Lancer Lease Rates

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Do Lancer lease rates vary by region? I would like to know the current lease rate (money factor) for Palm Beach County, FL. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Also, is credit a factor towards lease rates? I have excellent credit and would like the best rate if possible.


  • michael128michael128 Member Posts: 1
    what is a good going lease rate for an honda accord 2010 with good credit?
  • chittuschittus Member Posts: 8

    Can some one give me 2010 Lancer EVO MF and Residual for 3 years 36K Miles Lease?

  • chittuschittus Member Posts: 8

    I was quoted $495 plus sales tax for GSR with SSS Package and Navigation. Down payment is $1368. This is for 36 months 36K Miles lease.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good quote.
  • ericdfwericdfw Member Posts: 1
    Look too expansive to me, you can do better with $495 a month.
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