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Toyota Highlander Timing Belt

derekgaddyderekgaddy Posts: 32
edited March 2014 in Toyota
My local dealership quoted me $430 to change the timing belt on my 03 AWD Limited Highlander w/ 89k miles. I inquired about the water pump and they quoted me another $260 if it needs to be changed (they inspect). I also have a 10% off coupon. Thoughts on this pricing? I'm in the process of getting a quote from a local mechanic with a good reputation.


  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    The charges seem to be excessive. The pump only costs $113.00 and is normally replaced when the timing belt is replaces. By the way, the charge for the timing belt is also high. The belt costs $53.00 and 2.4 hours to replace. This all according to
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    I use these 10 percent off coupons, too. Your figures and those of rodonnell seem to confirm that the dealer tacks on about 10 percent or a bit more to what something shoudl cost. Then you think your're getting a good deal with the coupon, when you're really paying what the cost should be to begin with.
  • ocg35manocg35man Posts: 52
    What's rediculous is MSRP on most Dealer parts vary depending on where you go.
    One dealer's MSRP on same part maybe 10% or more higher than a dealer few
    miles away.

    The dealer labor charge varies depending on location. If it' a major city location
    in coastal area-it's probably at least $ 60/hr or more. If you decide to have it done
    at a dealership service dept-make sure you shop around.
  • Well, I had a local mechanic's shop do the work on my 03 AWD 6cyl Highlander. They replaced the timing belt, water pump, all belts and an oil change for a total of $650 including tax. Toyota was north of $800 for all of this. I had to wait an exta 30 minutes for them to wrap-up the work so they thru in a free oil change on a future visit.
  • glavine16glavine16 Posts: 2
    I'm in Raleigh, NC.

    Fred Anderson(FA) Toyota (in Raleigh) quoted me $625, all in (I'm not sure whether tax was really included in this price).

    Leith Toyota (still in Raleigh) quoted me $750 (which seems high - especially reading repairs on here for <$600).

    Not sure what a local mechanic would do it for - as much as I don't really like going to dealers for repair work, I'm a little leery taking it to a non-dealer since it's a seemingly relatively big repair. But, doing that would come with a premium, I imagine. (Although, in reading online, it doesn't seem like it takes as long as I would have imagined).

    I found Toyota parts sold online (40-50 for the timing belt) and $118 for the water pump. At leith's $750 price, assuming they paid the same price for the parts (and I'm assuming it'd be less), then at $90/hour labor, it will take them 7 hours to replace the timing belt? That seems high - especially when online, it's saying it's a 3 hour job. Shouldn't a dealer be an expert at changing Toyota timing belts?

    I have a $100 coupon from FA, but Leith said they'd match it. Even still, if I go to Leith and use the coupon, I'm still higher than the base price (excluding the coupon) at FA.

    I was also told by Leith that they'll check for "front engine seals" and if these are leaking, this will cost an extra $215.
  • sly10sly10 Posts: 1
    When is its time, to change my timing belt in my 2001 highlander, its has 74,000 mile on the odometer.
  • Have a 2003 highlander, the toyota mfg book says to change it at 90k miles, I changed it at 92.5k. Hope this helps.
  • I'm at 92.5K on my 2003 Highlander 3.0L V6. I did this once on a 1984 K Car 4 cylinder and other than torx head bolts on the crankshaft pully, it went OK.

    Has anyone done this themselves? Was there any hassle or special tools, etc. How did you hold up the engine with the engine mount removed? The water pump is always an issue as whether to change it out or not. If it is not broke, don't fix it but it's probably good assurance to do it anyway.
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