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Would you purchase another Veracruz?

1bythesea1bythesea Posts: 52
edited October 2014 in Hyundai
I've liked the Veracruz since it's inception, however, am leery about the vehicle's quality and long term reliability. Your input may help decide if I should seriously pursue a Veracruz purchase. Would you buy another Veracruz? Why or why not?


  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    With discounts and rebates of 6000 which brought the cost of my SE AWD down to 22k, buying this Veracruz was a no brainer (I already have an Santa FE AWD SE. Thus I am familar with the brand and thus far, no complaints at all.
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    could you advise as to break down of $6000 rebate ?
    dealer by me said there loyalty rebate is $ 1500. and manufacture rebate is $4000. for 2008 veracruz se. thank you
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    Standard rebate was $4000 and the loyalty rebate was $2000. They took another $3500 off the vehicle as it was a 2008.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    off the edmunds site:

    Rebates $4000 Cash to Customer start: 02/03/2009 end: 03/02/2009 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions None.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    $500 Cash to Customer start: 02/03/2009 end: 03/02/2009 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions Military incentive is available to active duty personnel or spouse in the armed services and reserves. Proof of active duty status in the military is required.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    $2000 Cash to Customer start: 02/03/2009 end: 03/02/2009 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions Valued Owner Coupons are available to current registered owners of a Hyundai vehicle. See dealer for details.
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  • kdmsmkdmsm Posts: 5
    I would not purchase or lease another veracruz if they were giving them away free I have had a nightmare of a time with the dealership over the rotors on this vehicle. It is a nice vehicle and I am not rough but out the gate the car rotors were bad have had them replace and shaved twice and the car just made 1 years old. Can't pay me to buy another veracruz! Learned Hyundai makes nice cars but use cheap materials! :mad:
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Our Veracruz has been a wonderful vehicle over the last year. I would not hesitate to buy another or any other Hyundai product that fit my circumstances. If I could make money at it I'd become a Hyundai Salesmen as I am so pleased with the quality.

    '08 Veracruz Limited
  • coskatcoskat Posts: 8
    I've had my GLS FWD since June 07 and have 25000 miles on it with no problems. I am very happy with the ride and quality to date
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    We were almost ready to buy a new 08 Ltd for $10.5 - 11K off MSRP.

    Before we pulled the trigger, we decided to take an extended test drive.

    Good thing we did, we found the seats to be uncomfortable. The Veracruz seat depth is about 3 inches shorter than the cars we drive today.

    Too bad, it seemed like a nice car at a good price.

    Good Luck!
  • I would buy another one for sure. I have no complaints about mine so far and have enjoyed every second driving it.

    Of course if things were not working right with it and the dealer did not assist in getting things corrected I would be complaining vehemently, but so far so good on all counts.
  • ehtpineyehtpiney Posts: 25
    Finally fixed the headlight problem that is nature to all veracruz, and all other problems that arose on our 2007 Veracruz with 23000 miles. We traded it in for a Toyota 4Runner! No we would not buy another!
  • blackimpblackimp Posts: 1
    As with any new model year vehicle, kinks in design, efficiency & reliability are to be expected. With that said, if you ventured into the new for 2007 Veracruz, common sense would have dictated the headaches and disappointments of being a "new car" adopter. I don't see that as a failure of Hyundai, but the short-sightedness of those who wanted new and got it. I pick up my 2009, with those '07-08 kinks worked out, in the morning. And I expect some things to not work out for me, but if they don't, that's just a plus as with any vehicle.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Blackimp - How is your '09? Any changes to it for this year? May I ask what kind of deal you got?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Posts: 330
    In Reply to:

    "We were almost ready to buy a new 08 Ltd for $10.5 - 11K off MSRP.

    Before we pulled the trigger, we decided to take an extended test drive.

    Good thing we did, we found the seats to be uncomfortable. The Veracruz seat depth is about 3 inches shorter than the cars we drive today.

    Too bad, it seemed like a nice car at a good price."

    That does not mean anything to me. You might have a bad back, who knows i dont...i have an 08 veracruz and the seats are just fine and comfortable to me. My wife has Scoliosis which leaves her back in pain at times. I asked her after reading this post as she has never complained about the seats and she said that the seats were great and she never had an issue on an extended drive from sitting in the veracruz unlike she did with Mazda CX-9..we traded last year but again its owners preference but i dont think you can bash a vehicle because you didnt like the seating. You have not owned a veracruz and made that comment on an extended test drive...doesnt hold much weight imo........
  • pdnrickpdnrick Posts: 1
    I have had my Veracruz 12 months. Recently the screen on the audio system on the dash has started to intermittently blank out, leaving the radio playing but unable to read any information or make changes that are readable on the dial. This has happened about four times in ten days.

