Chevrolet Blazer Recalls

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I was in a wreck 2 days ago cause the accelerator cable broke causing me to rearend someone. I was wondering if anyone knows if this has been a recall. Its a 2001 chevy blazer.


  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    None that I know of. How many miles are on the car?
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    There is 140,000 miles.
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    Well, with that many miles the maintenance schedule calls for several throttle cable inspections. I am afraid you are out of luck on this one. I hope no one was seriously hurt, and the vehicle damage was minimal.
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    The only one hurt was me cause i just had major back surgery and just hurting real bad but DR said all pins and screws still in place.
    Car damage was minimal it was of course the cable but it broke the motor mounts also so it shakes but its ggod other than that. Thank you for your help.
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    Having just changed the motor mounts on BOTH of my Blazers, and from all I have heard from others, your accident didn't do your motor mounts any good, but if they had not been replaced in 140K miles, I would bet money they were already broken, and thats why the motor moved. These engines use a somewhat small motor mount and it is not uncommon at all for them to break with age/mileage. Our '99 model had broken mounts at 75K miles, and my '02 had one completely broken at 60K miles, and broke the other one at 70K. This particular motor mount is made to keep the engine pretty much where it belongs even if the rubber breaks loose. If the rubber breaks, you will notice more vibration from the engine, though.

    Sorry your back is hurting, hope you feel better soon.
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    power lock's stopped working with remote.
    change'd battery in remote reprogrammed still no go..
    but still lock from inside...HELP... THANK'S.......
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    Many parts stores now have a device that will tell you if your remote is still transmitting. You just hold it a couple of feet away and push the remote button. If it is still working, a light comes on.

    I have seen this at O'Reilly's, and heard that others have them, also. If the remote is dead, check online for a replacement. They are the same as factory units, at about half the price.
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    the accelerator cable wldnt cause you to hit somebody. the brakes wld still wrk, therefore you are at fault fdor the accident. next time wen u start getting closer to cars in front of you push down on the pedal on the left it will help ur vehicle stop
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    Our 96 Blazer surges and cuts out. When we push the gas it cuts out, engine rattles, and it surges. No one can figure out what the problem is. We would appreciate any input.
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