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The following codes were scanned on my 2004 Suburban Z71 - P0741, P0705 and P2761. The dealership said these are electrical issues with the transmission. The transmission is not getting the power supply needed, however, they are clueless on how to fix the problem.

The best way to explain this issue is that it does not occur everyday. At times (about half) I do not have first gear or overdrive. After starting the vehicle and put it in Drive it will be in 3rd gear. I can manually shift to second (with a clank), but can not shift to first. If I do, it stays in second. Also, at times the check engine light comes on, but not everytime. Other times the vehicle runs smoothly with no troubles. I will have every gear in Drive.

Of course when I took it to the dealership, they could not get it to act up. The truck ran smoothly. I even allowed the technician to drive it home for the night. They did state that they tested for a short, inspected the related connection and it could possibly be due to battery voltage being pulled low on circuit 642. They performed road tests several times and are unable to verify at this time.

Any ideas on what needs to be fixed or replaced?


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    Still got your 2004 bigd ?....My 2005 had code p1810...manual valve pressure 24219581..easy fix..not expensive..worth a try....your problem sounds similar. I guess your transmission is a M30/M32 trans...?
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    P0741 Torque converter clutch system stuck off
    P0705 Transmission range sensor (Park/Neutral Position switch) circuit malfunction

    These are straight out of the Haynes manual. I could not find the other one.
    Sounds like a computer issue
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    K2500 Suburban with 8.1 engine which runs and tows just fine with the CE light on?
    P0101 code is for MAF range or performance which I've cleaned and looks good.
    P0134 says O2 sensor-no activity detected, bank1, sensor 1 (there is only 1)

    If the MAF were bad it wouldn't know which bank but always says bank 1!! Both O2 sensors have been replaced, one was light gray, the other black. Anyone heard of electrical problems on sensor wiring harness etc?
    Hoping for it to run stronger/better mileage if sensors working properly. Have no idea as it started the CE light after I bought it!
    Thanks for any ideas or help....
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