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2000 Eclipse vs. 2000 Celica

deb1956deb1956 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi

Am getting ready to buy a NEW car for the first
time. I am a 43 year old female who is mainly
interested in a sporty car that looks good on the
inside and out. I don't care about powerful cars,
just one that is dependable and not too pricy. So
far my husband and I and really the 2000 Eclipse
and the 2000 Celica. We test drove the Eclipse
today and it was great! The Celicas have not
arrived here in Alabama yet. Probably will be here
in a week or so. If anyone has any opinions on
these cars or something similar I would love to
hear from you.

Thanks in advance,


  • bgrmanbgrman Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I am considering the Eclipse 2000 and think its a great looking car. I have a 1986 Supra and am looking for a car of the same size. I saw the Celica 2000 today (did not test drive) and it looked much more futuristic then the Eclipse. I liked the Eclipse GT manual transmission (6 cyl) better. I suggest looking at the reliability records of the Eclipse. While I love the Eclipse, I also like the Toyota Solera (which really can't be compared with the Eclipse). I am 46 years old and am wondering is the Eclipse too sporty and small, while the Toyota is too large, but more luxurious. Oh well, I am going to test drive the Eclipse (AGAIN). Good luck to you.
  • asaundersasaunders Member Posts: 1
    Since everyone is stating ages, I might as we start out by saying that I'm 23. That means that I DO care about powerful cars, much to the dismay of my insurance company. I am also in the market for a new car, and these two are definitely on the bill.

    I would only consider the top in models of either of these vehicles, so assume I'm talking about the GT and GT-S, respectively.

    It's hard to get a fair comparison between these two cars. The Celica is being praised because the previous model sucked, in almost every category (I happened to like the Jag-ish lights on the old one though). So the new one is a vast improvement.

    The 2000 Eclipse is taking heat because the previous Eclipse models that were much beloved, have been axed. No more turbos, no more all-wheel drive. Most of the frustration about the loss of these models (not to mention the demise of the bloated but salvagable 3000GT) is being targeted on their replacement.

    The 2000 Eclipse is trying to fill the role of the 3000GT (a large, refined sports coupe) and that of it's predecessor (a small, spunky sports coupe) and I think it's missing both targets. The car seems cheap to me, especially the interior. The plastic gas cap is hideous (although a proper, alunimum one is available for $100).

    The styling is very subjective. Although I don't like it, I have a habit of disliking new designs, but allowing them to grow on me later (e.g. 5th gen Prelude). I kind of think it looks like it got the worst features of a Grand Am a Sunfire and an Audi TT. I miss the old curvateous, albeit wide-assed, body of the last model. But to each their own.

    I like most of the styling on the Celica, except for the side profile and the back end -- both of which remind me WAY too much of my old POS Saturn coupe. But that's probably just my personal problem. The interior is attractive (I've been looking at Prelude interiors -- ANYTHING exciting after that).

    Performance wise, I think that the 'spunk' of the Eclipse will leave with it's turbo. Haven driven various anemic V6 and V8 cars, I place no stock in cylinder counts or displacement. I've yet to test drive the new Eclipse, but it's numbers aren't as good, and I know it won't have that turbo kick.

    The Celica's numbers look good, although the magazine reviews on the pre-production tester all reported problems. Being a variable-valve timing type of engine, it has that VTEC (I call all of these type engines VTEC, Honda or not) kick. The problem that concerns me most is that many reviews complain of a unreasonably narrow power band (even for a "VTEC"-type car) and gear ratios that are spaced far too wide to keep it in the band -- even with a six-shifter!

    I'm leaning towards the Toyota in this case. I think that the new Celica is going to be a big success for Toyota, who has (finally!) re-entered the sports car arena. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, seems to have made a grave error. It's always best to buy a car that is "successful". Better resale, and a larger aftermarket.

    And it might not matter to you, but the fact that the Celica seems likely to become a hot tuner car and with an accompanying large performance parts aftermarket is a plus for me.

    Unless you have a strong personal preference about the looks (and it sounds like you don't), I say that it comes down to a decision between engine types: On one hand, you have a V-6 with a nice wide power band -- a well behaved daily driver. On the other hand, you have a typical VTEC/VVTL-i type of engine with no lower or mid-range torque that has to be revved into rude decibel levels to provide any go-power. Personally, I like the impractical but entertaining VVTL-i engine. You may find the the smooth V-6 more dependable.

