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Lincoln Navigator Towing and Wiring Questions

willbaker13willbaker13 Member Posts: 1
We just bought an 08 Nav and are trying to confirm if it has the towing package. The person we bought it from says yes, but how can you tell? Also, I need to change the flat 4 connector to a flat 5. Is the best way to cut the 4 pin connector off and splice the wires together? The 5th wire for the trailer brakes is there but obviously not connected. Thanks for any assistance!


  • gary1958gary1958 Member Posts: 1
    Hey - I have the same question (but on a 2005). From what I have gathered, the heavy duty tow package came with a larger radiator and transmission cooling. But I cant figure out how to tell if I have these. What do I look for?

    Please let me know if you found out...
  • rwchilrwchil Member Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Navigator. I've been told there is a connector, under the dash, to connect a brake controller for trailer brakes.

    Such there be one? If so, where is it? How can I identify it (# of wires, wire colors, etc)?

  • rhenriksonrhenrikson Member Posts: 1
    I have factory tow harness for truck but when i plug in my trailers i get running lites but no turn signals or brake lites look through the Haynes repair manual but it dose not have anything on the subject.
  • mbrwrmbrwr Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2006 Navigator with a factory installed towing hitch. I've been to two Lincoln dealers who have told me the same (6000lbs-8600lbs) I'm looking into buying a travel trailer that has a dry weight of 5500lbs and is 33 feet long. Can my car handle this?

    Thanks for your help!!
  • aftiggerintelaftiggerintel Member Posts: 1
    Quickest and easiest way to figure out which towing capacity your Navigator has is to call a dealership and have a sales rep look your VIN up in the system. They will be able to see if it has the basic package or the heavy duty package installed. Parts counter or service of any Ford/Lincoln dealership would also be able to pull this information. I called our local Lincoln dealer when looking at buying 2 different Navigators because the base model can only tow 6k max while the heavy duty package can do 8,600. The sales rep was able to look at the two and went beyond to search their lot for the used Navigators they had that met my criteria (higher package).

    The Navigator we have with the heavy duty package has the RV electrical hookup to the upper left of the receiver's location while the regular straight pin hookup is located below in line with the receiver.
  • trikemantrikeman Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 06 nav. with a tow package but when trying to install a new 7 pin connector I cant find the positive wire that charges the trailer battery. Where do i find it? it has the blue wire for brakes but NO hot wire. Need help.
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