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Wheels stuck on hub

brazellbrazell Posts: 1
I have a 94 4Runner and both front wheels are stuck on the hubs. I've tried driving it with the lug nuts loose and even that hasn't broken them free.

I've sprayed w-D40 and I've beat on the inside of the tires with a sledge. Anyone have any other suggestions or tips?


  • goodstargoodstar Posts: 27
    After you have raised the vehicle and removed the lug nuts if you sit on the ground beside the wheel and kick them with the bottom of your foot it should break them loose. Kick toward the front of the wheel then the back, alternating it should break them loose. it works better than the sledge hammer. Spray the wd40 generously around the wheel where the lug bolts come through the wheel will help.
  • As Goodstar has recommend, I'll expand on that. I had a 1986 Toyota Pickup 2WD that had the rear hubs cold-welded on by rust. When I was stationed at Beale AFB I had a neighbor who worked in the motor pool and had to contend with large diesel vehicles that had this problem a lot. He recommended to do the following:
    1) get several cans of WD-40 (1 for each wheel and an extra one).
    2) Spray the entire can in the area where it's stuck and let sit over night.
    3) next day using a rubber mallet and your hands and attempt to break the coldweld. Do this by applying outward pressure on the left side and whack the right side with the mallet.
    4) turn the wheel and repeat 3 until it breaks loose.
    5) Once removed apply a coating of anti-seize compound to prevent the two surfaces from doing that again.

    In the case of a wheel stuck to a hub do the same steps above but instead use Goodstar recommendation of kicking one side of the wheel while another person pulls out on the other side. Make sure the vehicle is securely and firmly sitting on jack stands for safety.

    Good luck!
  • pitinmygaragepitinmygarage Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    This procedure assumes you have a spare jack holding the car up. Loosen only one wheel at at time and leave only one lug nut loosely on one bolt of the stuck wheel/rim. Take a scissor jack and turn it sideways under the car. Put the base of the jack on the stuck wheel and extend the other end of the jack with a 2X4 to the inner side of the opposite tire/rim. Start cranking and the wheel/rim will come off in no time without beating your knees and feet apart. Save your knees, you will need them in your old age.
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