    Guess it boils down to the same thing that every car decision does (or should!) boil down to:

    Test drive them both, pick the one you like the most!
  • gabonzuggabonzug Member Posts: 2
    I would say that you are going to be best served with the Celica in this instance. I'm a 20 year old male who has had the privlege of driving both of these cars side by side, and I'll be buying my own Celica within a week.

    asaunders put things nicely - the Eclipse has more torque in both its 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines than the Celica does, so it will serve as a more powerful-feeling daily driver. You don't sound like you're looking for a car that's super-powerful, though; you'd rather have one that's fun and zippy and handles like a dream, and that's the Celica.

    For 2000, the Eclipse was softened up quite a bit... They like to call it "more refined", but that basically means that it's looser on the road but feels smoother. I say that it's too soft, and that it's now just a Galant with a sporty interior. What grabbed me during my closed-course test of the Celica was how agile it feels taking sharp turns and going through the slalom. It's a much tighter package, but manages to remain very comfortable.

    Basically, the Celica is just more fun. You'll get more looks in it, it's lighter and easier to drive, and it's a (Japanese built) Toyota, which means it'll run without problems for much longer than the (made in Illinois) Eclipse. Go for the carbon blue - it's a real head turner.
  • xinjinxinjin Member Posts: 2
    Hello all. 25 year old male here. I am also in the market of a new car. Very soon as a mater of fact..have my money and everything ready to go, I just don't want to rush into it like I did on my last car (Mazda MX-3). Even though that was a great car, awesome looks when you add rims and other accesories, this time around I'm looking for more power.

    My only problem with the Eclipse is that EVERYONE AND THERE MOTHER OWNS ONE. Now that's a pretty stupid reason not to buy a car, but heh..everywhere you look you see them. But my problem is solved there because they changed the body type. Personally I really don't like it at all. Asaunders hit the nail on the head here, it looks like a bad combination of a grand am and an eclipse. The old eclipse body rocked, but like I said before, everyone has it. My problem now is, I think the new design for the celica is great! And I have test drove the 6 speed and it's very responsive and has great kick. The only prob here is it's very pricey, for the type of car anyway. I am looking at my dealers' invoice here for 25k. Now, with that kind of money, I could really get somthing else.

    Does anyone have suggestions? I really, really like the new celica though..and NO ONE HAS IT! ;>

    Should I try to get a new price elsewhere or is that the going rate everyone is seeing? This celica was loaded..leather, moonroof, etc.


  • saundeamsaundeam Member Posts: 2
    If you can hold on for a month or two (or three), the prices will drop. Be sure to use the web and get different quotes -- you don't have to buy a car off the web to take advantage of it. Just get a low quote, and give your local dealer a simple ultimatum. With a competitors price in hand, you'll have good bargaining position.

    But not right now, of course. Everyone is trying to grab the car because it's new. If your circumstances permit, I'd definitely consider waiting. (also I want to see what the major car mags have to say about the production model)
  • fpgapldguyfpgapldguy Member Posts: 22
    I test drove a '00 red GT-S, and it was a fun experience.

    At low rpms, it's mildly impressive, but get it above 6500 rpm, and you get a good hp kick. It's quite a different sensation from my '93 MR2 (non-turbo). I'd have to say, however, that my MR2 handles a little better than the GT-S (RWD vs. FWD?). I also need to check out the dash at night since it looks like it has red backlighting (I'm red-green color blind). The sticker said $24,875 w/ 16" rims, rear spoiler, and power moonroof, but the sales woman said she'd knock off another couple of grand. Hmm...

    I'm primarily after a bump in hp. That's why I'm also considering the Integra Type-R, Mustang Cobra, and the F150 Lightning (trucks for folks who hate trucks). I know it's a rather strange list, but each has it's appeal.
  • kevinckevinc Member Posts: 51
    Test drive a VW GTI GLX.... definitely NOT owned by "everyone and their mother"! It outperforms the heavier new Eclipse, which BTW looks like a warmed-over Pontiac with those silly grooves in the side.. what where they thinking when they designed that thing?? The previous generation Eclipse owners are up in arms over this debacle!
    And I don't blame 'em.. :0

  • xinjinxinjin Member Posts: 2
    Heh Kevin, thanks for your suggestion! I test drove one of the GLX jetta's and it was a sweet ride. Very nice looking car too for under 25k. I am so torn, I alos test drove a Mustang Cobra and that thing just felt like raw power. Hell, I can never make dinner decisions, how am I ever going to make this one!? ;x

    Toyota Celica 00'

    VW Jetta GTI GLX 00'

    BMW 323ci Coupe 00'(this one is a stretch $$$)

    Mustang Cobra 00'

    Anyone have anything expierience related or other wise to help me??