    Has anybody experienced such a problem. After turning off the car or turning of the radio for a few moments, the dial then presents readable information.This is a new problem and has occurred where our daily temperatures have been above 100 degrees 16-18 days in July.
  • bi11bi11 Posts: 3
    Purchased VC a month ago and i don't drive it much (wife does) but recently had occasion to be in it and i could hear a slight grinding and feel a little vibration when brakes were applied. No issue with stopping but it seemed to cause some vibration on the break pedal but not the steering wheel. Can you tell me more about your problem and any other suggestions in case i get in the same boat you are in?
  • kabhkabh Posts: 7
    I am having a difficult time deciding if I want a Veracruz or not. Does anyone have an idea when the next redesign might occur? Are most of you out there happy with your Veracruz? What would you say is the biggest flaw with the SUV? I keep reading about Genesis and Veracruz. What is that all about? Is there a chance they may discontinue the Veracruz? I keep my cars 7-8 years and since I drive it that long, I don't want to make a poor decision. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • I am driving a 2007 with just under 40,000 miles and I have had minor items come up that the warranty took care of. I still have not asked the dealer to fix the high beams shooting up in the trees because I live in a city and never have an opportunity to need or use them. If you drive this vehicle in town with stop and go , you will not get more than 17 MPG. For me, highway mileage has been at least 23 MPG usually at 70 MPH. No squeaks or rattles. It is very quiet inside and the interior plastics are the same as most car makers are now using. As to whether Hyundai will discontinue the Veracruz, only they know. The Veracruz must be some type of experiment for Hyundai since they ran 1 TV commercial back in 2007 and no print ads. They have never been concerned about volume sold. Since there are so few sold, I remind myself that I drive one of the rarest vehicles on US roads.
  • pls do not buy this piece of VC, i had for 5 month 14000 km and now they will replace the engine it is not accelerating and shaking had, smoke is coming out from the oil measure . i am fighting for a new car or money back, but can you believe that guys, new car with a replaced engine.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    I absolutely believe it. Ten years ago, Ford replaced the engine on a nearly new Explorer with only 1800 miles. Hyundai is not alone in this practice. In the end, the replacement engine was just fine as in all probability will yours be. You understand that under the warranty they could have rebuilt and not replaced your engine, don't you?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I have a 2008 Limited, in Black Diamond. The color is what sold me, this car looks GREAT in black. I have 18000+ on it, it is our family car, and we recently took a 1200 mile trip in it, 6 of us, 3 adults 2 in car seats and a teenager, and we were all comfortable. I have basically no complaints on the vehicle, I did have a couple problems. The first was the filter on the AM radio puked, so they had to replace the radio, in the process damaged the steering wheel, which they replaced, and wiped out my trip odometers, which really ticked me off, the B trip was reset the day I bought the car and gave me a running record of mile I put on since day one. :mad: The other problem, which still isnt fixed, is the door seal on the rear passenger side, they replaced it as it kept coming off in the latch side, now it comes off from the top. :sick: Of the vehicle itself, I have only one complaint, the wipers ice up when it snows. Supposedly this car has wiper de-icers, well they don't work. I am going to pull the OM and read through it to find out what these deicers do and find out if they are broken. The wiper blades are OEM only, cant use any other brand as the connectors are specific to the car. They still work fine in rain and snow as long as they dont ice up. It always starts, it has never done anything wrong, it handles well, it rides very nice, it's very quiet, has a good giddyup go, and I get fairly decent MPG, 19 in daily trips, 25 highway.

    So if this one were to get wrecked, as that is the only reason I would be rid of it, then yes I would buy another one. I test drove a Lexus 350, and the VC is just as good, and has a third row of seats which I need.
  • I bought an 07 for $21,000 GLS end of year and it has been an excellent car better in many ways than the RX. I have had very misc issues like the arm rests replaced and the fuel pump recall but all under warranty. My service dept could not be better the efw times i have been there in the last 25,000 miles. I can;t imagine that Hyundai is making money on these heavy vehicles but I am happy to take advantage of that. I get 20 MPG most of the time but I am not a lead foot. I have a Lexus and owned Mercedes for many years and this is comparable with a better warranty. I would buy one again in a minute
  • ssvcssvc Posts: 12
    I would definitely buy another Veracruz. I have an "08 Limited with 25,000 miles. I have had absolutely no problems with the car and I love it more and more each day I drive it. My dealer has been superb with preventive maintenance.

