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I have a 2003 Sante Fe and the other morning, after the car sat outside in a cold driving rain all night, I had trouble starting it. Once it started, it was idling fast and when I put my foot on the brake pedal I could hear a thump, thump, thump sound and the idle would slow way down but then go back up once I took my foot off the brake. I opened the hood and could clearly hear what sounds like air sucking. Almost like there was an air leak somewhere. I drove the car but it wouldn't go more than about 20mph at the most. I then disconnected the negative battery cable to reset the electronics and the car started right up and ran just fine. The next morning, however, after sitting in my garage all night, it once again wouldn't start and all the above symptoms returned. I again disconnected the battery terminal to get it to run and took it to my mechanic. He let it sit overnight outside his shop but when he started it this morning, it ran just fine. Any ideas?

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    possible problem with brake booster or brake booster check valve or brake booster vacuum line
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    You can not re-set the computer equipped with an OBD 2 system. there is something in there that keeps power on it, even when its off. It can be re-set with a scan tool, or the dealer can do it.
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    Have an issue with the electrical in my 2002 Sante Fe. Started out intermittently, but happens all the time now..
    If you turn on the headlights or Windsheild wipers or push the Electric door locks, the dash lights flash and there is a buzzing sound.
    Headlights will not work and clock goes dead..
    Sounds like a short but haven't got an electrical diagram to diagnose the issue.
    Anybody had this problem?
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