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Lexus RX Wobbly Outside Mirror

vypervyper Posts: 2
The passenger side mirror is wobbly and I cannot figure out how to tighten it. Can anyone help me with that repair or direct me to where i can purchase the part (other than the lexus dealership)


  • ineedajobineedajob Posts: 12
    You must fold in your mirror a lot (as my wife does). Anyway, this is an easy fix, but not obvious. Look under your mirror and you’ll see a silver Torx (star) screw. I’m sure you have tightened that already if not, go ahead and tighten it. Next, if you look carefully there is a tiny slot next to that screw with what looks like a door. CAREFULLY slide a tiny screwdriver (like the kind you find at Radio Shack) in that slot and firmly push in while pulling down on the tiny plastic door. The little door will fall right off and then you’ll see another Torx (star) screw (same size as the other). It is this screw that is loose. Once you tighten it, you mirror will be as tight as it was new! By the way, if you don’t have a Torx driver you should be able to find one in most stores, maybe even Radio Shack. I think it is a Torx 5 or maybe a Torx 10 (I don’t remember) but if you plan on doing a lot of do it yourself stuff, you should have a full set of Torx anyway.
  • vypervyper Posts: 2
    perfect. thank you
  • ineedajobineedajob Posts: 12
    Glad I could be of help.
  • The side view mirrors in my 2005 RL developed a shimmy just after the warranty expired (of course!). The problem is with the mirror housing, not the mirror itself which continues to be firm inside the housing and moves correctly with the switch. The mirror housing is so loose, however, that every time the car goes over a bump, the view to the rear changes. The dealer says that the mirrors need replacing-at a cost of over $600.00 apiece but the dealer has been wrong about a number of other things so I wonder....It enrages me to have this type of problem so soon in a $50,000.00 car

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?.
  • ineedajobineedajob Posts: 12
    The outside mirrors have a nasty habit (on the RX) of getting "loose". If you can take your hand and wiggle the mirror (the housing, not the glass), you have that problem which would in turn make your mirror(s) vibrate during driving. You may want to look at my previous post about tightening the mirrors, but to sum it up on the bottom of the mirror there is a little plastic door that can be opened with a small screw driver. Insert your blade and CAREFULLY pop open that door. Inside you will find a small TORX head screw. Simply tighten the screw and you’re all set for another few months. This appears to happen only on mirrors that are constantly folded in (like daily or weekly basis). TORX screw drivers can be found at Sears or any other major seller of hand tools. Good Luck!
  • I've tried to tighten the passenger side outside mirror on my 2004 RX 330, but the screws appear to have stripped the receiving holes. They won't tighten and there are black plastic remnants on the screw threads. I can't believe I might have to replace the entire mirror because of some plastic nut. Any ideas? Does anyone know where I can find an exploded view of the mirror?
  • Here is the video to show how to repair it:
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