2005 Taurus Life expectancy

aleshanicaleshanic Member Posts: 3
I have a 2005 vulcan Taurus with 50k miles on it. I hear all the horror stories about premature transmission failure. How many miles have you all run before major engine or transmission rebuild? Just interested.


  • podpod Member Posts: 176
    I have a 2000 mercury sable (same as taurus except for minor decorations); it has the 24 valve engine. I am going on 130,000 miles and 9 years with no major problems with anything. I fuel pump replacement was the only surprise at about 80,000. same exhaust, very little loss of power (approx 10% which I expect in an engine this old). I vote for the reliability of the car.
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    I had a 2000 Taurus with the Vulcan engine. The engine itself was alright, although we called it a "tortoise" in the performance area. However, you are getting near where we started getting nickel and dimed with leaking gaskets, bad sensors, belt tensioners, etc. That all starts to add up at a couple hundred a pop several times a year. We also had continual brake problems, door and window seal leaks and a rear spring break unexpectedly in suburban driving. It also occasionally would not start or the key would Iock up in the ignition. Several dealers never could resolve those problems once they started occuring. And yes, I maintained that car at the Ford dealership so these problems are not attributable to owner neglect. I don't know if it makes a difference, but ours was built in the Atlanta plant which they closed down. We probably should have dumped it before 60K, but it isn't worth crap on the used market now so if you hold on to it you won't lose much more on depreciation! We ended up trading ours at around 80K for a Camry and never looked back. The cars are night and day from each other. Too bad, because the Taurus was comfortable, but that was about its best competitive attribute. The Accord is a nice replacement as well, but it runs about a grand higher than the Camry out the door. If you go Fusion, I'd wait for the 2010 which should bring it closer to Camcord performance and standards.

    If you ask around, you'll likely find that your Taurus is typical D3 from that time period. The same car varies dramatically between various owners. I suspect it just depends which parts you got in yours and what day of the week it was built on. If you've had good luck so far, and it isn't driven out of town by your wife or kids, I'd probably stick with it. But I personally wouldn't trust it as it ages if your wife or kids take it out on country roads. I wouldn't let mine take it out of town as it aged because based on its track record I didn't want them stranded by a breakdown and waiting somewhere strange for a tow truck. My experience was that when it crapped out there was never any warning before hand.
  • azdinoazdino Member Posts: 9
    We have a 1998 Taurus with the V6 Vulcan. It uses, I believe, the same engine/transmission as your 2005. It is maintained to the "book" or slightly better.

    In 98,000 miles the only problems we have had are;

    45,000 replace rack & pinion steering for $650 I think,
    80,000 replace an electronic engine control module for $400.

    The car had a tough life as it is my wife's start/stop/go in-town car and does many short trips.

    Maintaining a car for an average of $80-$120per month on average is a LOT better than a $400+ monthly payment. Just remember, even YOU need a repair once in a while!
  • bobber1bobber1 Member Posts: 217
    Little off topic, but my brother has a Ford Ranger with the V6 Vulcan engine. He's got 360,000 miles on that vehicle and has never had to do anything with the engine. Extremely durable and impressive product. :)
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    A Vulcan is a Vulcan. Its not the engine, its the other stuff. Prior gen Ford and GM had a lot of variability in their product reliability. I'd be comfortable with the newer stuff today since I think their QC has improved and become much more consistent. But his gen Taurus, like the Impala, has a lot of discrepancies from car to car. Get a good one and will match up to camcord, but maybe 50/50 whether you luck out or not. Heck, I even noticed these differences from car to car when I used to rent them on business when they were relatively new.
  • fstrfvofstrfvo Member Posts: 3
    Have a 2000 taurus with the vulcan and it has 120,000 miles and have only replaced batteries and a couple alternators, of course brakes and tires. it still runs perfect.
  • rogerb34rogerb34 Member Posts: 30
    87 Sable with 150k miles w/o engine issues and no CA smog failures.
    Transmission rebuilt 88k miles and no issues at 150k miles.
    Current is 05 Sable LS Duratec.
    05 tranny is much improved AX4N.
    I service every 20k or whenever annual color test indicates.
  • aleshanicaleshanic Member Posts: 3
    Here's an update.!!!!!

    Can't believe how long ago I posted this messge. Now March 2011 and I am about to break the 100k mark with no problems other than a bad alternator(still touching wood).

    Hope you other T owners are doing as well
  • aleshanicaleshanic Member Posts: 3
    102000 miles the air conditioner compressor disintegrated, $750.

    So far an alternator and compressor, not too bad. Dilemma time, new car or keepit until it falls apart.

    Thoughts appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  • f46f46 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, everybody I bought a new 2005 it now it has 86.000 thousand milles and 2 years ago
    I change the alternator battery so now the transmission is gone $ 2100 + tunup will cost me over $ 3.000 thousand and I am the only driver, I will never buy another
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