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2010 Lexus IS

adamlyadamly Posts: 7
edited July 2014 in Lexus
I know the new IS convertibles are on the way, but has anything been said about the regular 250 and 350 updates? Around what time of the year do new year models start rolling around?


  • i was driving by lexus of cerritos yesterday and i THINK they had the 2010 IS250 hybrid on the lot... either it was that car or the new LS... as the front lights do look slightly the same
  • adamlyadamly Posts: 7
    wow, if they keep the same body styling and specs but make it 30+ mpg, that'd be interesting. Do hybrid engines feel a lot different than non-hybrids? Just wondering if the driving experience would be noticeably different.
  • The 2011 Lexus IS will be remodel or refresh, according to a salesperson I spoke to at a Lexus dealership. Hopefully the new version will be a little more spacious on the inside as I think the present one is a great and pratical car for someone who is no longer seeking a sport car that get you from 0-60 in 5 seconds.
  • Are you serious? This is a huge deal!!! I've been waiting for the IS3!!!
  • jrealmutojrealmuto Posts: 3
    our 2010 is250 is having paint issues on the front bumper.

    From HerrinGear Lexus in jackson MS the car is less than 4 months old

    Over 50 chips on the bumper and only 3000 miles on the car. The hood/mirrors/fenders/windshield are all flawless.

    dealer stated this is from normal wear and tear,

    our 2002 is300 at 30k miles never looked this bad and we still have the same driving style.

    Anyone else with this issue? I have seen class action legal for the es but not the is.

    I'm not looking for something for free, just for the quality that should have come with a 38k dollar car!
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    i have read that the newer paint is mroe eco-friendly and seems to chip more. i have over 40,000 miles and have more than my fair share of chips in those same areas.
  • Just wondering if you had any response from Lexus.
    I recently just purchased my wife a 2010 IS 250 in June and found several small scratches that looked like they could have come from a tree branch, when discussed upon the initial maintaince was told there was no way a branch could have scratched like that, there are 6 coats of clear coat and something had to have physically scratched the hood. Well 4 weeks later when closing the back door my wife nail brushed the door and low and behold it flippin scratched! I have to wonder if this car as any clearcoat to begin with or just a crap paint quality. I will be contacting Lexus of Orlando tomorrow to discuss
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