2010 Mercedes E-Class

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It's a nice looking car, but Mercedes and other luxury car brands have gone overboard with electronic features, for my taste.

I wish Mercedes offered a decently equipped, lower cost version of the new E-Class, with equipment on the order of, say, a 2000 model.


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    We've been looking at the 2010 E-class (W-212) to replace my wife's 04 E. Don't mind the electronic whiz-bangs, but I do have two problems. The first is that other manufacturers have direct injection engines available in the US market now and more, such as even Buick, will in 2010. MB is offering the W-212 with the present MPFI 268 hp engine while, as I understand it, they have a DI 3.5 available in other markets and other cars. The second problem is that they charge nearly a grand for metallic paint while BMW, Lexus, etc don't. You gotta wonder if they really think they're going to sell many of the the new W-212s in the US market in the present economic climate when they don't give their customers the very best. Because of that, we're seriously looking at the BMW 535. For siginficantly less dinero than a base W-212 with paint, we can buy a 535 (comes with a 300 hp bi-turbo six with DI) and have it equipped with the premium and cold weather packages.

    We really want a new W-212, but will not get ripped off by the folks in Sindelfingen. So I hope the decision makers over there really rethink their offerings. It's very hard to get a customer back once you've lost him.
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    Since first year new generation models usually sell well, mercedes may be saving the direct injection engine for later models.
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    Mercedes generally won't introduce new powertrains with the new chassis designs - they don't want to have too much new stuff on the market at any one time. So you'll get the carried-over engines and transmissions to go with the new W-212 design.

    Mercedes is in a bind because 75% of their E-Class sales over the past three years have been leases; and they are flooding the market with low-mileage E-Class sedans at half the price of a new model. Mercedes has taken a huge depreciation hit on the nearly-new models.

    My wife has owned both 5-Series BMWs and E-Class Mercedes (including her current one). She's thinking it may be time for a Lexus.
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    Your last paragraph is intriguing. Is you wife considering a Lexus because, (1) the BMW and Mercedes disappointed her; (2) she thinks the Lexus is a better car, or, (3) because she just feels she wants a change? Also, did she have a better experience with BMW or Mercedes?
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    I'm very disappointed with new E-class. Plain ugly car. it looks like designers of MB were drunk, when they did the rear of the car. Inside is just ok...It's time to look for Lexus. My previous two E and current one have two many problems and I know all managers at my local MB dealer. I hate them already and with 2010 design I'll be happy to forget those people :))) Thank you MB for this new model, which finally will switch me to another brand.
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    They certainly attempt to be a techno packed company. I am still undecided about if that is good or bad. Same goes for the new E coupe. I was on board with the 4 door coupe, but not sure about a coupe that looks like a 4 door. Bit odd, but maybe it will grown on me
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    I agree with you. The designers did not put much effort in designing the new e-class. The front of the car is copied from the new Lexus GS-Series, and the back of the car is a Hyundai Sonata. The interior is much more improved than the 2003-2009 e-class (which were all the same car, minus the small exterior and interior changes for 07-09). Although, if you notice with the 2010 e-class interior, they copied off BMW with the center turning knob for whatever it does. I do like the interior of the new e-class, but the exterior lacks inspiration and development of a car that they hope will sell in these economic times. Even, the rich who can afford to buy luxury cars are cutting back on extravagant purchases. For Mercedes sake, I hope they can sell the new 2010 e-class, but I will not be buying one! I will keep my current e-class and keep driving it, until the wheels fall off! (lol).
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    LOL...wish you luck with your current E class, but according to my experience - it doesn't take long time until wheels fall off in MB E class world :))). The quality of MB getting worse year after year. I had 2006 E 4Matic - the engine was changed after 8 months of ownership. Thanks God it was a lease. Now I have 2008 E RWD - strange noise from the rear. I actually was waiting for 2010 model and hoped it will be better than current one, but according to what I see ( I mean design ) - I doubt. I'll try CLS, if not - will go to BMW. Next spring new 5 series comes to market. Usually it copies design of 7 series. If this will be true - I like it.
    Good luck...
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    I read that Mercedes reduced the list price of the '10 E-Class by that amount, so that MSRP is closer to the actual selling prices.