    Thanks alot!
  • zx2ownerzx2owner Member Posts: 1
    I just leased the new celica and I like it but I'm finding it does have some road noise at speeds higher then 40. I'm thinking of replacing the tires or maybe soundproofing the car myself. Overall I like it alot better then my 98 ZX2.
  • rascal7rascal7 Member Posts: 1
    The auto trade rags harshly criticized the stock tires on the 2000 Celica - Yokohama Advens. Apparently they did not handle as well and road noise was an issue. I have placed an order for this car and I'll probably swap these tires for some Pirellis if I can afford it. All in all I was very impressed with the suspension and ride of the car.
  • rhythmdevicerhythmdevice Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone-so glad I finally found this 2000 Celica page. I read one a few weeks ago, before I leased my Celica GTS, and everyone was going nuts trying to find a Liquid Silver GTS with all the options. Well after pulling teeth for a few weeks I finally got one. The only options I did not get were side airbags and wheel locks. But leather, moonroof, ABS and everything else was included. The sticker price I saw at one dealership was $27K and they would not budge! I found a Toyota dealership in Slidell, Louisiana that is a one price quote kind of place: they quote you a price and it never changes, no haggling or fighting with the finance manager. Of course this is before tax, title, and license, but you should already roughly know what that should be. As far as performance: I was driving a 96 Ford Mustang V-6 and I did not shed a tear to leave an American-made car behind for the Celica. It is so amazing to drive, that you will use any excuse to take it anywhere just to show it off! My boyfriend has an Acura Integra GS that has lasted him 110,000 and is still going, but he says the new 2000 Celica GTS is the best car he has ever driven, that is when and if he ever gets to drive it! I know the price is a little steep, but the car handles great, looks great, and like someone metioned earlier, is not a car like an Eclipse that everyone already has. Definitely get the six-speed manual transmission, the other one is either automatic which is boring or some type of push button thing on the steering wheel?? I don't know what that is about, I never drove one like that. If the notes are two steep, try leasing, I had to, but the car is still mine for four years. If you decide to lease, definitely get the gap coverage, it can save you. Any comments are welcome.
  • larrydoughertylarrydougherty Member Posts: 10
    ok I figure Im gonna give this a run, I am a webmaster and I decided to write a web page for the 2000 Celica.. The page was written for 1024x768 screen resolution so if it looks funny in 800x600 you will know why..

    you can get there by clicking on this link


    the page so far has reviews, forums, classifieds,
    and specs.. Im working on an owners database.. I figure Ill give it a trial run and see how it works our though before I switch over the domain..

    If you have any comments please send me email to

    Larry Dougherty
  • netmetronetmetro Member Posts: 1
    There is forum specialize in 2000 Celica at: http://www.celicafiles.8m.com/

    Go and meet the old & junven there.
  • larrydoughertylarrydougherty Member Posts: 10
    So what is it gonna take to get all you people who either own a new celica or are interested in the new celica to come over to my celica page and start posting all this nice nifty stuff over there? I have alot more than just a message board..

    Aftermarket links, reviews, specs etc.. working on an owners database etc. Ever seen one of the pages for a car like dsm.com or newcougarowners.com etc.. well thats what its all about.. Please come support this page.. I need everyones help to make it big.

