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I have tried 4 different power supplies with all three outlets in my CX-9, and it appears that Sprint cell phone chargers don't work. Has anyone else seen this? Now, I'm having to use a power converter in the console to plug in a wall charger.

Also, regardless of gas station (location or brand), when I leave the nozzle in and set to autofill (you know, click off when the tank is full), every single time, the tank overflows. It's almost like the fill tube is too narrow, and is spouting backwards faster than the nozzle can shut off. Has anyone else seen this?

(I searched the forums for these two issues before I posted, but didn't see anything like either question)


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    What do you mean by Sprint Cell phone? Sprint is a service provider that sells many brands of phones. Is it a Blackberry, Motorola, LG or what? I have a Sprint Blackberry and use my charger just fine. I use my wife's IPhone charger and an IGo charger just fine for my cell, IPod and other accessories through both the armrest and dash power.

    We don't have those locking pumps up here in Mass, but I have never had gas splash out while holding the fill handle until it pops. Even after it fill and I go slowly, I have never had gas splash out of.

    Are you sure it's a new, non-totalled car you bought?
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    The chargers I've seen/got for two different Sprint phones that I've had seem to be more round, and the contact on the end of the plug won't make consistent contact with the terminal in the end of the socket. It seems that there's more of a rounding on the end of the plug, and because of that rounding, the plug won't make a secure connection with the socket. I got a new charger, and can see the scraping/rubbing on the end of the charger where it's trying to make contact with the socket but can't quite make it. Thinking back, both phones have been Samsung, and I don't know what branding the chargers carry.

    It was a demo, with 7500 miles on it - I didn't check CarFax on it, but would have a hard time believing that it's been totaled. I've filled at 3 or 4 different brands, 2 or 3 stations each, and it's consistent... when I lock the nozzle, the filler tube fills up and overflows faster than the nozzle can accommodate.
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    YES! I have that problem too (gas fill). Overflows. Dealer says he tried it and had no problem. (of course). I have to fill it very slowly so not to overfill it. You're not crazy!
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    Do you have a U.S. or Canadian model?

    Maybe something a bit different in non-U.S. model.

    My CX-9 AWD GT is U.S.
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