Isuzu Rodeo Engine Misfire

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I just bought my rodeo on Valentines day, and the very next day the check engine light and reduced power light came on. Since I bought it "as is", it was pointless to take it back, plus when we took it to autozone and had the codes ran it showed a misfire and we "assumed" it was a coil and maybe spark plugs also. But after changing coil #6 which was bad, and checking all of the spark plugs just to find that they are brand new- still going to change them- It still misfires. It will run fine for a while, but then when you stop at a light or stop sign the reduced power light will come back on, and you can only get speed up to 20 mph, or it will cut off all together. We figured out that if you pull over, cut it off, cut it on, then off and on again it will clear reduced power light and will drive fine again. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I would like some insight if you have any.
Also while driving you can feel it misfiring. RPM's are really low when driving and almost at 0 when at light or stop sign.


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    Did you eveer find a solution? I am having the same exact problem with my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo :sick:
  • dmiah298dmiah298 Member Posts: 8
    First of all it could be one of two problems... Have the idle air control module checked and possibly replaced. These seem to go bad pretty quickly with not much warning. Will definitely cause more issues if not fixed. Secondly... Have the transmission checked out. If you go to AAMCO they will do a free diagnostic internal and external trans check. It turned out that mine had a SERVO GASKET COVER leak. This is not an expensive part. Do not let AAMCO put the part on for you either. They tried to charge me $800 for parts and labor. Call Isuzu- part plus labor = $200. If you call around with that quote, more than likely you will find a shop that is gonna match the price. Good luck.
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    I have a 2002 Rodeo. I was having problems with what I thought was the transmission slipping. Would rev up to high rpms all of a sudden when turning right or taking off. I took mine to Aamco for their free trans scan, turned out to be the servo cover as well.....I had them fix it and they only charged me to $125....way off from $800 dmiah LoL. Anyway they also changed my driving belt, total bill was $304.00. Drives fantastic now.
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    i have a 97 Honda passport witch has the same 3.2 motor in it. my truck does the same thing. i think that it could be the ignition control module. i have been told that you have to go to a dealer to get one.
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    For a week now every morning I have to crank my car 3 times before it would start. I'd like to know what is my car trying to tell me? My son thinks it's the fuel pump.
  • winhtowinhto Member Posts: 2
    Thanks but did you get it and did it solve the problem? Was the part expensive, and who installed it for you?
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    I would start with replacing the intake gasket that was poorly designed using bakilite spacer sandwiched between two intake gaskets. Over torguing the intake bolts can crack the spacer allowing a bypass intake air to enter on its side and leaning out the fuel trim causing a misfire. A lot of hard starts, stalling at idle, lean codes, and do not start can be caused by this single item.
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    this rodeo had the head gaskets done. It was overheating, when it came from the shop, I replaced spark plugs thermostat hoses and it ran well. a month later, started coming out with a code 306, cylinder # 6 misfire, and O2 sensor bank too rich. I started by replacing the Igintion Coil. that took the O2 sensor code, and the 306 until I droved it for 10 min. then the code 306 came back. replaced spark plugs, code still was there, then I checked compression, 150 lbs. erased the code and was out again for 10 min. I also feel the misfire under load. It came back too when I droved through a hill. could this be caused by a vacuum leak somewhere? or a misadjusted valve?
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    I bought this 94 Rodeo for a good deal from some people i know . They said the fuel pump went out . Well it was the wires going to it had rusted & burned off the tank . So there was no power to the pump . (Sending unit was rotted $$$)
    So after putting way more work into it then i had planned . :mad: Got it running but it's not right . Start it up , drive 2 block's away & it acts like its not getting fuel. Starts popping through the intake when u try to give it gas. If you turn key off & restart it , its good for another block or 2 . :confuse:
    What might b the cause of this ??? Any help is greatly appreciated !!!
  • chavo21chavo21 Member Posts: 5
    my passport will start then run for about 5 min then die. let it sit for a few and repeat. one person suggested to check all the grounds so i did that. and still no fix.

    my next option is that i am going to check the fuel pump wireing because when the car is on pressure is good(had it tested). but after it starts it dies.

    another problem i had was that the battery gauge always flukuates with the gas pedal.u give more gas it goes down u let off the gas it goes back up.
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    my isuzu rodeo 2000 model is not firing well, if your in a motion sudenlly it will go off, it gos off after 2 mint dirive, please some one should help me
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