Isuzu Rodeo hard shifting gears

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Hello, new here. I have a 02 Rodeo and I'm the original owner. Now I been having some problems with my key getting stuck in the ignition, so I took my center console apart and made sure that the ignition release cable was not stuck. Once I put everything back together I noticed that I can shift gears from park to anything with out pressing the brake and no key in the ignition. Never noticed that before my problem with the key getting stuck, then againg I wasent really keeping an eye on it. Is that normal?

Once I insert the key in the ignition ant turn it to "on" position the shift interlock kicks in.

Any imput be helpful.


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    It's a 99 and a stick shift. This gave us problems last year, and we ended up replacing the master cyclinder and thought we fixed the problem. What is happening is, when I first get in the truck and go to put it in reverse, it just won't go, I don't want to break anything so I don't force it. I found that pushing the clutch in and letting it out quickly several times helps ease it into gear. I also have this problem with first gear. Second, third and fourth don't give me any problem. After we replaced the master cyclinder last year, it worked fine, up until a month ago. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Hi my name is Lee and i have a 2000 Isuzu rodeo v6 im having issues with the trans when you start it up the automatic shift light in the center of the dash cluster dos not come on and when you shift it from park to drive and drive it down the road it shifts VARY hard. but if you shut it off and shake the shifter and start it again the light come on it and it drives just fine it puzzles me y dos it do it?
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