    CLICK ME -> http://www.7thvision.com/celica

    Larry D
    00 GT-S
  • kovackovac Member Posts: 2
    I have a ’93 Acura Integra. It is a great car. Over the period of 7 years it needed no repairs. It has a certain subtle class to it, and I have been very happy with Since it is 7 years old I thought it’s time to go new-car shopping. Also I want my new car to bes a little less conservative, a little more flashy than the Integra I have. Since I like Japanese cars I went to test-drive the two obvious alternatives, the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Toyota Celica. Here is what I found:
    Mitsubishi Eclipse is a very nice car, a real head
    turner, inside and outside. It has a lot of power, it’s a little noisy though. I was disappointed, however, to find out that if I want ABS I have to go for the highest model that is available. ABS is an important safety feature that drivers appreciate more and more every season. It is not a wise marketing policy not to make ABS available as an option with every model, or at least with most models, in the hope that those who want ABS will buy the highest model, where the manufacturer can make more money. One hundred years ago Henry Ford realized that to make more money he had to care more about the volume of products sold than about the money made on each unit. How can Mitsubishi Motors not know that in order to be successful in America means to give consumers all the choices they can possibly think of. Educated consumers in the USA have so many choices that if they want something and they can not get it with one manufacturer they will turn to another manufacturer. If they can get ABS on a Chevrolet Cavalier, which can hardly be compared with, otherwise, a much finer Mitsubishi Eclipse, than it should be possible to have ABS on any Eclipse.
    There were too many people on the Toyota lot, all eager to test drive the Celicas so the only car I could drive was the 4 cylinder version. The Celica is very attractive outside and the 4 cylinder version that I drove was much less noisy as the 6 cylinder Eclipse, surprisingly, and provided a much smoother and more responsive ride. However, the cheap plastic dashboard is inexcusable in this otherwise very fine automobile. The quite shocking disappointment with the Celica was the manual antenna. It is an invitation for vandals every time you park the ca,r and one has to unscrew and store it every time when going to a car wash. It is a disgrace to a Toyota. How could anything like this be approved is beyond my imagination. Because of the above I am putting my car hunting on a back burner. Let’s see what Acura comes up with, I hope Acura realizes it’s just about time to release the redesigned Integra.
  • jonboy8o5jonboy8o5 Member Posts: 1
    I think the reason why Mitsu decided to not have ABS standard was because they were aiming toward a more affordable sports car. when i got my '00 eclipse gt in october, it was stripped down. no spoiler, sunroof, etc. they probably figured, hey people know what they want, and they'll add it accordingly. If people want leather, they'll buy leather. if people want sunroof, people will have sunroof installed. besides.. so they have the abs standard, the price of the car will just go up anyways. so is it that much of a hassle to say, "hey could I have abs with that?" unless you're the type of person who goes to a dealership to get bent over.. all ya gotta do is ask. about the integra.. i think you can go to www.superhonda.com and check out the 2001 integra. it looks as if they merged the prelude together w/ the integra.. which they did because after the 2000 'ludes.. it's all integra now. but i'd suggest the gt eclipse version. i'm really not sure what you're talking about it having noise. c'mon.. it's a sports car! do you expect to hear the sounds of bird chirpings? or what about crickets? if you want quiet.. get the four banger. i don't know about you.. but i love the sound of a powerful engine.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    I am the proud sharer (my friend has it!) of a 2000 Celica GT with automatic in Liquid Silver. PHAT ride!! All my friends are jealous of it. They all want it. Everyone looks at it. After getting the Celica (which we got in October and paid FULL STICKER for!-- but I digress) we drove the Eclipse GT. It definitely has more power and love the SportTronic tranny as well, but it felt way too small for me inside (6'3 and 270 lbs) and felt closed in. Also, the price was high and equipment packages sucked. It was like, everything or nothing. Don't think so.

    Also, the dealer told us that Mitsubishi and Toyota are the same as far as reliability. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants! No car (except Honda) is as good as Toyota when it comes to reliability.

    Also check out... www.geocities.com/newcelica2000
    (Under construction now, but up soon)

    Happy driving with the BEST sports coupe out there... The New Celica. Live, Drive, and Love!
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Member Posts: 66
    Hello Eclipse Fans,
    I am the proud owner of a Black 98 Eclipse GS.
    Just letting you all know that if your are looking
    for information on all Eclipse models and
    generations, check out http://www.eclipseworld.com

    This website has tons of movies, specs, pictures
    and much more. Check it out!

