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  • bbechtel16bbechtel16 Member Posts: 2
    I just found out that the 370Z has a "differential power switch". Does that mean a differential lock, some measure of control over the LSD characteristics, something else?

    Also, after reading Dan Edmunds' writeup about brake caliper placement I've been taking mental notes everywhere! I just noticed today that the 370Z has brake calipers in front, indicating rear tie rods (idler arms?). For a vehicle so dynamically praised and purpose built it seems like a really odd engineering move. Did they deploy some tricky engineering placing both the huge brake calipers and the steering gear out front?
  • fourteen14fourteen14 Member Posts: 85
    I cleaned my old car, put my checkbook in my pocket, and went to my local Nissan dealer intent upon ordering a new 370Z. Unfortunately, I will not be driving this car that looks so good online and on paper! Everything was good to go! The new Z is much nicer in person than online! Then I climbed into the driver’s seat. Ouch! Let me out of here! The seats are absolutely horrible!! Like sitting on a 5-gallon pail with the open side up! The bolsters are so aggressive, so vertical, so close together, and so hard that they make sitting in the Z unbearable! The flat part of the seat, where I should be sitting, is so narrow that my hip bones rest on the bolsters rather than the flat of the seat. At 6’-1” and 220# I am not a Tokyo teenager, but not really that large for an American male either!
    The hunt for a new car goes on! BTW, the seats in the Genesis Coupe are over-bolstered too!!

  • perfecto2perfecto2 Member Posts: 4

    Let me make anyone that's interested in purchasing a new NISSAN 2009 370Z aware of a major problem with this car.

    IT MUST HAVE AN ENGINE OIL COOLER! The car, without an ENGINE OIL COOLER, is not a very poor performance car. As matter of fact, the car is a real disappoint!

    If you can only drive the car at low engine RPM's, which would be anything below 3000 RPM's, for short periods, then purchase a 370Z.

    I purchased a new 2009 NISSAN 370Z on February 26, 2009, and the car only has 620 miles on it.

    I've been contacting NISSAN CONSUMER AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT, WHAT A JOKE, regarding having the 370Z checked for high ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE. I was instructed to take it back to the original NISSAN DEALERSHIP where I purchased the car, which is CRONIC NISSAN, located in Griffin, Georgia, for the NISSAN DEALERSHIP to VERIFY that my 370Z has an ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE PROBLEM. Well, after it was verified that my car did have a ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE PROBLEM, I was advised that I would have to take it to another NISSAN DEALERSHIP, and have it checked again. All of this has been going on for over three months.

    I'm advising all potential customers that are interested in purchasing a new 2009 370Z CAR, to ensure that it has an ENGINE OIL COOLER INSTALLED on it prior to making a purchase.

  • fastsvofastsvo Member Posts: 31
    Are mid year production Z's now coming equipped with a factory oil cooler?

    Is the aftermarket jumping on this?
  • perfecto2perfecto2 Member Posts: 4
    From the information I'm receiving from Nissan's Engineers, there is no Engine Oil Temperature problem with the 2009 Nissan 370Z!

    I disagree, because you can't drive any 2009 370Z car over 3500 RPM's, when the ambient temperature is over 90 degrees, for more that 25 miles without the Engine Oil Temperature climbing to above 270 degrees. If the 370Z's Engine Oil Temperature reaches 280 degrees, the car's max RPM's will be reduced from 7500 RPM's to 6500 RPM's, and if the Car's Engine Oil Temperature reaches 290 degrees, the car's Engine max RPM's of 7500, will be reduced to 4500 RPM's. That is approximately one half of the 370Z available HORSE POWER.

    Now, tell me if you thing Nissan has a major problem with the 3.7L Engine?
  • rmhockmanrmhockman Member Posts: 18
    I have read numerous articles relative to many different oils both synthetic and conventional and there appears to be a heck of lot of non scientific opinions of which is the best. Some prefer Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec, a few others prefer Royal Purple, Amsoil or Redline and many other brands mostly synthetic for obvious reasons.

    If you read their advertising they more or less all claim superiority over the competition.

    Frankly I don't know if there is a great of amount of difference except conventional oils have a higher pour point at lower tempertures after reading a published article that claimed oil comparisons, both conventional and synthetic vary only very slightly on long term New York City taxis using a controlled test spanning many thousands of miles over a full years span.

    It makes one wonder although the tests did not include high speed track racing.

    I guess the same applies to oil filters as well.

    Your thoughts will be appreciated.

    R M H
  • rmhockmanrmhockman Member Posts: 18
    Holy mackeral, engine rpm reduced to 4500 is disasterous and means only 117 mph on the interstate!!! .... I wonder how many drive their cars at those speeds for any distance?? What motor oil are you using, I use Syntec 5-30.

    Kind of makes me wonder why my 370z only indicates about 200 to 220 degs. on long mountain grades with outside temps hovering in the 80's???

    Perhaps it's because I didn't intend to run my car to death but just enjoy it's wonderful handling and acceleration in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

    They certainly don't give these things away you know.

    R M H
  • statmantxstatmantx Member Posts: 1
    Have new Z with 500 miles. Service engine warning light came on after 1st fill-up. Service manual state gas cap needs to be tight and will go off after a few miles. 50 miles later and warning is still on. Any suggestions?
  • rmhockmanrmhockman Member Posts: 18
    Once I ascertained the fuel cap was properly tightened I would go directly to my dealer for a fast diagnostic check. I don't fool around with those warnings as they can possibly be serious. As you know that VQ engine is quite a piece of engineering.
    R M H
  • esquire2esquire2 Member Posts: 1
    I would return the car to the dealer each time you have this issue, under the current Lemon Law the dealer will be required to buy back the vehicle if the issue is not corrected within a year. A class action law suit is also an option.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,130
    A reporter is looking to speak to a recent buyer or a current shopper of a Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger Ford Mustang or Nissan 370Z . Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

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  • milk1milk1 Member Posts: 2
    I own a 370z i have less than 20000 milles on it, and i need an new engine cause the engine/oil over heated..and now nissan wants me to pay 12000 for a new engine...not to mention no check oil or engine lights everr coming up...i called nissan Consumer Affairs delclianed my warenty, noo help att alll what a joke..this car must me RECALLED right away...anyne who can help me out please email me at thanks...
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