    The corporate priority should put reliability and less hassle ahead of new features. Why keep adding new features if you can't get the ones you already have right? I think the high cost of ownership have really hurt German luxury car sales, and will continue to do so. I won't consider one until or unless I'm confident they're reliable.
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    I looked at the announcement about the '10 E-class on the MB website, and they don't mention a diesel. Will they sell one in this country at introduction? Will they sell it in CARB states? Later? Never?

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

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    I saw the new 2010 E Coupe and although nice reminds me of (gulp) a Hyundai..........not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    Perhaps that was intentional. (double gulp)
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    Yea, you can't go wrong with a BMW, i actually test drove a 5 series and it's an awesome car! Everything you could ever want it a car, the Beemer has it. My 04 e-class 320 has left me stranded twice, since I bought it brand new! The fuel pump had to be replaced twice, but it was under warranty. Now, I got this brake wear light popping up, but my serviceman, did say that my brakes needed to be replaced after only 35,000 miles and you know how much that's gonna cost, rite? It's almost like they program it to when you reach a certain mileage, its time for new brakes and actually, my brakes work fine. They have not been scrubbing or acting like they don't want to work! Anyway, I'm thinking I just need to buy me that new 2010 chevy camaro and cruise the countryside. I will be helping GM try and survive the car crisis!
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    would like to replace my parents 2000 E-320. I have some problems with 2010. besides the look. what is it with their packages. I have to order P-2 package just for the xenon headlight. that should be standard on a $50K plus car.
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    That's the way it's always been with E-Class. If you want Xenon and Keyless Go - you need P2 package. That's the way it is.
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    PKGE 1

    LEASE 36 MTHS , 12000MPY AND.D/P

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    Does anyone know where to get the kit they try to sell you when you get a new Mercedes-Benz? I saw it in the Finance Managers office and it is on the prepay plans that they charge you $599 for the kit to protect the paint from bugs,tar,ect. Can I get this somewhere else for less or a better kit to keep my car top notch?

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    I don't live in Florida, but from my experience with MB dealers I know if you got your car at one dealer - you may go for service to ANY MB dealer, but you will get loaner car only at dealership where you got your car. This is the way it works in NY area. I think it all depends on how greedy the dealership is and if they need your service money - they can provide you with loaner. I had this experience with my previous E-Class. After 8 months of my lease - dealer told me the engine must be changed because of check engine light ( ??? ). Yes..that was true...and it's been done at another dealer, not the one I got the car originally. They gave me loner, I think, because they charged so much money from MB, that it pays off for them.
    Regarding your 2010 E-class - good luck. I think nobody will have any discounts right now and payments will be high. But if you wanna be first on the block on a brand new model - you gotta pay for that :)))
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    u can buy a bug wash &wax purple power brand at any auto supply store.i have used it for years and it does a great job cost app$10.00 just think i just saved u $ 589.00
    aiken chemical mfgs it www.clean- rite .com
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    Just got update on service issues today. My car has strange noises from the rear, so I called my nearest MB dealer in Brooklyn to ask them if they will give me a loaner car. I was very surprise - they said yes...you can come, but it's not going to be MB car, it will be any american car we have in our service dept.. I leased my car originally from the dealer in NJ and before they said to get loaner I need to go to NJ dealer. I think it means they fight for customers now because business is very bad. I don't care what kind of car is that as long as it has 4 wheels and air conditioner :))That's a very good news for us :))
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    If money is not an issue I would love to buy a Mercedes E-Class but unfortunately this is not the case. I hope that I will one day own a Mercedes Benz. I am of the opinion that these cars have a fantastic design and technology under the hood. I would prefer to have it in black because this color is timeless and elegant.
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    As our in-house expert on MBs, fintail, I'd like to ask you what you think of the 2010 E-Class. Would you buy one, perhaps if not new, then used at some point? Is it significantly better than the (previous generation) '09, in your opinion?

    Anyone who's test driven the new E-Class is welcome to respond.
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    Ah, I'm no expert, just a little OCD :shades:

    I have no doubts it is a fine car, but I haven't warmed up to the styling, especially that of the sedan. In my eyes it is way too derivative of Lexus, with some of Acura's pointless edginess thrown in. I know the Germans dream of emulating Japanese reliability, but this isn't a way to it. I don't mind the coupe as much, it is unique, and I like hardtops...but personally I prefer 4 door cars.

    As was mentioned by someone else here, I too am disappointed that MB has dumbed down the W212 engine lineup for NA, at least in this first year. No diesels (from the promo material I have seen), no CGi - just the same old units. The diesel is probably would I would choose.

