2009 Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo sedan owner reviews..

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I find it hard to not only find pics of the 4 door turbo but also reviews are far and slim. Looking to get feedback from owners-likes, dislikes, etc... As well as reviews, pics and what not.



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    Likes: Price - (one year less payments than my other choices), great engine, handling, brakes, comfortable driver's seat, and lots of toys (sunroof, bluetooth, auto headlights, XM, electronic diagnostic). The salesman was good.
    I also like the "rental car" look because it seems to be under the radar of most people.
    Dislikes: The biggest problem has to do with living in the snowy northeast. I was unable to find 17" wheels to mount snow tires and had to resort to mounting 18" winter tires on the factory wheels. Sub-optimal and expensive. I will investigate used 18" wheels over the summer.
    I will miss not having a hatchback or wagon, but none of the other wagons I looked at were as much fun to drive, got better gas mileage, or were as practical. I am concerned about durability of the interior materials, fabrics and carpets. They may look shabbier over time than the condition of the rest of the car.
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    Reviews of the four door, save for any discussion on rear seat space, are going to be identical to the coupe, so you're not missing much. I recently purchased an '09 Cobalt SS sedan about a month ago and these are the only differences I was able to see between the two models:

    - Coupe can be optioned with the reconfigurable performance display, the sedan cannot. The standard boost gage is still in the a-pillar, however.
    - All SS sedans come with the same black and gray interior. The coupe has about three different color options with (I think) are dependent on the exterior color.

    In terms of reviews, both Jalopnik, Cars.com, and Cnet have reviewed '09 SS sedans as well as have pictures of their test vehicles.
    I'm really enjoying the car and am quite impressed with the car, especially with the lack of compromises given its price and performance. I personally am also partial to the sedan's looks as I've never much cared for the round tail lights on the coupe plus I think it adds to the sleeper appeal of the car. And with respect to the backseat, while it's certainly far more accommodating in the sedan than the coupe, I don't think any adult would consider it roomy. My Mazda3, for example, has more room in the back than the Cobalt, both in terms of legroom and perceived width.
    I'd suggest two options if you're looking to buy, the limited slip differential and the USB radio port. The former will come in handy given the torque the 2.0 liter turbo generates and the later will charge your iPod while it's connected (plus allows you to navigate songs/playlists/albums/etc via the radio controls), not something that can be said of typical aux inputs.
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    how is your SS now after 21 months? Any problems?
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