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Ford Explorer Noises

foot911foot911 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Ford
I have a 2004 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC.
It is making a noise at the front of the engine.
My mechanic says it needs the timing chain replaced.
Cost $2,412.00. I can't afford anything near that.
Does anyone know the life expectancy of the chain
if I drive it the way it is?


  • bvilleteg62bvilleteg62 Member Posts: 1
    Every once in awhile my 1996 Explorer will make a whining noise on acceleration.. Just wondering if anyone has an idea on what it could be... Thank you
  • hammer12hammer12 Member Posts: 1
    Recently, my 2001 Toyota Highlander has a whining noise from underneath when it is cold. This comes when you accelerate, especially around the 45-60 mph range. Once it is warmed up, about 15-20 minutes it goes away. Any suggestions??
  • sborowkasborowka Member Posts: 1
    Hi there:

    I saw you note to the bulletin board at Edmunds about your explorer with the whining noise during accelleration. I have an 03 explorer and I have the same problem. I was told that I may need a new transmission although I have not yet confirmed that with another shop. What did you figure out? I'd really appreciate it if you'd share with me what you learned about the problem. Thanks.

    [email protected]
  • rconley2rconley2 Member Posts: 1
    check out the pulleys , my idler pulley was making a loud whining sound, could be that....far less than a trans.
  • jilltentingerjilltentinger Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Explorer and had to take it in multiple times to get the whining noise diagonosed. The noise happened when I accelerated in cold weather. They replaced the alternator (it was under warranty) and it was fine for a couple of years. But now it does it again (and it's out of warranty). I talked to a mechanic yesterday about it and he said that Ford has always had a problem with this alternator and it's bad again.
  • scootter1scootter1 Member Posts: 23
    The 03 I bought my daughter is doing the same thing when you start it when its cold. Once it warms up it goes away almost all the way. It is coming from around the transmission. The mechanic at work said it could be the flex plate cracked.

    Has anyone else found the cause of their noise?

  • ddanieltylerddanieltyler Member Posts: 3
    How many miles u got? whats the sound exactly? typcially timing chain last pretty long time but needs to be replace every 100k or more miles. it clda be something else thats making noise. does your motor run rough or run good? do you maintain ur truck well? Hope i can help you after i get those answers. Thanks!
  • wayne42wayne42 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 explorer 4.0 v6 with 61k miles. I now have an intermittent noise coming from the front of the engine. It is not a knock . It just sounds like something is loose . Also a rough idle sometimes. I suspect that it is the same problem that i have just discovered that a lot of people are having. I want to know if anybody had this problem solved by replacing the timing tensioner or chain ?
  • 2005bayliner2005bayliner Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone experience the road noise with the 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. When I drive I can hear the 2 front wheels contacting the road when the windows are up. It just started to happen recently with all these problems, my suv only has about 62K on it. When i'm cruising at 60mph I hear a high pitch noise too. It it accelerate above or decelerate below that then the noise went away. Any thought or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  • clusterbusterclusterbuster Member Posts: 24
    I have a 2004 Explorer that gets a high pitch sound when it is cold. I only happens after I drive it for about 2 miles. It lasts maybe 10 seconds, goes away for a bit and then comes back for a bit. So far I don't know where it is coming from. It almost sounds like a high pitched sound coming from the alternator.I have worked on cars all my life in the body end of things, safety inspections, lighter duty mechanic work etc., and retired now. I have owned Fords since my first car, and never have had a piece of junk as this 2004 Explorer. All kinds of problems with it, including differential noise, heater temp control causing no heat, warped and leaking thermostat housing, cracked panel below tailgate glass,axles binding, brake lights staying on etc. If you find out what the high pitch sound is, keep me posted. Thanks.
  • icechoppericechopper Member Posts: 2
    See my posting in the Maintenance & Repair forum from last Feb, msg # 6158 re our 1996 Ford Explorer.
    Sounds like the same issue, and I'm still looking for an answer.
  • clusterbusterclusterbuster Member Posts: 24
    Sold a 96 Explorer last October. Never much trouble with it. Sorry can't find your posting from last Feb. Thanks.
  • noah28noah28 Member Posts: 1
    mine does the same thing it has 125k miles and it has done this for a long time but I think it is the a/c condenser it has done this for apprx 40k miles.
  • steven97steven97 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 ford explorer and noticed a whining noise. It starts around 25 mph and gets louder when i accelerate. What could the nooise be?
  • barnos01barnos01 Member Posts: 3
    have an '03 XLT that I have been hearing/feeling a thumping noise. It only appears to be happening while coasting. The noise stops when I apply the accelorator. It really seems to be worse at slower speeds and when going around turns. I have also noticed, sometimes, that there is a whining/grinding noise coming from the front (i think). I have had the brakes and wheel bearings checked out and they don't appear to be the problem.
  • 03xlt03xlt Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have noticed that I have started to have that same whining road noice. I talked to my mechanic on it, he said that it is prob. from my now failing power steering pump. He said he has heard the noise before, from not just Explorers, when the power steering pump is going. I also get a almost belt sqweeking sound along w/. the whining sound. I have a '03 XLT V8 w/. 140,000 miles, it has bn. pretty gd., the only real issues was a heat sensor went bad in my transmission and caused it to over heat, and i warped the 1st and 2nd gears in it and then randomly just recently, my front pass. axle broke in the middle of me driving, I have not hit anything or bn. off-road, it just broke. Hopefully this will help w/. your road noise issue.
  • cowgirl2001cowgirl2001 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same the promblem with my ford explorer. Did you find out what was wrong? Thank you so much for your response
  • barnos01barnos01 Member Posts: 3
    It's the tires!! Hard to believe because it sounded like the truck was going to fall apart when the grinding/thumping starts up. I had a slow leak in one tire, but the others were not in great shape. I replaced all of them just to be safe. Check out this link. -a-flat-spot-on-tire
  • edmon2edmon2 Member Posts: 1
    Replaced battery on Saturday, the car did great no problems at all. Sunday morning car started with no problem, but there was a clicking noise from inside the dash followed by a very low noise from the horn. Drove it for just a minute and the nosie stopped. Monday drove for 10 - 15 minutes with noise going the entire time. Any ideas on what may be going on?? Thanks in advance
  • joeflippajoeflippa Member Posts: 1
    so i just bought a 01 explorer. runs great, but when when i drive between 20 and 45, it gets louder until it hits 45 and it goes back to normal. could it be exauhst issues or is it something to do with the wheels? 136,000 miles and running strong, could eat dinner off the block!
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