    I've read a bit of positive Euro press for the W212 vs W211, especially interior materials and fit and finish. The W210/211 had their fair share of bugs and related issues, so hopefully that area will see improvement. The only thing we can do is wait and see. W221 and W204 have been pretty solid AFAIK, so maybe they are learning. From what I can see it is an evolution from the W211...it should be better. My only hang-up is the styling, as the W210/211 theme is kind of classic now.

    I haven't driven one, but I have sat in a few sedans and a coupe. They seem like very nice solid cars. I am going to Germany for a few weeks this fall, and for 9 days of my trip I will have a rental car. I have reserved a car in the class that should have an E350, and I am renting from an implant in a large MB dealer, which pretty much guarantees me a MB product. Unless I get an S/CL upgrade (not uncommon in German fleets), I should have a W212, and I will have time to shape an opinion on how it drives.

    I wouldn't buy one new - the depreciation is just killer in my eyes, and I would have to stretch to even buy a base model anyway. Would I buy one used? If the cars aren't problematic, and we get a more diverse engine selection...I might. I do like the size of them, and I have some brand loyalty which might not be logical. But, my tastes live at opposite ends of the spectrum for these cars - diesel or AMG.
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    Thanks for your opinions, fintail. If you rent one in Germany, please give us details of the driving experience, and whether you think the W212's engineering and driving dynamics is just a modest improvement over its predecessor, or something more than that.
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    For someone like me, the rental car is a highlight of a trip...so I will have a lot to say, yeah.

    I don't expect any dramatic changes - MB is pretty conservative, and the W211 wasn't really bad, rather just a little aged. I have read some reviews touting the W212 as a reincarnation of the W124, but with a lot more gadgetry. Would be nice if that was true.
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    I just read Edmunds' review of the new E-Class. It got rave reviews. I urge you to read it. I expected a positive review, but Edmunds' comments really exceeded my expectations. That's great.

    I look forward to learning if your impressions of the new E-Class match Edmunds when you return from your trip.

    Here's my assessment of the cars that compete with the E-Class: If Edmunds is right, It looks like Infiniti and Lexus, especially, have more than met their match, and BMW and Cadillac can't rest. Acura, not to mention Volvo, aren't even in the running. The Audi A4 does a credible job of competing with the C-Class, but Audi urgently needs to introduce the next generation A-6, if it hopes to retain market share. Jaguar has a special niche, which I think they have a decent chance of defending with their new sedans.
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    I'll take a look, sounds promising. If it takes some attention away from the 5er, which in my eyes is not an attractive car, I wouldn't complain. That's the main competition.

    I read a review of the E550 coupe in the new issue of R&T, they too raved about it.

    I do hope I can get a larger engined W212 for my rental...closest I'll be able to get to buying one for awhile. I'd like the big diesel...but if they put me in a diesel S-class/CLS or even a CL, I won't cry :shades:

    Jag will always have a contingent of Anglophiles to buy their cars. People still buy new XJs even though they are small, expensive, and depreciate like mad. So long as Tata doesn't remove the character, someone will buy the cars.
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    I just read the Edmunds W212 writeup...impressive, they were positively raving about it. I hope that bodes well for the future. I might not be won over by the styling, but I do hope the car is a resounding success and moves away from the quality problems of the past 13-14 or so years (depending on model).

    I don't know of any persistent issues with the C and S...hopefully the E can make things even better.
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    Yesterday I read that the W212 has a Cd of 0.24 - even lower than the new Prius at 0.25. I think that's pretty cool.
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    Huh? What is Cd? Sorry, need you to dumb it down for us lay people.
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    CD = "coefficient of drag." It is - and someone please correct me if this is inaccurate - a measure of air resistance. The lower the CD number, the less air drag the car experiences. A car with a low CD requires less power to overcome air/wind resistance, all other things being equal. Therefore, a low CD number yields better fuel economy and better high speed performance than a high CD. Again, this assumes all other things, such as the mechanical friction of drivetrain components, are equal.

