2008 Jaguar XJ Super 8 depreciation chart

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I really love the restyled front end (smaller lower fender vent+running lights) of the 2008 XJ. But at $95000, I want to buy it when the depreciation has flattened out. Can someone advise/tabulate what the depreciation chart for this car would look like? I am guessing it'll be $40000 in 2011.



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    What's the warranty on the drive train for a new Jag?
    I bought a super clean 2000 XJ8 for $9,000 last July with 64,000 miles on it. I figure another ten thousand bucks put into it in the next four years, will give me a new rebuilt trans, new timing chains, at least one computer module, tires, and shocks, and maybe a gear box if it gets sloppy, and maybe new plugs. In 2000 they finally got the interior just right, and left the boxy quality of the center console in the dust, and also it has a beautiful dashboard line to it. They have kept the look all the way into the 2009 model, but the 2009 model does not have the wood, and the leaper on the hood is gone. (If I could have something from the 2009 model, I'd take the steering wheel). Anyway, my point is that after spending that money, I'll have most of what a new 2000 model has, which went for $54,000. I guess they figure if you have the big dough, then getting a rebuilt trans, etc. won't be that much for you. I think it's better to do it my way. For a while I was looking at late sixties Rolls Royces, but just in the last 2 years, the prices have gone up...while around 2006 you could get one for around 17,000. I wanted one because of the interior, but the Jag interior, especially black with all the wood, is gorgeous.
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    i just bought a 2006 xj super 8 portfolio -limited ed. for 43500
    only 27000 miles still under warrenty awesome
    the leaper is on the hood. not lile the current models
    just keep on looking . search for 2006 xjs ;)
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    If you were looking at the 95K model it was probably the portfolio model. You can find 06 and 07's for well under 40K and with minimal mileage. The difference between the portfolio and regular models is minimal and the extra cost is questionable. Differences include rear hvac controls able to adjust temperature, rear dvd system. Rear shades, a richer leather for seats, leather found in regular model is terrific though. Portfolio also has a 390 hp engine. However, 290 easily propels the car.
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    Depreciation is pretty steep for the first two years on new Jaguars. I bought my beautiful 2000 XJ8 when it was three years old with 45,000 miles for $20,000, cheaper than a new Honda Civic Hybrid at the time. Others one year newer were about $25,000 - $28,000. I think the prices are still pretty close to those levels at the place I used, which sells exclusively Jaguar-owned cars that were lease cars. It's called Texas Cars Direct in Dallas, and has a web site where you can check prices and inventory. It might be worth checking.
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    My 2000 XJ8 seems to love sucking up antennae lube...
    The suspension creaks a bit too much even after proper lubing...
    Had to replace my trans, but since I paid $9000. for the car last july with 64,000 on it, I'm still ahead...and god, that titanium color, the gals love it. (nightime lighting with a good wax job doesn't hurt either) Put twenty thousand miles in one year just goofing around on it. Having the bumper replaced from minor damage, as the body shops say it's the way to go, then gotta find some kind of bumper guards, as I can't stand watching the paint get chipped....
    Love having a black interior with the wood...
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    Pavarotti: I'm considering a Portfolio '06. What do I need to be aware of re: repair costs? Would you recommend gettnig an extended warranty? Any other suggestions you could share.
    Thanks. Retriever
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