1995 Ford E-350 7.3 Diesel Bogging Problem

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I have a 1995 E-350 7.3 Diesel. For about a year now and 30k miles, I have had a bogging problem from time to time (sometimes every hundred miles, ten miles, or 2k miles). The thing will be running great down the highway and all of a sudden it will start loosing power until you can't go even 40mph. When this happens, you pull over, shut off the truck, start it, and it runs great. Sometimes you have to do this a few times before it kicks in. Every once in a while if you drive it long enough and baby it , the truck kicks back in up to normal power. Before having this problem, I did have a new transmission installed. I have had it into the shop where they have replaced a Cam Positioning sensor as well as in intake sensor. It seems like the problem is getting worse and is happening more frequently. Any help?
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    I have a e350 too with the 7.3 turbo diesel powerstroke engine.. I had similar probs as your
    1. Try replacing the IDM module. Its a little box on the right fender near the air brake assy..that is the module that controls the the injectors.
    2. The powerstroke engines has its own hi pressure oil reservoir that builds up hi pressures to open the injectors.. over the years the oil tends to sip away.. The hi pressure oil reservoir is located front top section of the engine just beside the aircon compressor. remove the airfilter casing and unscrew the pressure switch on the left side rectagular oil reservior. There is a filler plug on the right but it is quite inaccessible. check if there is oil, if not fill it with oil 40 and reverse the procedure then start the engine.
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    The ford mechanics may not know this trick because the engine was made by NavStar.. I had mine brought to FORD repair shop and it took 10 months to get it back.. in the end I was the one who diagnosed the problem cause I bought a manual and have to teach the stu__d mechanic to fill it with oil..He taught the oil will be coming from the main sump but the manual says its separated/ independent....hope the problem/ case is the same as yours.
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    Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram for a 1999 F350 super duty with 7.3 ltr diesel. Having problems starting. thanks
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    I have a 1989 Ford E350 Box van,
    Every time I shift into drive it jerks and will travel about 5 feet then disengages. It does this in every Gear. I can’t travel more than 4 feet before the transmission stops working.
    Any Idea How I can solve this problem?
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    I want to buy a bed lift kit to basicly turn my 8 ft bed into a dumper. the hydrolic is rated 2 ton but how much gravel can I put in the bed. I would like to fit 1 1/2 - 2 yrd will this destroy my truck? If this works I will be saving a lot of money on buying one of those dump trailers for $3,500 what should i do?

    heres the link to that hydrolic

    http://www.northernhydraulics.net/dump_bed_kits.html?gclid=CI_x_5zokJ8CFY915Qodw- - Up7lA
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    I don't think fuel is getting to my carburetor. I can't locate my fuel pump or my fuel filter, can somebody help. I have a 1986 Ford E-350
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    I need to know which E4OD transmissions will fit my 1990 E350 Diesel. Is there an interchange online?
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    Hi Brady, I bought my 1995 Ford E-350 7.3 Diesel van about 3 years ago for $800 bucks. It needed some work but it too had an intermittant problem with it running rough and having a loss of power. By now you probably have solved your problem but if not my mechanic found a short under the valve cover gasket in the wiring harness. (something to do with the injectors)... anyway $1800 later (well worth it) the thing runs great other than being a rust bucket. It has over 350k miles on it and I will run it till it dies. Good luck!

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    A number of ford have had the problem with there diesel stopping. There a problem with the fuel system, The truck run for about 15-20 min. then stop. It take about two hour before it can be restarted. There a shop in San Bernardino, Doc's Auto that can fix this problem. Call for appointment 909.965.8972
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    I have a 1999 F-250 with the 7.3. For the last 10 months, it has started missing, then dies in the rain. My mechanic replaced the IDM, the main computer, the cam shaft positioning sensor, and the mass (or map) sensor to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions, we are really close to a bullet and a cliff.
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    When I put the shifter into drive or reverse the engine pulls down and will stall out if I don't depress the accelerator. It is worse when going to reverse. Feels as if it is in forward and reverse at the same time and kills the engine immediately, unless I get on the accelerator. I can get it rolling and it is ok until I stop. This is a 7.3 diesel van. Any ideas? Chuck
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    I have a 99 7.3L Diesel with about 284K miles. We're original owners and it has been well maintained. We discovered a fuel leak and thought it was a leaking weld.....it wasn't. When the tank was pulled we found the rubber hoses/washers disinigrating where it goes from where you put in the fuel to the tank, at the vent, and a couple of other places. Those were all replaced. Since then the vehicle has been bogging down. The first 200 miles after the repair everything was fine. Then it starting dying every 5-10 min. We filled up the tank (it was down to 1/4 full) and added fuel injector cleaner. It ran for 15-20 minutes before dying. After another 150 miles of this, we replaced the fuel filter (earlier than usual-we've replaced it at 100K and 200K). It was falling apart...from what appears to be pressure. The car now runs for 30-45 min on a flat highway. But, when we go up a hill it really boggs down and we need to pray it makes it. The funny part is that after it sits for 2-5 minutes it starts right up and acts like nothing was wrong. I don't think it's the sensor since we had it replaced about 25K miles ago and the car restarts too easily...it's not like a loss of power but rather like it is starving. Could there be sediment in the tank that is causing this? Is there a way to check this without removing the tank AGAIN? What else could be the problem? Could a kinked hose cause this and is it possible to kink a hose when one re-installs a diesel fuel tank? Could a blocked-off vent cause this? (They blocked the vent (I think temporarily) to test for a fuel leak.) Oxygen sensors? Fuel pump? Injectors? (It's not missing except when it is acting like it's starving for fuel.) Are there any sending units or is there a "sediment" tank? HELP! We have 7 chidlren and need the vehicle to last another 8 years at least, affordably.
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    Anybody out there know a thing or 2 about 7.3 diesels and the fuel systems?
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    tonite driving my F350 7.3 diesel 1999 352,000 kms ...everything working Good passed few years ..stop at a stop sign...ALL good ...turned right started going faster (60km zone) , shifted 1st too 2nd no issues ...2nd too 3rd , RPM jumped to almost 2800 (Hmmmm trans Slipped) Pulled over no problem with trans up to this point...No leak on ground underside of truck Nice and Dry (about a 3 inch sweat oil stain around motor oil Plug) No BANG ...pulled out dip-stick.. Full of fliud Nice Looking no smell of burnt oil WTF ??? talking on phone trying things 2wd 4low wd 4high wd , in Drive and Reverse everything try forward gears SAME shudders & slips at 1500 /1800 rpms...Reverse works normal ... is it a Torque-Converter ? Solenoid-Pack ? if pump , Piled up Reverse would not work...would it ?
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    sry zero movement until about 1500/1800 rpm then Shudders and slips ...in forward gear
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