    Anyone who is interested in a vehicle of this type should drive one. I am confident you will be impressed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    How's your mpg doing? I looked back and see that you are one of those drivers who got the EPA ratings right from the first tank (it always takes me a few thousand miles to start getting there).
  • Just figured I would post a new message to an older thread... I bought our 2nd VC two days ago - a new 2010 LMTD FWD w/ Nav. We have an 08 LMTD FWD we bought for my wife in February of 09 (we got a GREAT deal on it back then). I have app. 100 miles on my new one so far, but I am getting 20 to 21 mpg (90% highway). Hopefully when she breaks in a bit, I can get closer to the EPA hwy figure.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Congrats! It would be fun if you could post pics of both of them on your CarSpace Album.
  • wpewpe Posts: 9
    I was so impressed with my wife's we bought in Aug 2007 I bought another one 3 weeks later. Very few problems. Very practical and comfortable car. The Limited edition with proximity key is HIGHLY recommended.

    My wife has 47000 miles on hers and we just replaced origninal tires. I have 46500 on mine and probably will put new tires on in next several weeks. That speaks well for the build quality that tires last so long.

    Overall a very practical, reliable car. Not too sexy.........oh well....
  • Buyer beware---This car has an unrepairable shudder at 35-40 mph--Hyundai Rep says its how the Veracruz runs--so there is nothing to fix. So much for great engineering as advertised...vehicle has been tested thoroughly, says Hyundai--and nothing is wrong. Shudder, lugging at these speeds is what it does. fells like a slight to heavy miss in the engine or when you shift a standard transmission up a gear too soon. Rep says its just torque converter lock up--its normal.

    Its an otherwise beautiful vehicle--I wanted them to just fix it---but there is nothing to fix according to Hyundai. I owned a Sante Fe for 10 years--never a problem--very disappointed they can not fix no I would never buy another Hyundai
  • I do a lot of mileage. I was happy with my 2007 VeraCruz, until about 80,000 miles. Then the electrics started to play up, door openers had to be replaced, sports gear would not engage - new switch required, steering control switch not working, check engine light coming on for no reason, back-up system quit working.Then I had a fire in the rear left bumper, melting all the wires in the harness in that area, and also the 2 part bumper. The vehichle was out of warranty, but the dealer said it was caused by a split in the muffler which shot hot exhaust over the harness causing the melt down, and electrical shorts. On viewing the muffler, it had split 12" along the seam, while the rest of the muffler was perfect. Welds are supposed to be stronger than the material they join, so I complained to Hyundai, as my family could have been trapped in a fire as the area is right below the fuel tank. Hyundai sent a rep out over a month later to view the muffler. They had not responded 2 months later, so I contacted them again, at which time they said it was not a Hyundai problem. So over $6,000 later to repair the damage, plus over $1,000 in 2 new mufflers I have a different view of this product. I have had 2 other Santa Fe's, but got rid of them at 60,000 miles when my Canadian Warranty was running out.

    They may have copied the Lexus 350 SUV, but in style only, as their quality is rubbish and safety concern and service non-existent - suffice it to say I will never buy another Hyundai.
  • Wait until you get a few miles on it & then see the expensive problems you have - mine went on fire and many electrical problems. Radio has losy AM reception which the dealer said was normal, - even though my other vehicles get great reception in the same area. The vehicle is cheaper than the 350 Lexus sure, but after my repair bills for the last 3 years, and Hyundai's lousy service - the quality just isn't there, and so after having had 3 hyundais I will never buy another one.
  • dgldgl Posts: 8
    I bought my '07 Veracruz in '08 with about 2k miles on it and got a great deal. It was loaded up SE with leather, moon roof, upgraded stereo. On a recent trip from Austin, TX to Mobile, Al, I got about 24mpg with three of us aboard and full load of luggage. I drive at the speed limit. I now have over 101,000 miles and I change my oil every 5k miles. Flushed the cooling and trans once at 50K. Will start on 3rd set of tires soon. No problems except the recall on the brake switch. Oh yes I have replaced the battery @90k miles. If they can just get rid of the blue back lighting, as it hard to read the radio and time under certain lighting conditions.
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