Volkswagon Eos Bluetooth

rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
Well you can now get Bluetooth on an 09 Eos. Option code is 9W3 and it's a $275 option. You can also discuss various options for your older Eos. You can retrofit 9W3 if you have an older car. It's based on a German kit and it's really good. It supports a ton of phones and it's voice activated. Nav models get a touch screen menu in addition to the MFD integration. Hope this helps.


  • rcboaterrcboater Member Posts: 1
    I got the Bluetooth as a dealer add-on when I bought my new 2009. Because the Komfort doesnt' ahve steering wheel controls, the integration is kinda weak. My iphone syncs up with the radio just fine. When a call come in, the radio cuts out and dislays 'phone active", and the ringing is played on the speakers. I have to take the phone out of my pocket, answer it, and then I can talk hands free using the mike and the car's speakers.

    I was really expecting that there would have at least been an "answer phone" button on the radio when a call comes in.......
  • kmoore007kmoore007 Member Posts: 1
    I connected my blackberry via bluetooth. The system loaded my phone book (with duplicates for some reason), but when I try to use the voice command button, it says there are no names found. Any ideas? I can dial-out using the buttons.
  • eoslover1eoslover1 Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering whether you ever got an answer to the BB sync to Eos question. I have the same problem. I did solve why duplicates of your contacts appear in the display though - it gives the name for each number you have for it. Home and cell? Name appears twice. Home, cell and work? Three times. If you solved this problem I would very much appreciate knowing what you learned. thanks
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