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Need Fog Lights on Hyundai Santa Fe 08 GLS

parag1parag1 Member Posts: 6
Hi! Any one have installed the fog lights on the Hyundai Santa Fe GLS? I recently purchased an 08 Santa Fe. When I called the dealer ship that I want fog lights they said GLS does not come with the Fog Light Assembly so now I can not install fog lights, I have have to get it when I buy the vehicle.


  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    yes i have .i have a 2007 gls with out fog lamps so i added them. first i orderd them . they will cost any where from 95.00 to 125.00. the left side is easy but the right side is a little more time you will go to pep boys and buy a wireng kit for 45.00. then form there you install them. you will need to get you a switch from hyundai its about 12.00.the switch will fit in the vacant spot near the light adjustment.they will look just like they came from the factory. if you have any probleams please emil me at [email protected] and i will try to walk you through it.
  • parag1parag1 Member Posts: 6

    I did check out some fog lights they were in the range of $40 to $60 + Tax. Do I need any special wiring kit or I can use a common one for the Fog Lights. Also will need any specific tools to do this job? I think I'll need more help from you, I'll mail you the details once I get the fog lights. I am thinking of getting Keystone fog lights.
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    you will need to make sure that they are the oem type or they want fit the cover holes in the go to pepboys get the fog light wireng kit it will come with a prewired relay and 2 fuse holders with the fuse for each light . next hook up the wires to each light and follow the instructions on how to wire. here again make sure the lights are oem and the job will look like factory.
  • mboyce24mboyce24 Member Posts: 1
    I was also told by the salesman that fog lights could be installed after I purchased my 08 Santa Fe GLS. I took it to the dealer to get the work done and they indicated that the lights could not be added. Has anyone added lights to the 08 GLS?
  • anbrayanbray Member Posts: 2

    Read your earlier reply. I ran into a similar problem and it is still with me. I found a set of OE fog lights online at partstrain. Problem is getting the harness and switch to set it all up.

    Tried Pep Boys, 2 locations didn't know what I was talking about. Hyundai says it can't be done.

    Would you happen to have a part # for the Pep Boys harness and the Hyundai switch?

  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Had been watching the posting for installing fog lights on the 07 Santa Fe, and was curious on how you hooked up the Hyundai fog light switch in the dash. I have'nt been able to find a female connector for the switch. I could probhably find small slip on spades. I had the same response at PEP boys trying to get a wiring harness for the fog lights. Asked Hyundai about connectors and they would said they didn't have a connector catalog.

    I'm nervous about taking the fuse box appart to due a OEM style hook up, not knowing what I will find and what trouble I could cause.
    A little help would be nice befor I go any further. Thanks!
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    just installed mine .now looking at the switch left to right you will see that there 2spades the one on the left is no2.which is ground the next is no1hot at all times then behind that is no3hot in on. now takw your ground and put on no 2. take the load and put on hot at all times and then the hot on hot on.there should be three wire comeing from under te hood. one ground one for the load and one for the nut on battery. from the hood tie the two load wires togeather,the hot to the battery and then the nut to the battery. whenyou turn on the car and push tne switch on the green light should light up and lights should come on
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your help. Where did you find the female spades for the switch? you can reach me through this forum or my email is [email protected] Thanks again.
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    g to pep boys and buy the small brass spade with red insuler.then go to kslites. com and order your switch or go to hyundai and order the factory one for 50.000you will need your color code for match look on label.then email me and ill walk you through it.
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks again for your help. I have the switch from Hyundai but they don't seem to want to help with other things I guess some stuff is propritary. It must be not all PEP boys have the same items. I will try a different store. Thanks again.
  • quent222quent222 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2009 GLS and I also want to install fog lights and was told by the Dealer that it was not wired for it. My question is where can I find the Harness and lights?
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    If you read the previous posts on this topic its pretty much out lined as far as what needs to be done. I'm still in the process at this point, I've had other issues that took prioity over my car upgrade.

    I got my switch at Hyundai and my OEM lights on line. Some have talked about getting wiring harnesses and the wiring lugs at PEP Boys but they didn't seem to be much help at the store I went to. Finally got the small lugs at a different PEP Boys store. I Got small spools of wire at local auto stores.

    Some folks say you can go into the fuse box and set the lights up just like OEM
    but I'm not willing to risk the warranty. So I'm doing it what some call the quick and dirty way.

    Others in this forum are helping me and I'm sure they will do the same for you, again look at the posting and if you have a specific question, I will try to help.

  • parag1parag1 Member Posts: 6

    I had started this post originally I wanted to install fog lights on my 2008 Santa Fe GLS by a Hyundai dealer only. BUT FINALLY I DROPPED THE IDEA.

    U see the things is when u go to the dealer he takes ur VIN and then looks for the part numbers which if u have GLS will not come but if he knows what part numbers to order and if they are willing to do it then u can get it.

    For me it was very costly it was costing me about $800/- which was not really worth, considering where I live (New Orleans) we hardly have foggy conditions over here, and I did not want to do it at PEP boys or any other shop cause after learning the amount of work involved I did not want to spoil my warranty (which is one of the reason I bought Hyundai), so I decided to play safe.