    A low CD also tends to reduce wind noise.
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    Test drove an LS 460 and very, very nice, but also extremely expensive even with a 5K discount. M35 is noisier and does not ride as well as E350.
    Looked at used and 09 E350's, but not sold on either even with goodly discounts. However, the 2010 has piqued my curiosity based on reviews so far. The exterior does not bother me at all. Most cars in this class and some below it are beginning to look alike. There is only so much you can do and remain aerodynamic and within standards people expect.
    Interiors, performance and ride are much more important to me.
    The 10 seems well equipped for what they are actually asking right now and it may be better in December.
    Agree that some PO2 features should be standard or available with PO1: Xenon, AFS, parking sensors, etc. Why extra for metallic paint?
    One problem is that I do NOT want the sports package and since it is free, seems every dealer orders it on the ones they get. IMO, luxury rides better, tires are cheaper to replace and of same size front and back and interior looks better.
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    I agree with you regarding the sport package, but we're in the minority. I don't want a soft, pillowy ride, but given traffic conditions, roads, and enforcement in the Mid-Atlantic region, I'm happiest with a controlled, compliant ride, such as you get with, say, one of the German luxury brands with the standard suspension. I once owned a Mustang with a suspension that cured me of the desire I had for suspensions with a heavy performance-above-all-else bias.
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    Not just the ride. Unless changed, front and rear tires are different sizes on the sports package. Adds to cost of replacments and means you cannot rotate the tires. Just because it is RWD does not mean tires don't need to be rotated.
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    I agree, plus the chances of damaging those expensive tires and wheels are significantly greater with those low aspect tires. Some would say that if you worry about these things you shouldn't think about owning a Mercedes, or you can't afford to own a Mercedes. Like you, I disagree with this reasoning.
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    We can afford a Mercedes because we have thought about those types of things all our lives.
    BTW, disappointed to learn that the shift on the E350 luxury sedan is on the column.
    Also, hard to determine what interior color combinations are available on the 350 luxury sedan. Most websites, even MBUSA, don't say which is which or differ between the sedan and coupe. Some appear to have seats, doors and lower half of dash in same color, but others show a black dash and mostly black doors. I prefer lighter colors.
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    Salesman called and said he found a luxury model like I want at port, so he is asking it be brought in for me to test drive and consider-no committment. More I look at it, more I like it. Still think it should have more features for price, but can live very well with what it has.
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    Hi Carolinabob..I just bought a 10' u will not be disappointed. My MSRP with P1 was 53245 and got it for 51000 and the dealer would not go down on price..If they are giving it to u less then 51k take it... Great Car!
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    Where are you located - just for reference? Sounds like a good deal. Dealer has "ordered" a luxury with P1, wood/leather steering wheel for me to try.
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    Agree with the posts above. I am not fan of the sport tires that came with my 09. 245/40 front and 265/35 rear (both 18"). Can I simply replace them with the standard non-sport wheel&tire (which I think is 225/45 17")?
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    The 17 inch wheels on the Luxury model and the 18 inch staggered
    wheels on the Sport model are interchangeable.

    You might find someone with a Luxury model that wants your Sport model wheel/tire combination. :confuse:

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    Hi I am in sacramento. I bought the car frm Mercedes Benz of Sacramento.
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    Here on the east coast, the local dealers are anxious to sell. I picked up my 2010 E350 sedan with the P2 and AMG wheel package for over $2K discount off sticker. Not a great deal, but "fair" in my opinion for a brand new model from M-B. Typically new introductory cars will not get any deals. And, if you should be lucky enough to get one, the car will overwhelm you with technology, looks, ride, handling, and comfort.
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    Placed an order for one yesterday. Had to get it from Germany as no luxury models available like I want, but got same deal as for one they had to get from another dealer. Should be here before Thanksgiving. No turkey jokes please.
    $49,500 OTD except for state tags and taxes (337). Included $2,000 discount from USAA. Not a real great deal, but I think a pretty good one all things considered. :)
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    E350 gas calls for 91 octane. Here, the premium is 93 octane. What is the difference?
    Also, what are ramifications of using 89 octane mid-level instead of 91?
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    Hey nice deal, did you get navigation P1 package for that price?
  • mm9351mm9351 Member Posts: 72
    You can use 89 octane (as I occasionally do) however there are two factors to bear in mind, according to the technical literature:

    - lower fuel economy (I have not seen this)
    - reduced power / performance (I have not seen this)

    If you want to save a few $$ at the pump, try using 89 every other fill-up in between the 93 grade. I don't believe you (or your car) will see a difference! :D
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    Thanks, that's sort of what I planned to do. From what I have read, the only downside is a possible loss of some power.
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