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Volvo S70 Brakes and Rotors

rmiddlesworthrmiddlesworth Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Volvo
I have a 1998 s-70 that my wife drives with our children and have been recently told that the brakes and rotors need to be replaced. I am handy and capable of doing the work (I think) but lack the technical expertise of evaluating whether I need new brakes and rotors (or not.) Can anyone help a novice determine whether I need this work done or not. And if so, how difficult would it be for me to order the parts and do the work myself?
Thanks to all the reply.


  • chris1221chris1221 Member Posts: 6
    for rotors take 2 bolts that hold cailiber on pry cailiber off look for score marks on rotor if their are replace it with new if it dosnt just come off its posibly pressed on wich u would need a shop to fix it anyway the brake pads should pop off make sure u lube the back of new pads pop em back in fit cailiber in place and tightened 2 bolts its that easy forgot 2 mention take cap off were the brake fluid is take a pair of big pliers and compress the caliber before putting on new pads for drums peel the drum apart best way 2 do this is a pry bar and a hammer go around drum prying and taping with hammer its a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] but when u finnaly get it off take detail pictures first there will be an ajustible gear turn to losen their will be 3-4 springs with hooks on end take springs off their should be 2 clips holding brake shoes 2 drum push and twist clips until shoes are freed instalation is reversed of removal note when putting drum back on center shoes roughly and tighten gear enough just 2 get drum back on when everything is back 2gether put cap back were your brake fluid is and pump brake until stiff thats it good luck
  • robk6836robk6836 Member Posts: 2
    Our 98 S70 speedometer has an intermitted problem. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. It would be nice to know how fast you are going?
  • llee35llee35 Member Posts: 1
    1998 s70 metal to metal noise,but brakes are fine. can it be the emerg brake?
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