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'08 Town and Country w/ strange problem. Anyone experience this?

momhas3girlsmomhas3girls Member Posts: 2
I'm going to try and be as descriptive as possible about my issue. Bear with me, as I am most certainly NOT a professional. ;)

My husband and I purchased a used '08 Town and Country Touring 2 Friday's ago. Since buying the van it has already been in 3 times. Twice for a mygig radio issue (the screen goes blank - however they have ordered a new unit) and today it was towed in. Here's what happened today:
Upon leaving to take my 2 older children to school, I started the van and put the van in reverse. I soon noticed that the brakes were VERY firm to the touch, there was a check engine light on and my steering wheel would NOT turn at all. I put the van back in drive and the van kept reversing! I had to park it and exchange carseats for the kids into our other vehicle so I could get them to school.

After I dropped them off I called our dealership and explained what had happened. I was informed to call a tow and have it brought in. OK. Easy enough.

When I arrived back home and after I spoke to the service tech I decided to start up the van again just to double check things. The second time everything was fine. No steering issues, no brake issues and no check engine light. ??? Very odd.

So I called the dealership again and they said to still bring it in and to drive it if it was fine. I refused because I imagined driving down the road and losing steering with a 3 yr. old in the back seat on the expressway. Not a good idea. So I called a tow.

Later this afternoon I got a call back from the service tech saying that it was an electronic issue and they simply had to update the electronic controls in the van. Really? So, is this going to happen again? I keep reading about electronic issues in regards to this van and it makes me nervous to imagine something like this happening while driving. I couldn't even turn the wheel! Anyone experience this?

Also, as far as the my gig radio, I am waiting on a replacement that they had to order. I have the non-nav unit. Has anyone else had to have their's replaced for a similar issue, and if so did it solve the problem?

Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate any feedback. :)



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    jdcoykendalljdcoykendall Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I have serveral electronic issue with the 08 T&C which we bought new.

    After several attempts, and two computer firmware updates we have yet to see any problems. (6 months)

    See if the dealer has an availiable firmware update. Also I know the "5 Star" service departments are quick with this update. Unfortunately I do not have one nearby.

    Good Luck!
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    momhas3girlsmomhas3girls Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response!

    It turns out it was a firmware issue as you describe. It just concerns me because does it need to be updated continuously? As in, will I run into a steering/brake/trans problem again if the firmware is not updated? I would hate to be driving and then all the sudden run into this problem. It's dangerous!

    As for the radio, I got word from our dealership that Chrysler has received several reports of the screen and radio going out intermittently. Apparently they have built an entire new radio unit and I will be receiving one of the new ones. I just cross my fingers there will be no issues with this one as well. I can't control the rear entertainment system or use the back up camera when the radio is not properly functioning.

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    jerry109jerry109 Member Posts: 4
    First the radio would not change channels. They were able to repair that.
    When placed in speed control the van surges from 1550 rpms to 2250 or so.
    It is constantly surging when in speed control, even on smaller hills. I had a 2000 T& C and it was a lot smoother. Has anyone else had this problem with this van?
    Then my wife went to start van and it would do nothing. Had it towed and found out it was anti thief switch bad that kept me from starting. Five days later still in shop waiting for this part.
    I wish I had kept my 2000 T&C, it is still running with 140,000 miles and no problems.
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    texasfireguytexasfireguy Member Posts: 1
    I bought an '08 T&C Touring new for WAY too much money. It might be worth the money if it weren't a serious lemon. We have had several electrical/electronic issues with this vehicle. We also had a moon roof leak that caused serious electrical problems with the controls and the VES system. It took 8 trips to the shop and almost a year to get that figured out.

    We have had several instances where the entire dash and all other electric features did not work when the van was started.

    Out most recent issue has to do with the van not starting. After a jump start and a check of the battery and alternator at my local AutoZone it was determined that there were no problems. Everything seems to be fine, but I'd really like an explanation of why this occurred in the first place. This is the second time this has happened. The best part was that when I finally managed to get it into neutral to get it out of the garage my wife, who was behind the wheel, had to put it into gear to stop it from rolling out into the street. The brakes did not work. WTH?

    I wish all of my problems had started within the first year so I could get rid of this thing under the Texas Lemon Law.
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    getupango1getupango1 Member Posts: 1
    how did they fix the radio issue, mine won't get off of 98.1fm
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