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Wheel Lock Suggestions

pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
edited April 2014 in Subaru

There have been an increasing number of wheel/rim thefts in the Northern NJ / NYC area in the last few months. I'm looking to purchase some Wheel Locks for all four tires. I have a 2009 Subaru Legacy Limited.

What kind of prices can I expect for all four? Can you recommend any merchants for purchase, or would my local Subaru Parts Department be the best bet?

Googled it and found a return of about $20-25 per set, I imagine I'd need 4 sets (does this mean 4 different keys, too?)



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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    1 set should be enough, a determined thief will get the wheels no matter what.

    4 sets would be a pain - imagine how long it would take to rotate your tires.
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    leo2633leo2633 Member Posts: 589
    We have an '01 Forester and an '03 Outback. When I bought the Forester, I got the locks (McGard brand) from the dealer. When we got the Outback, I ordered a set directly from McGard, so I could match them to the same key (using the code that came with the original set). That makes my life a little easier when I do my tire rotations. You only need one set of four locks per car (one lock per wheel). These locks are a deterrent against "casual" thieves. A determined thief will get what he wants, no matter what you do.

    Twenty five dollars seems about the going rate for a set, as I recall. Oh, and one other thing: I recommend keeping TWO wheel lock keys in the car. One with the tire changing tools, and another in the glove compartment. You don't want to have to change a flat on the side of the road and find you've lost your key! You can order extra keys from McGard.

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    morin2morin2 Member Posts: 399
    If you have lost the key, then do what you do when you've bought a car used with the key missing. Get a cheap impact socket that you can hammer over the locking nut, cutting into the sides. Then just ratchet it off. If the nut was put on to proper torque, you can usually get it off this way without breaking the lug.
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