problem with power windows

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the windows on the 91 TC i just bought wouldnt go down but i assumed it was just a fuse since the locks,power seats ect wernt work either... well got the fuses replaced today n fixed everythng else but the windows (none of them) will go down.... after replacing the fuse now i can hear the windows trying to go down but nothing happens and it does this same exact thing for all 4 windows almost like its just off the track but i kno all of them cant just be off the track lol... any ideas what may be wrong?


  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Member Posts: 3,425
    On driver's door is the panel containing the four window buttons. Above and forward of the four buttons is the "Window Lock" button. If it is positioned towards the steering wheel, flip it back to "center".
  • illalillal Member Posts: 5
    wish it was somthing that simple .... tried but no thats not it :( keep the suggestions coming!
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    i had the same problem with my 1991 towncar front 2 windows, and the problem is you window regulator cable wires have broken. meaning that the little motor that is attached to the device that raises and lowers the windows cable wires have worn out and broke. you can replace the regulators with new ones or used ones but i would recommend new ones because the effor t to put these on would better to use new. the ones i bought cost me about $40 each after maket regulators. they are not that difficult to install but it will take sometime to do it. i done mine myself because i like to same money where i can. but if you here the motors running you motors are good, it is the regulators..hope this helps..
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    How do you get the regulators off, do you have to remove the window?
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    You don't have to remove the windows. Drill-out rivets, loosen the bolts and the motor/cable assembly will drop to the bottom of the door.
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    I looked at this procedure and it didn't seem that easy. When reading the manual it said you needed at least one special kind of tool. My question is can you lock up the windows with a clamp or something to keep them up til you can do the regulator? If so with what? When reinstalling the regulator can you use nut and bolts instead of rivets? Thanx Dave9640
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    Replacing the window regulator is easy on these cars. I have replaced the regulators on all four doors a number of times on several Town Cars. You don't need any special tools to do the job. You have to be a little careful removing the door panel because you don't want it to appear to be damaged when you snap it back on the car. You don't want to tightly lock the window with anything like a clamp because you will need some slack to slide the window a little up and down. You need two long screw drivers to steady the window while you remove the rivets. The screw drivers slide through the holes on the inside of the door and pass under the lower window frame. I have never re-riveted the regulators back in the door. I always use the largest lock-nut and bolt combination that will fit in the holes. Town Cars have some tuff repair jobs; but, replacing window regulators is not one of them.
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    Did you ever get your door window problem resolved on your 91 TC? I can't believe that all of your window regulators went bad at the same time! As far as changing a window regulator on a Town Car as being easy , it is not easy regardless of who is saying it is, I can tell you on a 95 own car on the drivers door and I assume on the other doors you do have to remove the window as its in the way of removing the top two bolts that hold the upper portion of the track on!

    I put my complete remaocval and reinstallation of the window regiulator for my 95 T/C in the forum under Electrical. Look it and you will see. I still would like to know what your problem was and sure hope you got it fixed.

    Thanks for your response

    Bob Hardisty
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    i have a 1995 volkswagen passat glx sedan car witha vr6 engine and my speedometer cluster gauges will not operate. i have checked all fuses under dash, and i have checked all relays under dash and they are fine. i purchased 2 used speedometer clusters from a local salvage yard and installed them, and this did not fix my problem. the blinker lights, high beam light, the clock, and the odometer all work on the cluster. but the other lights like the check engine, seat belt, trunk,oil temp lights do not work. also the gauges on the cluster like the fuel,temp,rpm and speedometer gauges will not work. i am a dead end with this problem has anyone had this problem or know what my problem is so i can fix this? i have read on some post that if my ABS computer or CCM is not working that will cause my problem, is this true. also i having trouble with my transmission shifting to correct gears, i believe this problem is being caused by my TCM, because when i put a used 2.0 tcm in the trans changed to some gears i was not getting before with my old one. the 2.0 TCM was not the correct one but i was doing a test to see if i got any change in the transmission and i did. so i will buy a new one to go in it. i did not want to buy this item if i did not need it. any help would be appreciated..thankd
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