed a rain detecting automatic wiper control in my '04 Tahoe and I learned something about the Tahoe / Suburban wiper control. The switch that you use for switching wipers on and off and to different intermittent settings actually changes signals to the wiper control module. The speed of the wipers is actually controlled by changing resistance between two wires when you turn the control switch. To me this means that it is very unlikely that there is a switch problem causing the wipers to not turn off. Now, this does not mean that it cannot be the reason but I would look at a problem with the wiper control module instead, i.e. possibly replacing it.

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    My 1999 Sub LT has done the same thing but now has quit working completely.
    I'm trouble shooting it now. Did you find out what it was. I heard maybe the motor
    could be gone on mine.
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    Help! It might rain someday.
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    I don't know what kind of motor control they have in your year and trim, and I only have service manuals for my years. I had a '97 previously (which had a fairly basic wiper control), and a '07 now (which has a bunch of bells and whistles and auto rain sensing controls).

    I did have a problem with my '97 wiper, and it was a cracked circuit board in the wiper motor. Relatively simple replacement, bought a motor unit at Pep Boys, took the old one out and put the new one in, and good to go.

    WIthout any manuals, I'd say check your fuses to make sure you don't have a blown wiper fuse, then check for voltage on the plug to the wiper motor. If you have voltage there yet the motor isn't working, then I'd be calling a parts store to find out what a wiper motor costs.
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    Hi there - apologies if this seems way too basic of a question - but where is the wiper motor located on the '03 suburban 1500? The dealer quoted me $400 to replace the module - I can get a new one up the street for $25, and I'm pretty sure I can work a screwdriver, so the only piece of the puzzle that's lacking is where it is? The only thing I've found online so far says it should be against the firewall on the driver's side - but that's where the computer control box is. Do I need to remove the airflow vents where the wipers mount? Thanks in advance!
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    It is located under the air vents by the wipers.

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