Hyundai Entourage Center Seat Tumbling Problem

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Does anyone else have problems "tumbling" the middle seats on the Entourage? I can yank the strap all day long and they will not release. The only way I can tumble them is to start with the back upright and then pull the strap. The momentum of the back flying forward seems to allow the back latch to disengage. Nothing else works for me. What is the secret? Also, has anyone EVER used the plastic handle to tumble the seats? As far as I can tell, it will break off before those seats ever release. Please help with whatever hints you might have! Thanks!


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    Yes, I have the same problem. I just bought the vehicle a week and a half ago and I cannot remove the second row of seats either. They will not "release" when I either pull the strap or use the lever. The dealer said he has not seen it before, but he will need to rebuild the seats. I am cautious. He likened it to the brakes on a bicycle and the "lines that release the seats" are not hooked up. The dealer will have to hook up the lines in order for the back "teeth" to release and allow the seats to tip forward to be removed. I thought I was the only one who was having this problem. I wonder how many others there are that are experiencing the same problem...
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    I've had our van since 6/06. Can't say I have ever had a problem with the seats not tumbling. As far as totally removing the 2nd row seat, I never tried. My rotten kids are getting a little older 13,11,8. When they climb in they just go in between the 2 captains.
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    When you spoke to your dealer about the seats, what did he say is the PROPER way to tumble the seats? I took a second look at the manual and they use the term "double fold" the seat. I am now taking that to mean exactly what I have had to do. That is, leave the seat back in an upright (actually works better in a slightly reclined position). Then when you pull the strap, the back flies forward and at the same instant you pull up with the strap and use that momentum to "double fold" ( i.e. 1. fold down the seat back, and 2. fold up (tumble) the now single folded seat). Before you turn the seats over to the dealer for any repairs have him show you on another vehicle how it ought to be done and see if he doesn't do it this way. Then try it on your own unit beginning with the seat slightly reclined for additional momentum and see if it doesn't work for you. I think it is ridiculous to have to do it this way, but it is the only way that it works for me. I am waiting for someone else to provide a better technique.
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    I was worried about these seats because I am about to need the space for a load of windows and I couldn't get the seats to move. They do not work per the instructions.

    Using the suggestion above to single fold the back of the seat and using that momentum to double fold (tumble) worked perfectly. Now I know.

    Thanks very much for the posts.

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    My dealer didn't even know how to make the secodn row of seats come out. He wanted the car for a day to take the seats apart and then he said he would need to order parts. Sometime during the day, he figured it out or somebody told him. It's really not clear in the manual. He told me the same answer you have gotten here, about the momentum. Glad somebody knows the answer.
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    I actually use the plastic handle to tumble the seats each time. MIne got stuck after replacing the seats back into the van caused a piece of the plastic around the locking mechanism to get stuck inside the lock. I had to use a screwdriver to "assist" ther seat in letting go so the plastic could be removed.
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    I've had my Entourage for about 3.5 months and the only problem I have is the seat wanting to unlatch when I just want to put the back down - fold it.
    In looking closely at the process this AM I notice that when the back folds to just below vertical there is also a link that unlatches the rear of the seat so it starts to tumble as the seat back is being lowered. In other words the process of folding the seat back unlatches the rear attachment. So what I have to do if I just want to fold the seat back down is to relatch the seat to the floor after the seat is folded.
    Hope this helps.
    P.S. In previewing this post, I see a photo attached and I have no idea where that came from. It is not related to me.
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