Chevrolet Blazer Oil Gauge Problem

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I have a 01 chevy blazer v6. This started a few days ago, my oil gauge stayed at a constant 40-60. And now when I start it and start accelerating my oil temp goes almost up to 80 and then back down, but when it's been running for like 10min.'s it's fine, the when it's ideling it's down to 30. I checked the oil it looks good and is at the level it should be, why is it all of a sudden fluctuating so much?????


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    Assuming you haven't had a recent oil change and someone put in a different weight than what you had before, you may have a bad pressure sending unit. Temperature of the oil will make a big difference in oil pressure. With 10W30 it would not be unusual to get 40psi idle when cold, then see 20psi warmed up. You didn't say how many miles are on the engine, or how many since last oil change. If it has been over 3K miles, or six months, try an oil change with a good filter (ie AC Delco). By the way, if you want a bit more filter, use the 4WD filter. It will fit the 2WD just fine, and even though it is longer it is still well protected from being hit.
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    it has almost 90,000miles on it, and I'm comming up for an oil change, still have like 700miles before its needed and it's been less than 6months. I going for an oil change this weekend so we'll see if that helps, thanks
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    If the bearing clearances are within specification, the oil pressure should be 40 - 50 lb. when the engine is cold at fast idle speed of 1000 RPM. When the engine reaches full operating temperature of 185 -190 degrees, the oil pressure can as little as 15 lb. at normal idle speed of 600 RPM. The viscosity of the oil (weight) has some effect on oil pressure but not as much as the oil temperature. Once the engine reaches normal operating temperature, the normal oil pressure should be 40 - 50 lb. when the engine is running any speed above 1000 RPM. The oil pump has a pressure relief valve that regulates the oil pressure. The pressure relief valve opens when the oil pressure reaches 50 lb. in order to prevent a hydraulic lock and damage to the oil pump and oil pump drive.
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