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I've ordered a 2000 Golf GL TDI for $16,069 (plus taxes and $103 in fees), from Walker Imports, Montpelier, VT. Tom Valle is the sales manager.


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    Try FOr $165 they get five local dealer quotes. If you can get a better deal they will refund your money. A Non-profit orgainization.
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    How does the TDI Golf perform on the highway? Does it struggle to go with the flow of traffic which is often 75 miles/hr. in my part of the world? If anyone has a TDI and can answer please do so. Thanks
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    Go to fred's TDI page at
    Go to the forums. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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    Struggle in traffic at 75mph? HAH! It'll easily go up hills at 80mph that in other cars you would have to downshift to 4th or 3rd. Don't look at the HP rating - look at the torque rating. People who look at the HP rating don't understand that it's at 3750RPM only.
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    Friends, to help users find their way, let's keep this current topic about *prices* for the VW Golf TDI.

    To discuss the car itself, join us here.

    Thank you!

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    Yesterday I took delivery of a 2000 VW Golf GLS TDI, 5-speed manual transmission, with Northeast Emission Req't, Luxury Package, CD Changer, and Monsoon Sound, which I purchased using The total invoice price of my car, including options and delivery (according to Edmonds), is $18,386. I paid $18,596 (plus VT tax and title). paid the dealer an additional $895, so the dealer was happy too.

    The entire process, from order to delivery, took less than two weeks. My rep., Lisa Riley, was a pleasure to do business with.

    More importantly, TDIs rule!
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    Hello all! I just wanted to share my experiences trying to purchase a 2000 Golf GL TDI manual. My local dealer refused to budge from the MSRP ($16,720). He claimed (and probably correctly) that the TDI's are rare and that he would have no trouble selling them, so he wouldn't negotiate. I accepted this explanation, and after putting in a downpayment and waiting 6 weeks, he still could not locate the exact one I wanted (even with a choice of three colors). So I started looking on the internet myself. I found one several states away that matched my requirements, and that dealer was willing to sell it for $16,200. The lesson? If you're willing to do some searching on your own, then travel a bit to get one, don't settle for what your local dealer tells you. Lucky for me, the time limit on my local purchase agreement had expired, so I could ask for my deposit back without any trouble.
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    I really like this car and it's gas mileage,
    but last years price was cheaper then this
    years - what give's?
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