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2004 montana speedo guage problems

fk2448fk2448 Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in Pontiac
this morning the speedo guagewas ackting up at idle it was showing 30mph when wife took it to work it was showing 90 mph when she thought she was doing 60mph. awhile back the gas guage is still acting up, when you fill it up the needle woulg way past full and stay there til about a half tank or so,sometimes if you shut off for awhile it would work ok. so whats up with it and can i fix it myself. thanks


  • kenniekennie Posts: 38
    My speedo is working fine except when really cold outside (-30 degrees) it makes electrical short sounds (although I know they are not shorts) for a second or two. My gas gauge has be doing exactly the same as yours - works until the talk hits about 20% full and then the needle bounces from empty to full a couple times until the tank is 5% full then the LOW FUEL light on the dash comes on and the fuel gage takes one more jump up for a bit before it resides back to bottom (no fuel) - you'll find other forums talk about it... it is likely the same problem as mine (which I have not fixed for 3 years now) where the fuel level sensor in the gas tank needs to be reparied/replaced. If they do a scan the code that comes out indicates there is a problem with the fuel level sensor (that is, if it is the same problem). Some have reported that the wire connections coming into the van from an area around the seat behind the driver also causes this and there is a test that can be done (that I don't know about) that they can determine if the sensor is gone or it is something else before the sensor int he tank (something about how many amps it draws at various talk levels). The cost to fix is around $600 b/c they need to drop the tank, extract the unit, take it appart, determine parts and replace if required. That's all I know in 30 seconds... good luck.
  • fk2448fk2448 Posts: 3
    it wasnt cold out this morning the van is always garaged and when it was started this morning. when wife came home from work this evening it was doing the samething. yea are fuel gauge has been doing this for a couple of ears too,we look at the computer for miles to empty most of the time.
  • fk2448fk2448 Posts: 3
    wife drove van to work today and nothing happend. ran like its suposed to,go figure
  • I have a similar issue with the speedo on my 04 base. it's typically only after i have used the Cruise control for long drives. for example on the highway from montreal,QC to Plattsburg, NY and back, on the way back i'll see the speedo drop from the 100 KM/H that i am actually doing (according to my GPS, which is very close to the speed on my speedo when it's not acting up..). and quickly it will drop to 0 when i stop it then goes in to the negatives... if i stop and restart the engine it will sometimes work perfectly again. I am now driving with my GPS as my Speedo all the time now...
  • kihoromkkihoromk Posts: 1
    Hi I have a Montana 2003 and it had the same problem but mine was the gas guage. Don't listen to those telling you to buy fuel pump..they are wrong. I spent $180 for both parts and labor. I went to ebay and searched for a fuel sensor which costed me like $30 them my mechanic fixed. It is a simple process but your tank has to be pulled down for them to open the pump, the floter thing is the one that has rusted roasting the sensor. You'll tell me when that is finally done and if you need a ref to ebay.
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