Time to replace shocks/struts on '00 Trooper - recommendations?

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Since it's not possible to search discussions within this forum by a keyword in the title, I am starting a new one....

Our '00 Trooper has ~120k miles on it. It's used as an everyday vehicle -- no off roading or heavy hauling but we like its utility, size and reliability. The ride has gotten a little bouncy lately, and it has always had that feeling like it's going to tip in corners. It seems like it might be time to replace the shocks/struts. Any suggestions for specific brands/types?

Don't mind spending a little more to improve confidence in cornering without sacrificing too much on ride comfort. A lower ride height wouldn't be a bad thing aesthetically either, but not a requirement. Again, we don't use our Trooper for any off-roading so clearance isn't an issue.



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    Since it's not possible to search discussions within this forum by a keyword in the title,

    In fact, the default setting for searches is the title. An additional setting will search message bodies.

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    I have a 1996 Trooper which has 88,000 miles. Used mainly on weekends and for camping and going to the mountains. I had experienced the same sort of soft bouncy ride, and had the shocks replaced (all 4). It was about $300 for all four (at NTW store). The bouncy ride stopped and handling is better. At 120,000 miles, I would believe your shocks are due for a replacement.

    Good luck.......
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    Thanks - I just had the shocks replaced yesterday. I got 4 KYB monomax for $200 (eBay, including shipping!) and had them installed locally ($180). I suppose I could have just gone to Pep Boys and paid $100 less, but the KYB monomax are one of the better shocks out there. The ride quality is significantly better now -- with road imperfections heard, but not as much felt as before. I'd still characterize the ride as bouncy. I think the bounciness is from the soft springs maybe -- it has always been this way. (Has anyone had springs replaced with something firmer?)

    I'm going to replace the sway bushings today, for better cornering. I bought 4 Energy Suspension greasable poly bushings. I may need to search the forum for help here -- I got 1 1/8" for the front, which is the right size, but it doesn't seem like the brackets will fit (and I think I got the smaller of the two bracket sizes), so I'm a little confused.
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