Buying a Used Toyota Highlander

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I have an opportunity to purchase a 2003 HL Limited with 107k miles on it. a few questions.

Is is a good idea to purchasing said vehicle with that many miles on it?

Is there any issues with that peticular year of HL?

What is $12000 a fair price for it?

Thanks for advice.


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    (first post)

    I just purchased (last Friday) a 2003 HL 4WD with 67K miles for $9,900. It is in mint condition (inside and out), moonroof, remote starter/keyless entry, new Goodyear tires, and roof rack. I don't know if I just got an awesome deal or not, but I was happy with it. :)

    Personally, I try to stay away from vehicles with 100k miles on them, but Toyotas are long lasting, well built vehicles (generally). But again...I am in no way an expert. Only a happy HL owner! It is only the second car I've ever bought (never will I buy a GM again. :mad: ..but I digress.)
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    I'm looking at 2 used HL, both original owner, well maintained.

    Car 1) Limited 30k miles, no extra options. Price 21k.

    Car 2) Base 42k miles, fully loaded has everything Limited has, except auto climate control and has 16 inch alloy wheels instead of 17 inch. It also has the side curtain airbags and tow package not in car 1. Price 18k.

    Both are awd, 6 cyl.

    I'd like to save the 3k, but if car 1 is a much better value, then I'd stretch my budget for it. Also, I only do about 4k miles per year.
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    It's a tough call. I'm hoping I can get the car 1 down to 20.
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    I'd offer the 20K drive out price and see if they take it. The Limited will be higher resale and psychologically more acceptable than Base even though similar in style.
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    Thanks for your feedback Nash. I went with the limited, even though the guy wouldn't budge from 21k. I'm real happy with the car though. Like you say, it will have higer resale value.
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    Hope to be a 1st time buyer of a Highlander. Have two different HL for sale, original owners and for the most part both have been taken cared.

    1. 2001 HL, base, v6 AWD with side steps, rails, and fog lights, factory alarm, keyless entry. Everything else is pretty standard. 130k miles and asking for $8k

    2. 2002 HL, Ltd edition, V6 2WD, with site steps, rails, fog lights, leather, factory alarm, keyless entry, moonroof, and premium factory wheels. 100k miles and $10k

    From the owners both have kept up with maintenance and I believe as well as timing belt and water pump changed out.

    Any thoughts? Live in Southern California, but at least once or twice a year go up to the snow (tahoe or mamoth) to snow board so the AWD would be nice. Other than that most of the time just around town except for some trips to Los Angeles (mountains).

    Any advice would be great. Mileage I've read the AWD and 2WD there is about a 3-5mpg difference is this true?

    Also, anything to look for since they are older cars. Might be able to get the 2002 to go a bit lower .. but not sure how much.

    Thanks all!
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    There is no such thing as a "full-time" AWD HL, F/awd is more descriptive as no engine torque apportionment occurs except reactively via TC, traction Control, once wheelspin/slip is detected.

    HL would be more appropreately referred to an a ONE-WHEEL drive system, absent TC one-wheel slips/spins and you're STUCK.

    Like the new Venza, 2010 RX350 and now the 2011 Sienna, the next HL will likely get a more suitable F/awd system. Still not nearly as adequate as Honda/Acura's SH-AWD, but maybe in the next 5-10 years.
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    Save money and fuel, buy the FWD HL and rent a more safe, MUCH more safe, R/awd system (Toyota 4runner comes to mind) on those rare occassions of need. We keep an old but fully functional R/awd Ford Aerostar, '94, around for those rare occassions of going to the snow, skiing.
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    "absent TC one-wheel slips/spins and you're STUCK."

    Sure, good thing the HL comes with TC and the system works for most people. You go right on worrying.

  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The way I read these forums TC DOES'NT work for most people. Which is why Toyota was forced, finally, to provide a TC "off" capability.
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    I just bought a 2008 highlander 35,000 on it with new good year tires for 23,000.
    I had the dealer put in leather and the moon roof for the limited feel without the limited price. It was tough to make a deal, but I was persitent, and had to travel out of state. The long term plan is to have this car for a long time and resale value is not an issue with me, but the price was along with my personal wants.
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    Now I would suggest changing the seat belts so the front seat passengers head doesn't end up through the moonroof in a rollover.

    I've seen pictures......
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    Every manufacturer has been sued it seems. Here's one site with a laundry list of who they've sued. Free evaluations too.
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