    With Regards
    Parag M.
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    the item number is 84547 gold plated female spades.5.95. the go to ks hilites for wireing. i bought the one with the relay. the i just cut out the relay and installed with out.wooks great looks good can email me at [email protected],com if you want.
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    the oem lights are about 49.00 each.the wireing is about 35.00 the switch from hyundai is 20.00 this does not affect any are not doing anything to the elec system cense you are wireng direct.yes that the way they make money. they will bill you about 80.00 for the lights.each.if you do it and do it right it looks just like factory. thats the reason the covers are removable.i have the part number for the switch and if you want it just email.
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    the wireing can be got from part number 6316.cost 33.47. lights are all over the net just get the oem stitle cost 49.00 to 80.00. hyundai switch cost 20.00 you will need you color code on the lable.then you are ready to go.
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Installing the fog lights is not a problem if you have any auto savy. If you have to hire it done it could be as costly as you indicated. jmist and the other poster have helped with questions. I found other sites that helped also, even though they were installing on an elantra or sonata. There are differences but they give you basic format for installation. I'm not trying to talk you in to anything but Its not that hard and what is neet is there is help from the fine folks in this form. The Hyundai parts person helped me get the switch and I found lug at a different PEP Boys and not all the help has the same knowledge. Thanks for your post,if I can help please let me know.
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Hi, finally have a chance to finish this fog light project. have some questions. Took your direction and hook three wires to the terminals 1, 2 and 3 on the switch and ran the wires to the engine compartment. I understand that No.2 is ground. you say put the load on No1,(the lights or the power from battery ?) on hot at all times. Is this directly to the battery or did you use a relay?
    Where did you connect the wire from No3 hot when on? Sorry but it didn't seem clear to me. I do appreciate the help you have given.
  • nomadmannomadman Member Posts: 3
    Hello, I just bought a Santa Fe GLS and want to install the fog lights too. No one has mentioned the mounting of the lights, so I am wondering is it all done from the front of the bumper? If I have trouble with the wiring, at least I can have the fog lights to look at for now. The ebay lights, aftermarket, have upper and lower brackets for screws and are designed to fit only the Santa Fe, wiring and all for a little over $100. Appreciate your input.
  • parag1parag1 Member Posts: 6
    Can you give me the part number for switch, also can u give me instructions on how to do wireing direct?

    Thanks in advance.
  • roracerroracer Member Posts: 3
    Go here lots of great info. 0

    For do it yourself 2007+ Santa Fe fog light install. I have the part # for the foglight switch to match a gray interior. Just call your local Hyundai dealer and ask for foglight switch to match your interior color.
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Hi, I got my Original Equipment Manufactuer (OEM) fog lights from US Auto Parts, however, after milling around the web I found you can get them cheaper than what I paid. Also you will need plugs to power for the lights and you can get them at NAPA or go to a auto salvage yard. The ones I got were from a Dodge neon.
    I removed the front bumper to install OEM fog lights.The lights install with two screws, There is a Right hand and Left hand light. I found ground screws on either side of the radiator frame and tied each light to its own ground useing #14 wire. I ran a number # 12 feed wire from passenger side fog light and tied it to the wire feeding the driver side fog light and continued the wire run through a protective cover that I slid down behind the driver side head light to the engine compartment.
  • dave315dave315 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2007 Santa Fe that did not come with fog lights, or wiring, so I purchased a kit from KC HIlites which came with wiring for two front fog lamps, a relay, and a switch. I've installed all the lamps and wiring but am stumped as to where to connect the power to the switch. I want it to be controlled by the ignition switch, that is when the ignition is off the fog lamps are off even if the switch is on. Is there an accessory connection to the fuse box inside or in the engine compartment fuse box that I can connect to? The power wire comes with a three amp in-line fuse so it is jsut powering the switch and signalling the relay which has power directly from the battery. I'd very much appreciate the help.
  • parag1parag1 Member Posts: 6
    I just got the Fog lights installed from the Hyundai dealer on My 2008 Santa Fe. My car did not have fog lights when I bought the car. The deale Mechanic relayed the lights through my fuse box. They are connected to my head lights and also I have a seperate switch for fog lights too. But If I turn of the car the fog lights also turn off.

    Make sure you have spots available in your fuse box also get the wiring kit from the dealer and F/L Pigtail. I do not know part numbers for 2007
  • gooseegg3gooseegg3 Member Posts: 2
    I just got a 2010 santa fe and am looking for the cheap way to score OEM fog lights. I was'nt sure if you said yours were OEM for 49 a piece. Could you set me up with all the info. to purchase the lights, wiring kit w/ plugs (if needed) and switch. Cos Thanks
  • gooseegg3gooseegg3 Member Posts: 2
    I for the life of me, can not find OEM lights on-line for my 2010 santa fe gls,??????? Any Help
  • joma1joma1 Member Posts: 9
    Hi, Picked up my OEM fog lights on line; however they may not have yours available on line yet. I got my wiring harnes and wire connectors at pep boys auto supply. The OEM switch I got at the Hyundai dealer but your VIN number will not show any parts for fog lights. If you have good parts people they will take the extra steps to get the parts you need. I think fog lights should be stantard equipment. Good luck. :) Joe
  • kfossettkfossett Member Posts: 1
    How much did the dealer charge you to install the fog lights?
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