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Just got the SE AWD w/Nav & Panoramic Sunroof and I have 2 quick questions that may be dumb but my dealer service department seems clueless and told me to come back Monday when the main service part guy is there.

1. When you get the Nav system does that delete the 6 disc in dash changer that it states mine should have on the invoice sticker? I've only been able to load 1 CD and I nor the dealership could find a external cd changer in the center console, glove box or truck. :confuse:

2. Does the sunroof open only half way and not 100% all the way over the heads of the back seat passengers? In the brochure it shows a completely open roof but mine only opens halfway. :confuse:

Thanks A Bunch For Any/All Feedback!


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    Yes it does delete the CD changer but thats ok. The RNS-510 supports MP3 discs by SD card, DVD, or CD. Just make a DVD full of your favorite MP3's and you pretty much don't need a changer. There is also a Media In port in the armrest that supports USB, and iPod devices. iPod requires part number 000 051 446 C which is the proprietary Media-In iPod cable. The RNS-510 only supports up to 2 GB in SD cards but those are real cheap. The RNS-510 is the nav system in the 09 Tiguan.
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    Thank you for your helpful info. I figured that was the case but wasn't sure. Have a "line-in" cable for my IPod Touch right now, but I want to get the one you mentioned as the one I have doesn't let you control the IPod from the steering wheel or on the Nav screen. Now half of my mystery is solved. I think the sunroof is only partial opening too.
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    You can get the iPod cable at your local dealers parts department. Just use the part number I have given you. It's about $40 to $55 though people are getting it for around $45. Not something you can get at best buy.
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    Part number 000 051 446 C does enable full iPod integration. It shows the nav's interpretation of the iPod interface. It works great btw. Much cheaper than so called iPod adapters yet it's just a simple cable. I guess the Media-In has the iPod hardware and the cable translates the iPod dock connector to it's format. It even shows song information as well.
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    Thank you very much. I'll call my dealer tomorrow to see if they have it in stock. If not I'll just have them order it for me. So far I'm loving the drive of my Tiguan. :) Yay for 4Motion!
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    Usually they have to order it but some dealers do stock them. It doesn't take them very long since it's in a US warehouse somewhere.
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    I just bought a used Tiguan SEL and it had a 6 CD changer in the center console. So there must be one available.
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    You can get the MDI if you have a CD changer. If it's a Nav model then you don't get it. Some models might have had the CD changer instead of the Media-In. There is a retrofit version of the MDI/Media-In that works real well. It does work with a CD changer. No extra cables but it costs about $250 plus the cost of the cables. The iPod cable is the most expensive. It's about $35 to $50. You must use the iPod cable with an iPod. Don't buy the cheaper USB cable and plug in an iPod or else it won't work. Just buy the iPod cable. The USB cable costs about $25 to $45.
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    A bit outdated but it will work on iPod's made after the 4th generation. You must use part number 000 051 446 C. Don't use the USB cable with the iPod since it won't work right and you'll wonder why it won't work. Just buy the iPod cable and enjoy full iPod integration.
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    In my 09 Tiguan user guide you can read that you can close and open booth roof and windows by holding lock or unlock on remote key. It's a mather of programmation in the car computer, any clues where can I find theses codes for my dealer to drop them in? :)
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    Here are the codes - I just got a new Tig and my dealer set these convenience features for free:

    1) Horn beep when locking/unlocking (maybe this is default normally?)
    2) One remote click to unlock all doors.
    3) Hold remote open/close to open/close all windows/sunroof
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    I just had MDI installed on my new Tig:
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    Got my SEL w/NAV 5 days ago and live in the northern VA/DC area. Dealer told me that both SIRIUS and NAV are on 6 month trial subscription. I get all the SIRIUS channels, but I don't know if I'm getting traffic. In the system preferences for SIRIUS, a small window pops up, showing what I think is the unit's SID, both SIRIUS and traffic are listed. In the main map view, I select the traffic button, but I don't know if I'm getting traffic alerts or not. And I never see any color coding on the main screen, that would seem to show differing levels of traffic volumn. Living in this metro area, slow downs and accidents are frequent, but nothing shows on the screen

    Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for? How do I confirm I'm getting traffic?

    Thanks, Vince.
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    just got a 2010 TIguan with the new radio/CD changer. My dealer said the MDI cable/interface is coming, but not out yet. Anyone have any leads/suggestions? I want to be able to hook up my iPhone

    thanks, cs
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    I live in the Hartford, CT area and find the Sirius Traffic option just about useless and will not renew when my contract expires. I've been caught in a highway parking lot situation and the NAV shows green. I've breezed through red marked areas. Only once in 6 months has the NAV showed red and there was a real traffic jam. The same happens when I travel to New York City. Not very accurate.
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    I've the same feeling - I haven't seen any accident symbols on my display despite the fact that I hear about accidents on the radio - WTOP here in DC area and the colored line that are supposed to indicate traffic congestion don't exactly correlate to traffic conditions. I've confirmed thru SIRIUS that my subscription for traffic is valid, so I don't know what the answer is.

    There's a website that caters specifically to these kind of questions:
    So, I'm going to post your and my concerns there and see what responses pop up, since the heavy power hitters are there and not in this forum.

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    If you have the touch screen head unit you can get the MDI for it. Below are the part numbers needed to make this happen.

    5N0 057 342
    000 051 446 C
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    Enjoying my 2010 Tiguan, but....
    1. One thing I like to do when on the highway is find a Starbucks for a break. None of the "places" (restaurants/fast food/etc) seem to find coffee shops. Is the only alternative to type in Starbucks in the "name" option? If so, is there a way to save this, or do you have to redo this each time in a different location?
    2. There is a boot up time for the nav/camera. By the time this occurs, I've already backed out of the space. Is this normal?
    3. The nav instruction manual is completely cryptic! Anyone know of easier directions?

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    Anyone know when the new nav DVD gets released?

    I recently bought a 2010 SEL w/nav...and it comes with a 2009 DVD. I'm not thrilled with the functioning, and wonder if an updated DVD will improve things.

    has anyone gotten a DVD update with a new Tiguan purchase?

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    The 2010 DVD isn't out yet. Right now navteq has v2M which is the current version. v3M is coming out and it takes about an hour to install to the HDD.
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    Version 3M is now available for only $199.99. Navteq P/N is U0022-0075-005 on their website. It might still be listed as 2M, but they just started shipping it. It takes about an hour to update the HDD, and no security code is needed to update the system.
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    Just picked up my 2010 Tiguan S - today! Where do I get the cable to connect my ipod in the armrest area?
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    Check your VW parts department. I don't think you can get that cable anywhere else, but I could be mistaken. I got mine from VW. Cost about $45 or something like that.

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