Mercedes C class: Turning in after end of lease

nicosnicos Member Posts: 3
Let's say I am going to turn in my C-class (2006) after the 36 month lease is up. There are some scratches here and there. How is their policy with paying for damage when turning in the car? How do I find out I have to pay for some damage? I would like to get my costs to a minimum, so if I can have it fixed (paint job or whatever) and save some instead of paying a lot after turning in, I would do it.

Hope you can help me out with these questions!
Thanks a lot.


  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi nicos,

    You might want to also ask this in our Lease Termination Fees and other costs discussion. It's not just about Mercedes, but it's a great place to explore just what you need to know.

    Good luck!
  • doubleoo6doubleoo6 Member Posts: 52
    Has anyone ever buy back their car after lease end? If so please share the process, as I am about to consider buying back my car after the lease ends.... Thank you.
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