  • swampsuckaswampsucka Member Posts: 1
    i recently bought a celica gt and i gotta say it kicks [non-permissible content removed]. forget about the cougar and the eclipse, celica is the baddest new car around.
  • barkley3barkley3 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2000 Eclipse GT with the Premium Pkg and manual transmission. That same evening I had test drove a 2000 Celica GT 5-speed(not GT-S); found the Celica to be underpowered - although as a prior owner of a 1983 with 180K miles (gave to my father to drive) was drawn to Toyota for reliability. Ended up stopping by Mitsu dealer at 8:45pm to just look around. Was drawn to the V6 and the manual transmission. Silver with black leather - car was sharp. Hadn't considered the Mitsu - only seriously purchased car due to incredible finance rate of 1.9% for 60 months. I was able to negotiate off MSRP - finally closing the deal at 11:30pm when the dealership closes at 9pm. When it comes to the issue of reliability - well, I usually don't keep cars much past 2 years - and I have a 97 Mazda truck that I kept - and can drive IF a problem developes. As for the styling - Celica looks better, but was far more money considering; not to mention the savings due to the interest rate. FYI; male - 29
  • shockwave911shockwave911 Member Posts: 1
    Mustang GT is same fuel economy as these 2 and is about 3 percent more expensive on insurance than these 2. Mustang should be entered in this post
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    Yeah, good luck trying keep up with both of these cars (gas mileage wise) when you get on the accelerator.
    I know from experience, I used to own a fox body GT. Sure it was fine when I kept the rev's low and drove real easy. I got about 20-25mpg. But, when I got on it though, I averaged about 12-15mpg.
    I get about 25mpg going easy on my eclipse. About 18-20 driving hard.
    Gas ain't cheap anymore...
  • epekepek Member Posts: 4
    I recently had the oppertunity to purchase a car for business use. My 2 choices were a 2000 Eclipse GS, and a 2000 Celica GT-S. I liked the looks, and feel of the Celica, but wanted the power of the V6 that comes with the Eclipse. I did some research, and found that the new Lexas GS400 has the same VVTL-i engine that the Celica has, only it's a V6 version. Toyota offers this as a silent option. You will not find this on any brosure, or get an answer from any salesman, but it is available. A $3000 upgrade that turned an underpowered Celica into the exact car that I was looking for. Both of the salesmen that I talked to were excellent, no hastle, no pressure, and I referred many people to them based on their presentation to me. One referral actually bought the Eclipse I was looking at. It was simply a matter of speeding up the Celica. It is beautiful.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    Your telling us, Toyota will silently install a V6 in the celica GTS upon customer request?? Can you pull up documentation to prove this?
    I have a hard time believing toyota could simply add another 50-60ci without having to do any other modifications to the engine bay. If it was that easy, they would of made the V6 an option in the first place.
  • epekepek Member Posts: 4
    It is not a dealer upgrade. Like I said, it is a silent upgrade. Toyota will allow you buy a V6 VVTL-i engine, many delerships will install this engine for a minor fee. It is roughly a $3000 upgrade. There is no documentation on this because it's not an option that Toyota has. There was a minor modification to the engine bay. Ask you local dealer if this is something that can be done.
  • epekepek Member Posts: 4
    I'm sorry. It is not a Toyota Specified Upgrade, but it might be something that your dealer can perform. A bit of clarification.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    It sounds like a side job to me. How does this affect warranty coverage through toyo? Maybe through your dealer it would be fine, but how would a different dealer react?
    The V6 would improve daily drivability of the car, but I think the handling would suffer. The cars purpose was to be light weight with nimble handling.
    How much hp did you gain with the upgrade?
  • epekepek Member Posts: 4
    Side job yes, but it was the Toyota Service Dept that did the work. As far as I know the warrenty still stands. The handeling might have suffered, but I suped up the suspension so I didn't feel or notice any difference. As far as HP goes, I didn't bother to check.
  • bordsourcebordsource Member Posts: 95
    Hey, just to let you all know, the 2001 Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus Coupe are both build on the Mistubishi Eclipse platform. In addition, they both use the Mistu's interior and engine/transmissions. Even the luxury Sebring LXi comes with the 3.0 V-6 and 5-sp. For those of you that find the styling of the Eclipse a bit much, they might be worth a look.
  • roadroachroadroach Member Posts: 131
    regards post #24:

    Lexus GS400 uses a 4.0l V8, not a V6
    Lexus GS300 uses a 3.0l I6, not a V6
    Lexus ES300 does use a 3.0l V6 (essentially the same motor as the v6 Camry). Personally, I find it VERY hard to believe that the 3.0l V6 and tranny from either the ES300 or Camry would even come close to fitting the engine bay of the new Celica, 'minor' modification or not.

