Chevrolet Suburban Missing

mdamron24mdamron24 Member Posts: 4
Please someone help me. I had an 2007 Suburban purchased new noticed a miss around 18,000 took it into dealership they couldn't find anything wrong. Told me it was the tires. Took it in several different times they told me the same thing finally at 30,000 miles 2 1/2 hours away from home I'm beside the road waiting on a tow truck it won't pull. Took it in they said it was the "sprag" fixed it, picked back up ran fine for about 2 days then started with the same problems all over again. Took it in again and again and again they said nothing was wrong, so I got rid of it and bought a 2009 Suburban thinking everything would be fine I guess thats just my luck with only 100 miles on it this suburban is doing the same thing as the last one. It misses really bad when you first pull out and even worse going up a hill. Has anyone else had this problem. I'm just not sure what to do. Thanks


  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Where are you getting your gas? Sounds like fuel starvation.
  • mdamron24mdamron24 Member Posts: 4
    Well I have been thinking about that....I started getting gas at a different place now...I have filled up 3 times with supreme chevron....nothing has changed...still missing...I did ask about getting the fuel filter changed and I was told from the dealership that there is not external fuel filter that the fuel filter is down in the gas tank....and they didn't know if you could change those or So now I really don't know what to do. Please help.
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    Well unless you intend to rip into a new truck yourself, I'd take it back to the dealership to fix. If it ISN'T the gas, then it'll be fixed under warranty. If it is, well, then you'll have to pay the bill but at least you'll have it definitively resolved. Then you can try and recoup from the gas station, which unless you've kept all of your receipts might be hard to PROVE it was their problem (unless of course they have others with the same problem and have stepped up to admit the problem).

    You bought a new vehicle, let the dealership worry about fixing this.

    BTW, how could you have filled up 3 times at a new gas station with this vehicle, if you only have 100 miles?
  • mdamron24mdamron24 Member Posts: 4
    This problem started when I only had 100 miles....its has 1,900 now. My problem is the dealership says there is nothing wrong with it. Thats why I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. Thank You
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    Just my own opinion but why in the hell would you go buy any GM vehicle at the moment?

    People in their plants are waiting for pink slips. You think they do their best work during these days?

    I can assure you that some of the problems in GM vehicles are not due to normal manufacturing problems.

    The other thing is that you cannot have your vehicle fixed under warranty. This happened to me already with an '04 Tahoe. Dealers are not fixing them because they cannot get payment from GM.

    I would not touch a new GM vehicle with a 10 ft long pole at this moment. Only if they for some stupid amazing reason would get back on their feet again or if they would give a vehicle for me to test drive for 6 months before buying it, which they certainly will not do.

    Your best bet is to tell your dealer that you will pay for work and parts even it is under warranty but they might not fix it even then as you would then have proof that it was a warranty job and could ask for your money to be returned.

    GM deserves to go under.

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    for some stupid amazing reason would get back on their feet again

    Do you think they could possibly get back on their feet again if everybody simply stopped buying? Would they be more likely to get back on their feet if people did buy? Just a thought. :)

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    That is why I say "if for some stupid amazing reason".

    I really like my Tahoe now after I fixed it myself while it was still under warranty. Problems started after about 1500 miles and dealer newer did nothing to fix it. Always said nothing wrong because no trouble codes. And they had plenty of time to fix it. At one time they had my truck for two weeks but no help.

    When my gas mileage was only 13 MPG on highway driving I knew there was something wrong.

    I fixed it myself and there were a lot of little things that needed attention.

    After spending $40 000 for a vehicle I did not think I need to be doing what I had to do.

    This is my last GM vehicle.

    And yes, I always try to buy vehicle built in U.S.

  • mdamron24mdamron24 Member Posts: 4
    Thank You Arrie for the comment. Its really bad when you buy a new vehicle thinking its new shouldn't have any problems and then your faced with problems and no one wants to fix it. GM needs to stand behind their vehicles and step up to the plate when people pay so much for their cars they should fix them. I travel alot with my 7 year old daughter and I would like to have a dependable vehicle. Are there any out there? Once you buy the thing your pretty much stuck with it cause the kelly blue book is so much less than what you owe. So I guess either I can fix it myself and eat the cost or trade it and lose my butt. At this point I just don't know what to do its very depressing. They tell me there is nothing they can do until a code shows up in the message center, I told them that in my 2007 when I was sitting by the road waiting on a tow truck there were no codes that came up. I don't know much about vehicles but I would think that if the car wont pull and you have to get a tow truck to haul it in some kind of light should come on, even if it just said "SUCKER" Does anyone know how the Lemon law works??? If it works like GM then I guess there is no use trying. I really like the size of my suburban but I would give up some room to get a dependable ride.
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    I have a 1992 chevy suburban with 225000 miles on it I'v had it 5 years and never had a lick of trouble just done routen mantnice on it my wife wrecked it 6 mouths ago still going strong just front end dameg we love it so 3 years ago I bought a 1994 GMC 1500 pickup it has 153000 on moter still strong as ever.bouth 4X4s I love gm produts chep to fix.
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    I hope I'm posting this in the right area. We just bought a 2009 Suburban and have had continual stalling problems. Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what is causing it? Thanks :mad:
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    no, but the nice thing is that you can just take it back to the dealership until they replace everything that it might be, all covered under warranty.

    Could be many different things, an intermittent sensor, restricted fuel flow, defective software load, and thousands of other things. Dealership will check the errors in the computer which will lead them to the right problem area.
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    Hate to say it but buy a Toyota.
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