    Don't suppose you could give us the name of the dealership where this motor swap took place, could you? Personally, I wouldn't mind it if this were available as an upgrade, I'm just REAL skeptical......
  • roadroachroadroach Member Posts: 131
    ...sure would like to know where I can get that GS400 V6 installed in my new Celica for a mere $3000.....and keep the 6-speed as evidenced from your profile......hello?.......hello?....
  • sergeissergeis Member Posts: 134
    "No car (except Honda) is as good as Toyota when it comes to reliability".
    Hey, wake up, it's not 80's out there, check for example Edmunds ratings for used 1998 Hondas, you will be surprised that same year Escort/CrownVic/Lesabre etc. do same or better than Civic/Accord or even Camry. The only car which really sticks out from the crowd is Corolla and old Celica (no info about the 2000 model yet).
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    Ummmm your only talking about 2yrs...Thats not a real test. Minimum 5yrs IMO is a good assessment.
    Even the mustangs still rate good after 2yrs. Check out some of the stangs from the early 90's.
    Reality checks back in.
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Member Posts: 66
    First let me state that I'm impartial to either the Eclipse or Celica.

    The new Celica GT-S might be fun to drive with it's 6speed transmission, high revving VVTL-i engine, but it's use is only for two adults.

    If anyone is looking for more room for 4, then check out the new Lexus IS300. Now that is a car to contend with. Yes, I understand this is a hatchback conference, this is just my 2 cents worth.

    As far as the Eclipse is concerned, the jury is out on that one. I'm a current owner of the 98 Eclipse GS model and love my car. I test drove the 2000 GS and GT models and found them very different from mine. Well, of course it's different, as it was totally redesigned. The v6 omph is superb.

    My only gripe with the new Eclipse is a comment that bordsource had mentioned about the new Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus Coupe models.
    All of these vehicles share the same engines and interiors for the most part. Some minor differences, but it sets apart the Eclipse as a non-individualistic car.

    Check this out for more information.
    2001 Dodge Stratus
  • cowboy23cowboy23 Member Posts: 5
    Hi !
    Am deciding between buying the eclipse GT and teh celica GTS . Though I have fallen head over heels for teh eclipse, there is practically no rear view available & almost scared teh hell outta me when I was test driving it . Is this just a mistaken observation on my part ?
  • archangelxarchangelx Member Posts: 3

    That's basically it...if you're a good driver..then you won't even worry about it once you get used to the car...

    I drive a Celica GT-S...so

    So many people are just LAZY drivers that do not know how to properly adjust their mirrors, and are to lazy to turn around and gaze out their side windows...I enjoy turning around..hehhe..my side windows look so cool..heh. If you adjust your windows properly..you won't even notice any difference after awhile...I've been driving my Celica since May and I haven't had one problem. Just don't be lazy.

    Here's a quote from 00gts:

    "If you have them adjusted correctly, you don't
    even need to look over your shoulder. For the
    driver side mirror, line up the line on the road to
    your left with the lower right of the mirror. For
    the passenger side, line up the line on the right
    side of the car with the lower left side of the
    mirror. You shouldn't see any of your car in these
    mirrors. They should look like this:

    left right
    ------------------- -------------------
    | | | |
    | | | |
    |-----------------| |-----------------|
    |***/ left lane | |right lane \***|
    |**/ | | \**|
    |*/ line-> /| |\ <-line \*|
    ------------------- -------------------

    (I hope these pics come out!)

    With the mirrors like this, you'll be able to see
    the car on your side go from the rear view mirror
    to the side view, looking something like this:

    rear view
    |\ <- car to your |
    |-- rear left |
    |-- / your \ right|
    | U/ lane \ lane|
    | / \ |
    driver's side view ---------------------------
    | ______ |
    | / \ | (As you can see, I have
    | ----------| way too much time on my
    |-------|O car O|| hands! :) )
    |***/ ----------|
    |**/ U U|
    |*/ left lane /|

    It virtually eliminates the blind spot. This is
    why it is called a "side view" mirror: it lets you
    see what's on the side of your car! You don't need
    to see what's behind you in these mirrors, that's
    what the "rear view" mirror is for! Having the
    mirrors in this position also shortens the amount
    of time needed to look to your side, just in case
    you feel it's necessary to turn your head around to
    check if the lane is clear. You'll already know
    who's next to you and at your rear bumper.

    You should also regularly check to see who's
    around you. You'll never know when you'll need to
    dodge something in your lane by moving to another."
  • cowboy23cowboy23 Member Posts: 5
    Thanx archangelx :o)

    Anyone know whats the best deal on a 2001 eclipse GTS with the premium package.
    The best I got was 24000. Am planning to buy next weekend
  • 16valver16valver Member Posts: 8
    the new celica is like what the eclipse used to be like...cool and fast although both current model cars are a little overdone in the styling department.
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Member Posts: 66
    Check out the redesigned www.eclipseworld.com
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